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Meet Andy Beckerman, the partner of comedian Naomi Ekerigin. This Any Beckerman Bio gives you information about his age, height, and net worth. We will also reveal information about Andy’s relationship with Naomi.

Follow this article to find out more about Naomi Ekperigin’s husband-to-be.

Meet Andy Beckerman, husband of Naomi Ekperigin

Comedian and podcast host Naomi Ekperigin has been in a long-term relationship with her fiancé Andy Beckerman. According to their IG post from March 2021, they have been together for 11 years. So you know, they started dating in 2010. On March 11, 2021, they celebrated their 11th year together.

Naomi celebrated the day with a post: “One year ago today @andybeckerman and I celebrated 10 years together and had what would be our last public dinner. Year 11 has been crazy, but there’s no one else she could have gotten through it with!

Three years after dating, Naomi and Andy got engaged in June 2013. Andy announced the engagement on his Twitter writing: “@blacktress and I’m engaged! If you want to know where we are registered:“.

Likewise, in 2017, his fiancée Naomi also referred to his engagement with a tweet. In the tweet, she wrote: “Jewboo and I (nee@AndyBeckerman) would not have been able to legally marry just 50 years ago. Now we can be engaged for years! #Day of love“.

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Andy and Naomi are not married as of 2021 unless they got married in secret. They have not shared wedding photos and have never confirmed that they ever got married. But, they have addressed their potential wedding on social media. As of June 2015, Andy tweeted with a gif of an exploding head: “Dinner with my parents and mother-in-law to discuss the details of @blacktress and my wedding.

In June 2018, Naomi tweeted: “I’m having my wedding at The Red Hen.” A fan asked, “Wait… aren’t you married yet?” To which she replied: “Oh girl… 5 years and counting!”

Andrew also wrote about their future wedding: “Our first dance in @blacktress and my wedding will be with acceptance speeches from the producers of La La Land.”

andy beckerman age

As of this writing, at the end of December 2021, Andy Beckerman is 42 years old.

Andy Beckerman Height

Talking about height, Andy Beckerman stands tall at the height of less than 5 feet 9 inches, which is shorter than his fiancée Naomi.

What does Andy Beckerman do for a living?

Andy Beckerman is a man of many talents. He is a comedian, writer, stand-up, and podcast host. He has been writing and performing comedy since 2009. However, his love for comedy dates back to his middle school and high school days when he used to do sketches. He has also written for CBS Studios and developed shows with Pretty Matches Productions.

He also co-created and executive produced a career comedy pilot called ‘Inside Caucasia’ for truTV. Andy also served as a consultant on Jessica Williams’ Comedy Central pilot show. In addition, he has also written for shows like The Pete Holmes Show and Cedric’s Barber Battle.

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In addition to his writing work, Andy also hosted a popular Beginnings podcast. The show is about the creative origins and childhood of writers and performers. He also co-hosts ‘Couple Therapy’ with his fiancée Naomi at the NerdMelt Theatre.

Speaking about the show, Andy and Naomi launched the ‘Couples Therapy’ podcast in 2018. Based on the popular live show of the same name, the Couples Therapy podcast mixed hilarious live performances with deep dives into the study of relationships between couples. of comedians and friends. Audiences got to hear some of their favorite and soon-to-be favorite comedians talk about their connections to those closest to them.

They also hosted a podcast show called ‘In Stereo’ which they started in 2014.

From 2012 to 2017, Andy was an Official Artist at UCB in New York and hosted and produced monthly live episodes of ‘Beginnings’ as well as his game show podcast Snap Impression.

Before pursuing a career in comedy, Andy earned a Ph.D. student and adjunct professor in the philosophy department at Temple University, where he primarily studied Hegel and Complexity Theory and taught classes such as Philosophy of Art and Feminist Philosophy.

Andy attended Exeter Township High School and the University of Pittsburgh. He also worked as a former monitor for Ribwich at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Andy Beckerman net worth

The exact figure of Andy Beckerman’s net worth is not yet known. However, it must be at least $600 thousand.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Andy Beckerman from?

Andy Beckerman hailed from his hometown in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States.

  • When is Andy Beckerman’s birthday?

Andy Beckerman celebrates his birthday on February 26 of each year.

  • Is Andy Beckerman on Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Andy is on Instagram. His IG handle is (@andybeckerman). Also, his Twitter account is (@AndyBeckerman). You can find him on Facebook here (@andrew.beckerman.3).

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