Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans, and More


Get ready for Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22 with a sneak peek at spoilers, release date details, raw scans, and more.

Bad Ending Maker

The manga “Bad Ending Maker” was created by writers Oilgu and Ryu Eun Garam, with illustrations by Shim Jae Yeong. “Bad Ending Maker” follows the story of Mincheol, a dedicated game developer who poured years of his life into creating a virtual reality game. However, his career takes an abrupt turn when he is fired for opposing corporate plans to introduce an In-Game Payment System that he disagrees with.

Determined to take control of his own creation, Mincheol makes a bold decision. He decides to enter the game he designed and transform himself into the ultimate antagonist, the final boss. His goal is to wreak havoc within the virtual universe he built, demonstrating what a truly “Bad Ending” can be. This manga explores the blurred lines between creator and creation, as Mincheol seeks to redefine the destiny of his own game from within.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22 Spoilers

In Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22, readers can expect a thrilling continuation of the story. The manga, written by Oilgu and Ryu Eun Garam and illustrated by Shim Jae Yeong, revolves around Mr. Mincheol, who faces a life-altering setback due to corporate injustice. His opposition to questionable billing policies costs him his long-standing role as an online director.

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With his career in ruins, Mr. Mincheol decides to take control of his fate. He transforms into the ultimate antagonist, the final boss, within the virtual universe he once created. His goal is to orchestrate a catastrophic and tumultuous ending, redefining the concept of a “bad ending” and showcasing the power of a creator pushed to the edge.

Chapter 22 promises to delve deeper into this captivating narrative, blurring the lines between creator and creation. It offers action, adventure, fantasy, and perhaps even a hint of romance, taking readers on an exciting journey. As the release date approaches, fans can anticipate an engaging and dramatic continuation of Bad Ending Maker’s intriguing storyline.


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Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22 Release Date

The release date for Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22 is scheduled for September 26, 2023. Here are the release timings for different regions:

  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 8:00 AM on September 26, 2023

  • Central Daylight Time (CDT): 9:00 AM on September 26, 2023

  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 10:00 AM on September 26, 2023

  • Greenwich Mediterranean Time (BST): 5:00 PM on September 26, 2023

  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 8:30 PM on September 26, 2023

  • Korean Standard Time (KST): Midnight on September 27, 2023

  • Japanese Standard Time (JST): Midnight on September 27, 2023

  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT): 2:00 AM on September 27, 2023

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22 Raw Scans

Currently, fans eagerly awaiting “Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22” are unable to access raw scans. These raw scans represent the original, unedited versions of the manga and are typically obtained from magazine publications before official translation and release.

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The delay in their availability could be due to various factors such as publication schedules, scanning processes, or distribution timelines. 

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 21 Recap 

In Chapter 21 of “Bad Ending Maker,” our protagonist takes on the role of overseeing a secret base in the Undertown Division. There, the protagonist meets two figures known as Alpha and Beta, who introduce themselves as the caretakers of this enigmatic place. This secret base serves as the command center for the Dark Faith, a powerful covert army.

However, the base faces a significant challenge—it urgently needs renovation and expansion to avoid deterioration. Alpha and Beta, the guides, begin explaining the fundamentals of the base to the new commander. They reveal a crucial detail: the commander’s investments are vital for boosting resource production, particularly by golems.

These versatile golems can mine not only rocks but also iron ore and wood. This information highlights the importance of gathering funds for expanding the base. Investments, in this context, involve using gold and infamy points to upgrade and enhance the facilities, covering everything from troop output to workplace improvements and adding more golems.

The base serves not just as a physical stronghold but also as a training center for Dark Faith soldiers. Building a formidable army, however, demands time, money, and fame. Starting with a level 1 barracks capable of producing goblins, the commander can send these troops on various missions, from tackling monster lairs to raiding other players’ territories.

The rewards for each mission vary, with income from monster dungeons and fame from player raids. It’s crucial to match the mission’s difficulty with the troop’s level to ensure success. Alpha and Beta guide the commander in managing the base, creating a sense of renewal and comfort in this new role.

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Yet, an unexpected visitor in Undertown adds intrigue, suggesting equipment upgrades using strengthening stones and offering discounted gold sales. However, the commander declines, signaling a reluctance to spend money on such endeavors.

The chapter takes a twist when a group of individuals known as the “crazy people” contacts the commander, hinting at a possible confrontation with the notorious Kain, a multi-talented competitor in the Mutu competition. Chapter 21 sets the stage for a thrilling exploration of base management, resource management, and the mysterious Kain’s potential involvement in “Bad Ending Maker.” Readers can anticipate an exciting chapter ahead.

Where to Read Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22? 

To access Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22, fans can conveniently read it on Naver Webtoon and Naver Series. These online platforms provide a user-friendly and accessible way for readers to enjoy the latest installment of the series.

These platforms offer an engaging reading experience, making it easy for enthusiasts to access and enjoy Bad Ending Maker Chapter 22 from the comfort of their devices, connecting readers worldwide to this exciting webcomic.

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