Daniel Jones Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?


Daniel Jones Net Worth 2023, The famous American Football Quarterback Daniel Jones has a net worth of $25 Million Dollars and he was born on 27 May 1997.

How much is Daniel Jones’s Net Worth? 

So how much is Daniel Jones worth? According to our research, Daniel Jones’s net worth is estimated to be $25 Million Dollars. The New York Giants quarterback, born on May 27, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina, played college football at Duke and was drafted sixth overall by the Giants in 2019. In 2023, Jones will receive a base salary of $1,080,000, a signing bonus of $36,000,000, a restructure bonus of $8,420,000, and a workout bonus of $500,000. His cap hit is $15,435,000, and the amount a team would owe if they release him, known as his dead cap value, is $81,500,000.


Daniel Jones

Net Worth( 2023)

$25 Million Dollars

Monthly Income And Salary

$0.4 Million +

Yearly Income And Salary

$4 Million +


American Football Quarterback

Date of Birth

27 May 1997


26 years old


196 cm (6 Feet 5 Inches)


(221 lbs) 100 Kg


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States



Daniel Jones Net Worth Growth Year by Year

Net Worth in 2023

$25 Million

Net Worth in 2022

$22 Million

Net Worth in 2021

$20 Million

Net Worth in 2020

$18 Million

Net Worth in 2019

$16 Million

Net Worth in 2018

$15 Million

Who is Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones is a standout American football quarterback who currently plays for the New York Giants. Born on May 27, 1997, he stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 230 pounds. His football journey began at Duke University, where he showcased his skills on the college level before making a significant leap to the NFL.

In 2019, the New York Giants selected Daniel Jones in the first round of the NFL Draft, marking him as one of their top choices. This draft pick signified the team’s belief in his potential as a franchise quarterback. Jones quickly lived up to the expectations set for him, setting several franchise records during his rookie season. Notably, he completed 284 passes out of 459 attempts, accumulating an impressive 3,027 yards and throwing 24 touchdown passes. His career completion percentage stands at an impressive 64.0, reflecting his accuracy and skill as a passer.

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Furthermore, in terms of earnings, Daniel Jones ranks among the highest-paid players in the NFL this year, showcasing his value and impact in the league. Despite facing the challenges that come with being a young quarterback, he has amassed a record of 21 wins, 32 losses, and one tie as a starter, demonstrating his resilience and ability to lead his team.

Interestingly, Daniel Jones has a unique connection to the NFL world, as he is the grandson of Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. This family tie adds an intriguing dimension to his NFL journey and places him within the broader context of the league’s history and legacy.


Real Name

Daniel Stephen Jones III

Date of birth

27 May 1997


26 years old


196 cm (6 Feet 5 Inches)


(221 lbs) 100 Kg

Birth Place

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States




American Football Quarterback





Eye Colour


Hair Colour



Duke University (2015–2018), Charlotte Latin School

Zodiac Sign


Sexual Orientation






How old is Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones’s current age is 26 years as of 2023. He was born on May 27, 1997, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. This makes him a part of the millennial generation. Jones’s journey from his birthplace in North Carolina to becoming a star quarterback in the NFL has been nothing short of remarkable.

Growing up with a passion for football, Jones honed his skills through years of dedication and hard work. His journey from a young aspiring athlete in Charlotte to the leader of the New York Giants showcases his determination and talent. In 2023, he is expected to be at the peak of his career, and fans eagerly anticipate the successes he will achieve in the years to come.

How tall is Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones is a towering figure on the football field, standing at an impressive height of 196 cm, which is equivalent to 6 feet 5 inches. His stature gives him a significant advantage in terms of visibility on the field and the ability to scan the playing field effectively. In terms of weight, Daniel Jones weighs approximately 100 kg, which is equivalent to 221 lbs. This weight complements his height, providing him with the necessary bulk and strength to withstand the physical demands of professional football.

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Physical Attributes



196 cm (6 Feet 5 Inches)


(221 lbs) 100 Kg

What is Daniel Jones Nationality?

Daniel Jones holds American nationality. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and has spent the majority of his life in the United States. As a result, he proudly represents the United States in the NFL and is considered an American athlete. While Jones’s football talents have earned him recognition on a global scale, his roots and allegiance remain firmly tied to his home country. He is celebrated by fans across the nation as a talented quarterback who embodies the spirit of American football, making him a beloved figure in the sport.

Daniel Jones Career

  • Daniel Jones is a quarterback for the New York Giants.

    • Explanation: This establishes who Daniel Jones is and his professional affiliation with the New York Giants in the NFL.
  • In his first three seasons, Jones played in 38 games, starting in each of the last 37.

    • Explanation: This highlights his consistent presence on the field, starting in nearly all of the games he played during his first three seasons, showcasing his reliability as a starting quarterback.
  • He has thrown for 11,603 yards and 60 touchdowns.

    • Explanation: This quantifies his passing achievements, demonstrating his ability to accumulate significant yardage and touchdowns over his career.
  • Last season, Jones set franchise single-season QB records in completion percentage (67.5) and interception percentage (1.06). He also reached new career-highs in passing yards (3,205) and passer rating (92.5).

    • Explanation: This highlights Jones’s exceptional performance in the most recent season, breaking franchise records in completion and interception percentages, while also achieving personal bests in passing yards and passer rating.
  • Jones is 6’5″ and weighs 221 pounds. He has a 40 time of 4.81, which is sixth among quarterbacks.

    • Explanation: These details provide his physical measurements, including height, weight, and 40-yard dash time, which is relevant for assessing his athletic attributes compared to other quarterbacks in the NFL.
  • He has the fifth-most rushing yards since 2021 at 1,006.

    • Explanation: This stat indicates Jones’s ability to contribute to his team’s offense not only through passing but also as a rushing quarterback, accumulating a significant number of rushing yards since 2021.
  • Jones was named MVP of the 2017 Quick Lane Bowl against Northern Illinois.

    • Explanation: This showcases an early achievement in his football career, winning the MVP award in a college bowl game in 2017, which reflects his talent and impact as a player during his college years.
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Daniel Jones Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Daniel Jones’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Daniel Jones is a quarterback for the New York Giants.

    • Explanation: This introduces Daniel Jones as the subject and establishes his professional role as a quarterback for the New York Giants in the NFL.
  • Awards:

    • Senior Bowl MVP (2019)
    • Independence Bowl MVP (2018)
    • Quick Lane Bowl MVP (2017)
    • Explanation: These awards showcase Daniel Jones’s achievements and recognition for his outstanding performance in various college bowl games, which contributed to his reputation as a talented quarterback.
  • Jones has a career record of 21-32-1 as a starter.

    • Explanation: This statistic reflects Daniel Jones’s performance as a starting quarterback, indicating the number of wins, losses, and ties he has accumulated over his career.
  • He has completed 796 of 1,268 throws for a completion percentage of 62.77, which is the highest in franchise history.

    • Explanation: This highlights Jones’s accuracy as a passer, with a completion percentage of 62.77%, setting a franchise record for the New York Giants. It demonstrates his effectiveness in connecting with his receivers.
  • Jones became the 8th player to throw at least 1,000 passes for the Giants in 2021.

    • Explanation: This fact underscores Jones’s significance in the Giants’ history, as he joined a select group of players who have made a substantial number of pass attempts for the team, indicating his importance to the franchise.
  • He signed a four-year, $160 million extension with the Giants in March.

    • Explanation: This mentions a significant contract extension signed by Daniel Jones, indicating his long-term commitment to the New York Giants and showcasing his value to the team, both in terms of performance and as a cornerstone of their future plans.

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