Dana Wilkey’s Husband: Who is John Flynn? His age now


Dana Wilkey, star of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, was previously engaged to John Flynn. They called off their wedding, but where is he now? In the meantime, find out more about John’s age, job, and more in this article.

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Meet John Flynn, Dana Wilkey, ex-husband-to-be

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Dana Wilkey was previously engaged to her ex-fiancé, John Flynn. The mother of one of them introduced her future husband as a serial entrepreneur. They had been a couple since at least 2007 when they were photographed together at the film’s premiere dinner at the Sundance Film Festival. wake.

The former couple was photographed again at Sundance in 2008 at the American Film Market Bold Films party.

The couple welcomed a son named John Cayden Flynn (nickname JC) who was born on September 17, 2009. He arrived at 5:23 am. He is currently 12 years old and has been hailed as a Thai-speaking genius child. They had planned a wedding to get married in 2012 on the outskirts of Paris in a castle.

In March 2012, a source said MY! News They weren’t going to get married anymore. “She never really planned on getting married anyway,” the source says. “That’s why she always put it off.”

But, Dana and John’s relationship was anything but smooth. She discovered that the businessman was cheating on her since she was eight months pregnant. The infidelity ruined her relationship, so Dana later left him and fled to Florida to be closer to her parents. She explained that her life changed rapidly from the moment her ex-fiancé’s girlfriend approached her and let her know they were engaged.

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The news devastated Dana. According RealityTea.com, Dana cited their split, sharing, “My fiancé and I have decided to go our separate ways. We realized that we have become more like friends than romantic partners. It is better for us to separate and focus on our son at this time.”

After they broke up, the actress’ ex-fiancé made a big accusation against her, claiming that she had blackmailed him for money. Social networks were used to disseminate information. The posts have since been deleted, but not fast enough to prevent the media from taking a screenshot.

John never said anything about his previous relationship. But, he was the father of two additional children. John had listed Chloe Flynn and Conor Flynn, his son and his daughter, as shareholders in one of his companies and officers of Total Business Services Inc.

Dana made her first regular appearance on the Bravo-promoted show as the “friend of the housewives.” she claimed MY! News at the time that Taylor [Armstrong] she is “a very good friend of hers,” which is why she got the job. She also made sporadic appearances during the show’s first season.

What is John Flynn doing now?

In 2022, John Flynn remained completely anonymous. There is not much information about where he is and what he is doing. His most recent activity on social media was in October 2019 when he wrote: “UK announces another BREXIT delay. Never date #nonempireanymore.”

Dana started a relationship with another businessman after splitting up with her fiancé. After meeting at the party in July 2012, Dana was photographed flaunting her bikini-clad body on the beach in Miami with her lover, a businessman named Philip Marley.

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After Dana was arrested for committing numerous frauds and tax violations, the relationship continued until 2014. Since then, no information about their relationship has been made public. In 2014, Dana and her friends were arrested for the conspiracy and on March 15, 2016, she pleaded guilty to avoid serving a 20-year sentence.

In the court brief, Dana claimed that she had been imprisoned as a result of placing her trust in the wrong person at a young age. The decision of the last court has not yet been made public. Dana’s disappearance from her social media accounts has led her fans to believe that she is in jail. Since Dana has yet to appear in any of the series since her arrest, there’s a good chance she’ll appear in the remaining episodes.

John Flynn Age

As of 2022, John Flynn is over the age of 64.

John Flynn’s work

Four companies in four different industries (environmental services, information technology services, specialized financial services, and transportation and logistics services) have had John Flynn as a lead investor. His most recent investment was in the Nanovirucidal drug delivery business (NNVC). John previously held senior management positions at companies such as Express-One and Remote Lojix, where he served as president and co-founder from January 1994 until November 1998, when the company was sold to Avtel Communications.

Additionally, John established DAC Environmental Services, Inc. The West Haven, Connecticut company was known for its ambition, as it claimed to be the latest in a line of revolutionary advances that won a century in the treatment of infectious diseases. The company has claimed it is developing drugs that will “dismantle” swine flu, bird flu, me and you flu, HIV, hepatitis, herpes, rabies, dengue fever and Ebola.

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John incorporated the company in May 2005 in Florida. In the official document, he was listed as secretary.

John has also found success as a business consultant, helping Saliva Diagnostics restructure $3 million in debt to avoid business disruptions. Since the company’s founding 15 years ago, he has served as a managing member of Aspen Rhodes Capital Corporation and as president of Corporate Computing, Inc.

For small and medium-sized companies such as Gries Investment Fund, Saddle Point Capital, Words, Inc., Westbury Metals Group, Computerrepair.com, bio-Reference Labs, Hugeclick.com, US Automotive, Bio-Reference Laboratories, Riviera Finance, Segmentz, Inc . ., Chancellor Leasing Corporation, Cyber ​​Defense, E-Green Technologies, RT Industries and Private Retreats, Aspen Rhodes offers merger, financing and strategic consulting services.

According to John’s LinkedIn, he has been the CEO of Regular Guy Economics since 2005. He previously served at Lyneer Staffing Solutions as an advisor to the board of directors.

Additionally, John Flynn completed his ABD in Physics at Columbia University in New York City. He earned a BS in Physics and Mathematics from Cornell University.

Is John Flynn on Instagram?

No, John Flynn is not on Instagram but he has Twitter (@rgeeconomics).

Related FAQ

  • Where is John Flynn from?

John Flynn hailed from New York City, New York.

  • How much is John Flynn’s net worth?

Speaking of net worth, John Flynn’s estimated net worth should be in excess of $20 million.

  • How tall is John Flynn?

John Flynn stands tall at around 5 feet 9 inches.

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