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Meet Denise Becker, girlfriend of ‘Life Below Zero’ star Andy Bassich. The couple have supported each other since 2017 and Denise, as a nurse, has been a great help in helping Andy pursue his passion of living in Alaska. He learns more about his age, his net worth, his parents and his siblings.

This Denise Becker bio covers it all, so scroll down.

Denise Becker on life below zero

We meet Denise Becker from ‘Life Below Zero’ accompanying her partner Andy Bassich as they spend their time in Alaska. The couple lives together with their 16 huskies. The National Geographic show documents their lives in the “subzero” temperature and their preparations to survive the cold as it rises.

When Denise appeared on the show, she assured viewers that she was more than equipped to be in the cold Alaskan environment. She explained to viewers that she grew up in Canada and that she had worked hard during that time. Denise shared, “My family settled in northern Saskatchewan, one farm, which is still an active, hard-working farm. Calico Bluff is full of work, full of great work. Real work that counts at the end of the day.”

She grows vegetables in her garden, but the show didn’t make it to TV in 2021.

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Is Denise Becker still with Andy Bassich?

Before we get to the question, let’s explore your relationship history. Denise and Andy met in 2017 while on a canoe trip through Florida. At the time, Denise was escorting a Boy Scout troop on a canoe excursion. They became close after that, but when Andy endured two infections, one in the muscle and one in the bone, that’s when the couple spent a lot of time together.

Andy never thought he would return to the harsh and unforgiving Alaskan climate without a partner, but with Denise by his side, he was able to do it again. Andy explained, “If I didn’t have a partner to help me, there’s no way I would have come back here and accomplished what I need to do.”

He further added: “The most important thing I have to keep in mind is that I always try to do too much. I have to make sure I don’t do something that will hurt me more… Right now I just have to lower my expectations a little bit.”

Before Denise, Andy was married to his ex-wife Kate Rourke. They met while Andy was working as a riverboat captain in Alaska in 2003, where Kate had come as a tourist. However, the couple divorced in 2015, which is why Andy is a psychologically and physically violent husband. They never had children together.

Back to the question, are Denise and Andy still together?

There are no signs that they are separating. But, on Denise’s Facebook, one of her followers named Nancy Yackle had asked: “I hope all is well with you, Andy and your dogs during the breakup.” Whether it was them not appearing on the show or breaking up, it’s unclear why Denise never responded.

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So it is possible that they are still together considering Andy’s state of health.

As for Denise, she is the mother of at least one daughter named Devan. Devan turned 20 on June 9, 2021.

On her birthday, Deinse wrote on her Facebook: “June 9 holds a special place in my heart. It is the day my daughter was born 19 years ago. You are strong, lively, independent and so smart. You are creative and artistic with a dancing soul. You are a winner of anything you set your mind to. You continually surprise me, usually in a good way. And you radiate beauty in every way. You are Devan Happy birthday, with all my love. Mother. #family #floridalife #calicobluff #alaskalife.”

Denise Becker Age

According to her mother’s Facebook, Denise Becker was born in 1965. She celebrates her birthday on January 19 of every year.

Denise Becker Net Worth

Denise Becker must have a net worth of less than $500K.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Denise Becker became a nurse. She might have a LinkedIn profile, and it says she was an intensive care registered nurse at Tampa General Hospital in the Cardiovascular Center. However, academic qualifications and years of service remain anonymous.

She might even have received the Daisy Foundation’s Daisy Award for being an extraordinary nurse in April 2015.

According to Glassdoor, a registered nurse at Tampa General Hospital makes nearly $31 an hour.

Is Denise Becker on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, Denise Becker is on Facebook (@denise.becker.568294) and Instagram (@denisebeckerlifebelowzero). She barely has any activity on both platforms. She also has a Facebook page (@DeniseBeckerLifeBelowZero).

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Related FAQ

  • How tall is Denise Becker?

Speaking of height, Denise Becker is 5 feet 8 inches.

  • Where is Denise Becker from?

Denise Becker hailed from her hometown in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. She was born to her father Herbert ‘Herbie’ Becker and her mother Sharon P Becker. Her parents were married on May 8, 1964. In 2018, her mother shared a photo of her husband from 1977 in Queen’s Park New Westminster hosting a barbecue.

Denise’s father was Canadian but her mother was English born in London, England.

Denise once responded on her mom’s post: “Those were the best dinners. I’ve been thinking a lot about dad today and I’m so glad I saw this. He was the master at stopping to smell the roses – or the grilled burgers!”

In May 2015, on their anniversary, Denise’s mother posted on her Facebook: “May 8th…1988 our 24th…anniversary…up on Burnaby Mountain…with the girls…!!! What a lovely fun afternoon!!!!!!? Hebert and Sharon were married for 49 years until her supposed death.

Speaking of her mother, Sharon had worked as a nurse at Calgary General. She shares some photos of herself from her nurse training days on her Facebook (@sharon.p.becker.1). She is currently 77 years old and celebrates her birthday on May 17. In 2016, she shared photos of her card that made her her adorable grandchildren Jordan and Ava on her 72nd birthday.

More about her family: Denise has two older sisters; Susie and Molly.

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