Akuma Kun Ott Release Date and Time, Countdown, When Is It Coming Out?


Akuma Kun Season 1 is scheduled for release on November 9, 2023. You can find all the details about Akuma Kun Season 1 on this page.

Akuma Kun Ott Release Date and Time

Akuma Kun Season 1 will be released on Thursday, November 9, 2023. Akuma Kun is one of the most popular Japanese Anime Television Series. This series received huge popularity within the premiere of just a few episodes and now it has got its new season which is Season 1. 

People can watch Akuma Kun Season 1 on the respective legal platform after its official release. The Akuma Kun is based on Adventure and Fantasy, which includes many characters who plays vital role throughout the series. 

Name of the Season

Akuma Kun

Directed by

Fumitoshi Oizaki and Jun’ichi Sato



Akuma Kun Season 1 Characters

Akuma-kun and Mame Yurei

Current Season

Season 1


Adventure and Fantasy

Akuma Kun Ott Release Date

November 9, 2023

Streaming Platform



5 days

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Akuma Kun Season 1 Plot

Akuma Kun narrates the tale of a peculiar young boy on a mission to rescue the world from turmoil, discord, and famine, aided by some rather unconventional and diabolical companions. Yet, the question lingers: will he achieve his goal?

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The series encompasses familiar components found in the preceding manga installments, featuring a once-in-a-decade child prodigy, known as Akuma-kun, who is accompanied by mythical demons drawn from global myths and folklore, all intertwined with the intriguing theme of dark magic.

Where can you stream Akuma Kun Season 1?

You can stream Akuma Kun Season 1 on Netflix, offering viewers an accessible platform to enjoy this exciting series. With its release on Netflix, you can easily catch up on the supernatural adventures and mysteries that await in this season.

The convenience of streaming on Netflix ensures that you can watch the show at your own pace and convenience, making it a fantastic option for fans and new viewers alike. So, get ready to delve into the world of Akuma Kun on Netflix and experience the thrill of the series from the comfort of your screen. Don’t miss out on the supernatural journey that awaits in Akuma Kun Season 1!

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Akuma Kun Season 1 Voice Cast and Characters

  • Yuuki Kaji as Akuma II
  • Fairouz Ai as Gremory
  • Hiro Shimono as Strofire
  • Michiyo Yanagisawa as Etsuko Umoregi
  • Ryoko Shiraishi as Sanae Kazama
  • Toshio Furukawa as Mephisto II/III
  • Yukiyo Fujii as Hina Asanagi
  • Yūko Mita as Akuma I/Shingo Umoregi
  • Yumiri Hanamori as Mio Kazama

Akuma Kun Season 1 Highlights

The Akuma Kun Season 1 features Akuma-kun and Mame Yurei, fans can watch the season on Netflix. There are other characters in the movie as listed above, so enjoy watching the movie with your family and friends. The release date for the movie is given above along with the cast, trailer information. Akuma Kun Season 1 is one such series that has been in the list of to watch for many of these Binge watchers. 

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