Are Love Island Cely and Johnny Still Together?


No, Cely and Johnny from Love Island are not together anymore. They confirmed their breakup on social media, expressing gratitude for their time together and explaining that it was time to focus on personal journeys.

Are Love Island Cely and Johnny Still Together?



No, Cely and Johnny from Love Island are no longer together. Cely announced their breakup on social media, expressing gratitude for the time they spent together but also stating that it was time for them to focus on their personal journeys. While the exact reason for their split was not disclosed, both Cely and Johnny shared fond memories of their relationship. Fans, having followed their Love Island journey, were surprised to see them on the same reality TV show once again, indicating that they might find new romance with other contestants.

Despite their breakup, both Cely and Johnny acknowledged the support they received from their fans and expressed appreciation for the moments they shared during their relationship. Even though they are no longer a couple, they continue to be a part of the reality TV world, engaging with their audience through new projects and appearances, showing resilience after the end of their romantic relationship.

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Who is Cely? 


Cely Vazquez is a former soccer player and reality TV personality known for her appearance on Love Island Season 2. Born and raised in California, she holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from California State University, Sacramento. Apart from her athletic background, Cely is also a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, showcasing her diverse talents. During her time on Love Island, she formed a relationship with fellow contestant Johnny Middlebrooks. Their relationship faced challenges, but they made it to the finals before eventually breaking up. Cely, described as a “spicy Latina,” gained a significant following due to her appearance on the show and later participated in other reality TV projects.

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Cely’s popularity extended beyond her appearances on Love Island. She engaged with her fans through social media, sharing glimpses of her life and interests. Despite the ups and downs in her romantic life, Cely remained resilient, focusing on her passions and projects outside of the reality TV realm, making her a well-loved figure among her supporters.

Who is Johnny? 


Johnny Middlebrooks is a reality TV personality and track and field athlete. He gained prominence through his participation in Love Island Season 2. Despite not winning the show, Johnny’s charm and charisma earned him a substantial fanbase. He has showcased his modeling skills on his Instagram page, where he has amassed a considerable following. In addition to his athletic pursuits, Johnny appeared on The Challenge, another reality TV series, indicating his continued interest in the reality TV world.

Apart from his TV appearances, Johnny is also known for his close friendship with Ravyn Rochelle. The two joined forces as a team on The Challenge, where they aimed to navigate the competition together. Johnny’s confidence in their partnership and his flirtatious nature became part of the show’s dynamics. Despite the challenges they faced, Johnny’s determination and competitive spirit were evident as he aimed to succeed in the series. With a growing presence on social media and his involvement in various reality TV projects, Johnny continued to captivate audiences even after his Love Island journey came to an end.

Love Island

Love Island is a popular reality television show where a group of participants, called Islanders, live together in a villa located in Las Vegas. Cut off from the outside world and constantly under video surveillance, they must form romantic relationships to stay on the show. The initial couples are based on first impressions, but they are frequently required to “re-couple,” deciding whether to stick with their current partners or switch.

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Islanders share beds and can interact freely, getting to know one another. Throughout their time in the villa, they face various challenges testing their physical and mental abilities. The show’s audience plays a significant role, eliminating Islanders through public votes and determining the winning couple, who face a trust test with a cash prize.

Love Island Contestants


Name Age Hometown
Caleb Corprew 24 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Justine Ndiba 27 Rockaway, New Jersey
Cely Vazquez 24 Sacramento, California
Johnny Middlebrooks 22 Chesapeake, Virginia
Calvin Cobb 25 Houston, Texas
Moira Tumas 28 Brielle, New Jersey
Carrington Rodriguez 23 Salt Lake City, Utah
Laurel Goldman 22 Auburn, Alabama
Bennett Sipes 26 Baltimore, Maryland
Lakeyn Call 21 Yorktown, Virginia
Julia Hall 26 Fayetteville, North Carolina
Kierstan Saulter 23 Castroville, Texas
Bennie Bivens 24 Barnegat, New Jersey
Connor Trott 23 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Noah Purvis 24 Imperial, Missouri
Aaron Owen 26 Henderson, Nevada
Jalen Noble 27 Nashville, Tennessee
Mackenzie Dipman 24 Scottsdale, Arizona
Sher Suarez 22 Miami, Florida
De’Andre Heath 25 North Miami Beach, Florida
Mike Jenkerson 26 San Jose, California
Pat Albasha 28 San Dimas, California
Faith Tyrell 26 Kansas City, Missouri
GiNiele Reitzell 24 Paramount, California
Mercades Schell 26 Las Cruces, New Mexico
Tre Forte 25 Boca Raton, Florida
Lauren Coogan 29 Oxford, United Kingdom
Rachel Lundell 21 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jeremiah White 22 De Kalb, Mississippi
James McCool 27 Winchester, Virginia
Kaitlynn Anderson 27 Lapeer, Michigan

Love Island Overview

Premiered On August 24, 2020
Original Network CBS
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Number of Days 40
Number of Episodes 34
Host Arielle Vandenberg
Winners Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew
Runner-up Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks
Third Place Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas, Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman
Notable Feature Public decides winning couple; trust test with cash prize
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