Brain Teasers for Geniuses: Find the Number 9 among 7s in 20 Seconds


Let’s explore the benefits of discovering the hidden “Number 9” among the “Number 7” within just 20 seconds. This challenge goes beyond being a simple brain teaser– it’s a testament to your quick thinking and sharp observation.
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Brain Teaser

A brain teaser is a type of puzzle or problem that requires creative and unconventional thinking to solve. These puzzles are designed to challenge your cognitive abilities, including logic, reasoning, lateral thinking, and sometimes even math or spatial skills. Brain teasers often have a playful and intriguing quality, making them enjoyable to tackle. Brain teasers come in various forms, such as riddles, optical illusions, word puzzles, and more complex problems that require you to think outside the box

Brain Teasers for Geniuses: Find the Number 9 among 7s in 20 Seconds

Let’s jump into a fun challenge: Can you spot the secret “Number 9” among these “Number 7”? Some people see it quickly, while others take a bit more time. This clever test is like a workout for your brain – it makes you think and figure things out.

If you’re finding it a bit tough, don’t worry. The answer is right below this message.

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But if you want a little clue, you can try breaking down the challenge into smaller parts. This brain teaser is about filling in the missing “Number 9” in a bunch of “WORD YY,” kind of like a puzzle hidden in a forest. It’s a great example of a picture puzzle that can even challenge the smartest minds.

At first glance, the task might seem easy: find the special “Number 9” among the others in just 20 seconds.

Brain Teasers for Geniuses: Find the Number 9 among 7s in 20 Seconds

Brain Teasers for Geniuses: Find the Number 9 among 7s in 20 Second

Uncovering the “Number 9” sharpens your visual acumen. A spectrum of brain teasers, encompassing numbers and images, aspires to elevate IQ and foster visual problem-solving abilities.

Now, engage in this brain teaser challenge within a mere 20 seconds. Observe the image above and locate the “Number 9.” Your time begins now.











Time’s up!

The solution is given in the  image below.

Brain Teasers for Geniuses: Find the Number 9 among 7s in 20 Seconds

IQ Test: If 6+8=12, 4+10=10, 12+20=?

Dive into the challenging Brain Teaser IQ Test. The pattern emerges: 6+8 equals 12, and 4+10 equals 10. Now, the puzzle deepens: what’s the result when 12+20 is explored within this mind-blowing sequence?

Here 6+8 is ingeniously transformed into 6/2×8/2, which simplifies to 3×4 and equals 12. Extending this logic, for 12+20, it evolves into 12/2×20/2, resulting in 6×10 and yielding the answer of 60. 

IQ Test: If 2+4=24, 6+3=36, 12+4=?

Engage in the enigmatic Brain Teaser IQ Test. The sequence begins: 2+4 results in 24, and 6+3 yields 36. Now, the puzzle deepens: what’s the outcome when 12+4 is explored within this intriguing pattern?

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Let’s unravel the pattern: In the initial equation, 2+4 first equals 6, which is then multiplied by 4 to give 24. Extending this logic, for 12+4, the initial sum is 16, and by multiplying it by 4, we arrive at the answer of 2+4=24, 6+3=36, 12+4=64. 

IQ Test: If 5=20, 4=12, 3=6, then 2=?

Immerse yourself in the Brain Teaser IQ Test. The pattern begins: 5 equals 20, 4 equals 12, and 3 equals 6. Now, the riddle deepens: what does 2 translate to within this captivating sequence? Delve into the pattern: In the first equation, 5 is elegantly transformed into 5 multiplied by 5 minus 5, resulting in 20. Following the same rule, for 2, it becomes 2 multiplied by 2 minus 2, yielding the answer of 5=20, 4=12, 3=6, then 2=2. 

Math IQ Test: Solve 65÷5×9+1-2

Engage in the intriguing Brain Teaser Math IQ Test with this equation: 65 ÷ 5 x 9 + 1 – 2. Your challenge is to meticulously follow the order of operations and calculate the final outcome. Begin by performing the division: 65 ÷ 5 equals 13. Then, move on to multiplication: 13 x 9 equals 117. Adding 1 to 117 gives us 118, and finally, subtracting 2 from 118 yields the answer of 116. Thus, the equation 65 ÷ 5 x 9 + 1 – 2 equals 116.

Speed Math Test: 48÷2x(4+11)=?

Step into the challenging realm of the Brain Teaser Speed Math Test with this equation: 48 ÷ 2 x (4 + 11). Your task is to swiftly navigate through the order of operations and uncover the final result.
To tackle this equation, follow the sequence of operations. First, compute the addition within the parentheses: 4 + 11 equals 15. Then, move on to the division: 48 ÷ 2 equals 24. Finally, perform the multiplication: 24 x 15 equals 360. So, the result of the equation 48 ÷ 2 x (4 + 11)=360.

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