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In a when the heart calls sneak peek that was released by Hallmark on Christmas weekend on December 28, 2021, a newcomer to the show seemed to be catching Nathan’s attention. And by now, the Hope Valley rookie has also caught our attention. So first let us tell you that her name is Amanda Wong before we tell you lots of detailed stories about her age, height, family, relationships/love life and more.

amanda wong in when the heart calls

Just like they said, the new season seems to be venturing into new territory. Mainly because everyone’s favorite Nathan (Kevin McGarry) seems to be intrigued by a new woman, namely Amanda Wong’s character.

Director Peter DeLuise informed fans that it is Mei Suo (pronounced as May Sue) who will be playing Amanda.

The recently released sneak peek begins with Hickham showing Nathan a poster of his mayoral run that has been sabotaged. He tells Nathan that he hopes he can find out who did it. However, Nathan’s attention is quickly diverted from Hickham and Fiona to a new woman coming down the stairs.

Enter Mei Suo!

Nathan greets her and Mei Suo kindly gives him her name and also offers her hand which Nathan shakes as she introduces herself. It seems there are sparks between these two. And that same spark is worth the wait.

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when the heart calls Season 9 will arrive in 2022.

amanda wong age

Reportedly born in 1992, Amanda Wong turned 29 in 2021.

Is Amanda Wong married?

There are no hints of Amanda Wong’s romantic relationship on her social media accounts. However, it could still be understood that she had not been married at the time of this writing (in 2021).

In 2013, Amanda took to her Twitter to write “Vancouver poll describes the perfect man: tall, brown hair, brown eyes, athletic, mastery, 150-200k ago” but never elaborated on what she meant by that.

Amanda Wong Family

Amanda Wong has an amazing group of people in her family. She Don’t be surprised when we tell you that everyone in her immediate family (including her mother) holds a Guinness World Record!

However, we still don’t know why they won it.

Anyway, Amanda looks like an only sister and has an older brother named Angus Wong and another brother named Brenton Wong.

His mother Patricia Wong is from Hong Kong and now a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia. According to her Facebook, she is a real estate agent with Prompton Real Estate Services in Vancouver, attended Simon Fraser University and attended John Oliver High School.

Amanda Wong Height

Amanda, with good looks and an outgoing personality, is 5’3” tall.

How much is Amanda Wong’s net worth?

Amanda Wong had a net worth of almost $350K as of December 2021.

If you were wondering where else you saw her, she’s been in previous Hallmark productions like raise a glass to love, love in trend, mystery 101and more.

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Amanda starred in Lifetime’s happy liddle Christmas; and IMDB credits him too for a million little things, Debris, love is a piece of cake, The neighbor in the window, fatal visit, my birthday romance, The followers, The dispositionand welcome to surrey.

IMDB also went on to say that his childhood was filled with family, art, nature, athletics, and study. That, she speaks multiple languages, is a provincial gold medalist athlete, a pre-paramedic, a Guinness World Record holder, a touring singer and an academic.

Academic, because Amanda graduated at the top of her class from the University of Hong Kong with a Masters in Journalism. And lastly, that she worked at several big-name news organizations before deciding to pursue an acting career.

Related FAQ

  • When is Amanda Wong’s birthday?

It is July 20 that Amanda celebrates her birthday every year. That makes her a Cancer.

  • Where is Amanda Wong from?

While IMDB flagged British Columbia in Canada as where Amanda was raised; she herself has taken to her Facebook to mention Hong Kong as her current residence.

Although not confirmed, Amanda also seemed to have some roots in Taiwan.

  • Is Amanda Wong on Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. Amanda is on both Instagram and Facebook.

As of December 29, 2021, her Instagram @amndawong had 148 posts and about 3,267 followers, and her Facebook bio ‘Amanda Wong’ read: “A problem solver with a passion for life and a constant desire to learn.”

Amanda is also on Twitter. @amndawong and amassed over 4.12K subscribers to her ‘amandavlogwith’ YouTube channel.

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