Alex Hall Selling the OC Who Is Alex Hall? Does Alex Hall Have Kids? Alex Hall Wikipedia, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Husband, Parents and More


Alex Hall, the youthful real estate agent from “Selling The OC,” proudly sells homes in her hometown of Laguna Niel, California. Discover her journey on TV.
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Alex Hall Selling the OC

Alex Hall, a person featured on the TV show “Selling The OC,” is a real estate agent. She is 33 years old. Alex works at the OC Oppenheim Group, a real estate company in Orange County, California. She’s from Laguna Niel, California, and she’s proud to sell houses in her hometown.

Alex is also quite active on Instagram. In addition to her work, Alex has children from a previous marriage. She had her first child when she was 19 years old and later had a son. She takes her role as a mother seriously and tries to keep her children away from the drama that sometimes happens on the TV show.

In the show, Alex’s friendship with Tyler Stanaland, another real estate agent, has been a focus of attention. Alex has made it clear that her main focus is her job and her family. She’s a talented real estate agent from Orange County who’s balancing her career and personal life on the TV show “Selling The OC.

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Who is Alex Hall?

Alex Hall is a realtor known for being a real estate agent featured on the TV show “Selling The OC.” She is 33 years old and she is originally from Laguna Niel, California. Alex is also active on Instagram, where she shares pictures of her family, friends, and the houses she sells. You can find her on Instagram by searching for @alexhall_o.c. Even though she’s been on a TV show with some drama, she always puts her children’s well-being first and tries to keep them away from any problems on the show. Alex is a hardworking real estate agent who enjoys her job and family life in Orange County.

Full Name

Alexandra Hall

Real Name

Alex Hall





Birth Place

Laguna Niel, California





Marital Status





Neil Flores


5′ 5″

Net worth

$5 Million (Approx.)

TV Series Selling the OC

Does Alex Hall Have Kids?

Yes, Alex Hall, who is a real estate agent featured on the TV show “Selling The OC,” has children. She had her first child, a daughter, when she was just 19 years old. Later on, she welcomed a son. These kids are from her previous marriage, which ended before she joined the TV show.

Even though Alex has been part of the show’s drama, she makes it a priority to protect her children and keep them away from any problems that may arise on the show. While Alex’s personal life is private, she sometimes shares glimpses of her family on her Instagram account, where she also posts pictures of her work in real estate.

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Alex Hall Age

Alex Hall, known for her role on the TV show “Selling The OC,” is 33 years old. This means she is still quite young and has many years ahead of her. Despite her youthful age, she is a successful real estate agent in Orange County, California, and she’s known for her professionalism in the field. Being 33 years old, Alex has already accomplished a lot in her career, and she continues to grow and excel in the real estate industry.

Alex Hall Boyfriend

Alex Hall’s relationship status on the show “Selling The OC” has been a topic of interest among viewers. While she initially formed a close friendship with fellow cast member Tyler Stanaland, their relationship took an interesting turn during the show’s second season.

Although it’s unclear whether Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland officially started dating after their kiss, they have remained good friends, and their bond has grown stronger. Their evolving connection, from friendship to a more complex dynamic, has kept viewers intrigued about the status of their relationship both on and off the screen.

Alex Hall Ex-Husband

Alex Hall’s ex-husband is Neil Flores. They were once married for seven years. Neil is an attorney who practices law in California. Although Alex and Neil eventually divorced, they share a strong bond as co-parents to their two children, a daughter and a son. Their commitment to co-parenting is evident as both parents actively participate in their children’s lives. Despite the end of their marriage, they prioritize creating a loving and supportive family environment for their kids, showing unwavering dedication to their roles as parents.

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Alex Hall Net Worth

Alex Hall, a prominent figure on the Netflix reality show “Selling The OC,” has achieved substantial financial success in her career as a real estate agent. As of the most recent information available, her estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. This impressive net worth is a testament to her expertise and achievements in the competitive real estate industry.

Alex’s net worth has grown over the years as she continues to excel in her profession. She is recognized as one of the top-tier real estate professionals in Orange County, California. Her ability to close numerous high-value real estate transactions annually, often involving properties worth millions of dollars, has contributed significantly to her income. With her newfound fame from “Selling The OC” and her dedication to her career, Alex’s net worth is expected to continue to rise, showcasing her as a successful and financially prosperous real estate agent.

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