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Not everyone has money to splurge on a wedding. And this was exactly the reason why the VH1 reality series My Celebrity Dream Wedding existed. The show featured a team of top-notch wedding planners, including Courtney Ajinça, who made her client’s dream wedding come true on a shoestring budget.

This Courtney Ajinça ​​biography explores everything you need to know about the reality star.

Courtney Ajinça ​​in VH1’s My Celebrity Dream Wedding

Courtney Ajinça ​​is a master event planner who first rose to fame in 2020 after launching a social series called Floral Fridays. Soon, in addition to wedding planning, the star also found herself offering online consultations and tutoring to people who wanted to be just like her.

Naturally, she caught the attention of VH1 and was invited to the cast of My Celebrity Dream Wedding.

According to Courtney, the VH1 show is her “greatest career flexibility since she became an entrepreneur.” She mentioned that her first My Celebrity Dream Wedding work featured a “very deserving bride and groom” who had their celebrity wedding just before COVID shut down the world.

Supporting Courtney at the My Celebrity Dream Wedding were two other master planners: Lance Devereux (the owner and lead designer of Designs by Devereux) and Tori Williams (owner of Tori Williams Events).

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Although Courtney might now be an accomplished wedding planner, she was never interested in the hospitality business. She wanted to be a doctor and even studied biology. But a twist of fate, she’s here. “I am so happy to have ended up here. I finally found my passion and am walking in my purpose,” she shared.

Promoting her appearance on the show, Courtney took to her IG on December 8 to write, “You’ve asked and now it’s FINALLY here!!!”

Courtney Ajinca Net Worth

Courtney Ajinça ​​flaunted a net worth of around $800 thousand as of 2021.

This master planner started her career doing small events for her family and friends. Little by little, she realized that she loved “bringing people together and making them feel welcome”. Therefore, she made it her mission to make others happy.

Also, one day, her husband mentioned that she was pretty good at what she did and that she should think about doing it professionally. So, she did it and never looked back.

Since then, Courtney has worked with a number of high-profile clients, including Lebron James, Maverick Carter, Cynthia Bailey, Keisha Lance Bottoms (Mayor of Atlanta), and Mimi Faust.

A visionary within her industry, Courtney continues to turn fantasy into reality as a spirited mastermind. In addition to planning, she also offered classes to budding entrepreneurs in her industry.

Their services were categorized into: interior design, event design, lifestyle design, and master class.

In addition, his site also sold some vases.

The most challenging moment of his career so far was 2020. “I lost 90% of my contracts and it was very difficult,” he shared. But as the COVID pandemic began to wind down, many corporate clients began booking her for 2022 events.

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Regarding her education, Courtney graduated from Independence High and joined Wingate University.

Courtney Ajinca Age

Courtney Ajinça ​​​​was born on November 12, 1988. That made her 33 years old in 2021.

Corresponding to her birthday, she is of the Scorpio zodiac.

Who is Courtney Ajinça’s husband?

Courtney Ajinça’s husband is former NBA player Alexis Ajinça. The two first met on Facebook in 2010 through a mutual friend and it was Courtney who first slipped into the basketball players’ DMs.

“Three weeks after making our relationship official, I had the keys to his house,” Courtney recalled.

Fast forward to 4 years of dating, the couple had their fairy tale wedding on March 10, 2014 and had 2 children together.

They are a true example of a couple who kept love at the center of turmoil, transition, and triumph. They have suffered a miscarriage, and despite their difficult work schedules, husband and wife have always weathered the storm together.

According to Courtney, their secret to a “healthy love life and marriage” was making time for each other. “Whether it’s a movie, lunch or just a walk, we make time for each other,” she said.

And to any newlywed couple, he asks them to follow these three things: communicate, be patient, and spend time together.

Trivia: Courtney’s maiden name is “Sadler”. She comes from a prominent family that achieved great milestones.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Courtney Ajinça ​​from?

Courtney is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina.

But he has lived in places like Dallas, Texas; Toronto, Ont. And as of 2021 she was residing in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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In addition to English, Courtney is also fluent in French.

  • How tall is Courtney Ajinça?

Courtney Ajinça ​​stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)

  • Is Courtney Ajinça ​​​​on Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, find her on Instagram @courtneyajinca and Facebook @courtney.michelle.140.

Also, here is his Twitter @CourtneyAjinca.


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