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Dominic Anthony Green is a pansexual trans man who is popular for documenting his honest progress as a trans man. Additionally, he dated Cheer star Lexi Brumback. Need we further explain why this handsome man was in the spotlight when season 2 of the Netflix show premiered in January 2022?

This Dominic Anthony Green Bio explores everything you need to know about him.

Meet Dominic Anthony Green, Lexi Brumback’s boyfriend

According to his Facebook, Dominic Anthony Green got engaged to Lexis Brumback in mid-2019. Or at least that’s what his Facebook profile said. However, we’re pretty sure that by “engaged” he meant the beginning of their relationship.

The two first appeared on Dominic IG in June of that year (chilling out on a beach).

Since then, the lovebirds have been inseparable. They often appeared together at various events, including the premiere of the movie Night Night in December 2021.

According to Dominic, Lexi was an “incredible soul” who accepted him despite his not-so-well-accepted identity. “She has shown me how much she cares for the trans community by standing up for me and continuing to support me, these are things she doesn’t have to do,” she shared.

Before dating the actress, Dominic also dated a girl named Tanna Nicole. Also, the two of them were quite popular among the fans. What’s more, they even had a fan account on Twitter @tannicfanpagededicated to his love life.

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Dominic Anthony Green Before Surgery

Dominic Anthony Green looked like any other average teenager before surgery. Here is his picture of him when he was 10 years old.

dominic-anthony-green-bio-before-parents-lexi-brumbackPhoto: Dominic Anthony, as a young man

This social media star first spoke to her mother at the age of 12. “I wrote him a letter. We were sitting in the car and I gave it to him, already crying, ”she recalled. But to her surprise, her mother was completely on board with it. So at 16, she allowed him to start his gender transition therapy.

The start of his journey was even featured on his TikTok, where he was about to get a blood test to start testosterone.

Soon after, in late 2015, Dominic started a gofundme campaign to raise money for his top surgery. And considering his fan base, he grossed enough.

At 18, Dominic had already had surgery.

“The top surgery saved my life,” Dominic shared. From time to time, the star even takes it to his social media to share photos of his past and present selves, to express how lucky he has been to make it this far.

But Dominic isn’t completely satisfied with how things are, like the way people discriminate against and attack the trans community. Therefore, he often speaks on his social networks praying for a change. “We know that we will not change to make this world a better place for everyone. We know that we are the change, and so are you,” he once shared.

Dominic Anthony Green Parents

Dominic Anthony comes from a Christian family. Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was just a teenager. His mother, Inez Marie Weeks, later married his stepfather, Travis Weeks, on January 24, 2014, and they seemed to have done a great job raising him.

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Speaking a bit more about her parents, Inez is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and became a QA Analyst at The Pilgrim’s Progress. While Travis, from Woodville, Texas, worked at OuterBanks Communications LLC. She went to Hargrave High School and later graduated from Westpoint Military Academy.

As for Dominic’s siblings, he has a little brother and a sister named Amani.

Dominic and his sister were reportedly separated for years until 2017.

Trivia: Dominic wonders if his parents were the only ones who skipped “the talk.”

How old is Dominic Anthony Green?

Dominic Anthony Green was born on April 27, 1999. That made him 22 years old in 2022; a year older than his girlfriend Lexi Brumback.

Based on his birthday, Dominic is of the Taurus zodiac.

How tall is Dominic Anthony Green?

Dominic Anthony Green stands tall at a height of less than 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

Its distinctive features include: green, and tattoos on the abdomen, neck, chest, and hand. Also, he has scars on his chest from the surgery.

dominic anthony green work

Dominic is an IG star, actor, content creator, film editor, and model who has worked with a few menswear companies.

Besides that, Dominic also worked in PR and Marketing at Weathered Helm Art Studios starting in 2022. Additionally, he worked as an Account Manager at Gaybors Agency for over 2 years back then.

Did you know: In 2018, Dominic appeared in Soraya Zaman’s project American Boys.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Dominic Anthony Green from?

Dominic is a native of Baytown, Texas.

But as of 2022 he was residing in Houston, not far from his hometown.

  • Is Dominic Anthony Green on TikTok and Facebook?

Yes, find him on TikTok @lolhidominic and Facebook @lolheydominic.

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Also, here is her IG @lolhidominic, Twitter @lolhidominicoand Youtube @DominicGreen.

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