Behind Your Touch Episode 9 and 10 Recap and Ending Explained


Experience thrilling psychic mysteries in ‘Behind Your Touch’ Episodes 9 & 10. Ye-boon’s visions lead to a showdown with a serial killer.
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Behind Your Touch Episode 9 And 10 Recap and Ending Explained

In “Behind Your Touch” Episode 9 and 10, a lot of exciting things happened. Ye-boon, who can see memories by touching things, had a scary vision about her friend Ji-suk’s death. She tried to help Ji-suk but ended up facing the mysterious serial killer who has been causing chaos in their small town. With the help of her detective friend Jang-yeol and another psychic named Gwang-sik, they start to investigate who the killer might be. They also discover that there could be another psychic in town, and this mystery deepens.

The show also revealed some shocking secrets about Assemblyman Cha, suggesting that he might have played a part in Ye-boon’s mother’s death and a shady redevelopment plan. As the episodes unfolded, the characters’ relationships developed, especially between Ye-boon and Jang-yeol.

However, the true identity of the serial killer remains a mystery, and the story keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with unexpected twists. In the end, “Behind Your Touch” Episode 9 and 10 left us with more questions than answers. It’s a thrilling series with a mix of mystery, supernatural abilities, and complex characters that keep us eagerly awaiting the next episodes to see how the story unfolds.

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Behind Your Touch Episode 9 And 10 Cast



Han Ji-min

Bong Ye-bun

Lee Min-ki

Moon Jang-yeol

Joo Min-Kyung

Bae Ok-hui

Jun-Myon Kim

Kim Sun-woo

Kim Hee-won

Won Jong-mook

No-shik Park

Kim Gwang-sik

Lee Seung-joon

Cha Ju-man

Seong-yeon Park

Jung Hyeon-ok

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 And 10 Release Date

“Behind Your Touch” Episode 9 was released on September 9, 2023. Fans of the show can mark their calendars for this exciting date. The episode will be available for streaming on Netflix, and the usual release time is 3:00 pm (BST), although it’s worth noting that release times can sometimes vary in the world of K-Dramas.

Following closely, “Behind Your Touch” Episode 10 is scheduled to air on the very next day, September 10, 2023. This means viewers won’t have to wait long to continue the story and discover what happens next in this charming small-town mystery series. Both episodes are expected to have a runtime of around 60 minutes, offering plenty of entertainment for fans of the show.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 And 10 Plot

In “Behind Your Touch,” Episode 9 and 10 bring some exciting twists to the story. In Episode 9, we see Bong Ye-bun, played by Han Ji-min, facing a difficult choice. She has to decide whether to reveal a secret that could change everything for Moon Jang-yeol, portrayed by Lee Min-ki. This secret has the potential to impact their relationship significantly.

As the story unfolds in Episode 10, tensions rise as Bae Ok-hui, played by Joo Min-Kyung, begins to dig deeper into the mysteries surrounding the characters. Meanwhile, Kim Sun-woo, portrayed by Jun-Myon Kim, faces a moral dilemma that tests his loyalty. The plot thickens as Won Jong-mook, played by Kim Hee-won, and other supporting characters become entangled in the unfolding drama.

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Episode 9 and 10 of “Behind Your Touch” keep viewers on the edge of their seats with a blend of romance, suspense, and unexpected revelations. The characters’ choices and the secrets they hold continue to drive the storyline, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next episodes to see how the intricate web of relationships and mysteries will unravel.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 And 10 Review

“Behind Your Touch,” Episode 9 and 10, have left viewers both thrilled and emotionally invested in the series. These episodes have delivered on various fronts, including character development, plot twists, and intense moments.

One notable aspect of these episodes is the depth of character development. The emotions and dilemmas faced by Bong Ye-bun, Moon Jang-yeol, and other characters are portrayed with authenticity, making the viewers empathize with their choices and struggles. The complexity of their relationships and the secrets they hold add layers of intrigue to the storyline.

Moreover, Episode 9 and 10 keep the audience engaged with well-paced suspense and surprising twists. As Bae Ok-hui delves deeper into uncovering secrets, the tension escalates, and viewers are left guessing about the outcomes. The moral dilemmas faced by some characters make for thought-provoking moments, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

“Behind Your Touch” Episode 9 and 10 have successfully maintained the show’s momentum and have left viewers eagerly awaiting the next episodes. The combination of compelling character arcs and suspenseful storytelling makes this series a must-watch for those who enjoy romance, mystery, and drama intertwined into a captivating narrative.

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