Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Religion What Religion is Eric Maxim Choupo Moting? Is Eric Maxim Choupo Moting a Christianity?


Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Religion: Eric Maxim Choupo Moting an Professional footballer was born on 23 March 1989. Many of his fans are in search of Eric Maxim Choupo Moting ‘s Religion, so let’s dive into the article to know What Religion is Eric Maxim Choupo Moting and much more.
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Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Religion

Eric Maxim Choupo Moting is an Professional footballer who was born on 23 March 1989. He has become a Professional footballer and gained more fame, and his fans are in search of Eric Maxim Choupo Moting’s Religion. Many celebrities belong to various religions, but some of them will not show off their religion publicly. So what about Eric Maxim Choupo Moting’s Religion? 

Let’s check out the below sections to know What Religion is Eric Maxim Choupo Moting .

Real Name

Jean-Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting

Nick Name

Eric Maxim Choupo Moting 

Date of birth

23 March 1989 


34 years


6 feet 4 inches (191 cm)


84 kg (185 lbs)

Birth Place

Altona, Hamburg, Germany




Professional footballer


Cameroonian, German



What Religion is Eric Maxim Choupo Moting?

Eric Maxim Choupo Moting the Professional footballer was born in Altona, Hamburg, Germany. According to his date of birth, he is now 34 years old. Coming to Eric Maxim Choupo Moting’s Religion, according to the latest Research, it is known that Eric Maxim Choupo Moting is a Christianity.

Is Eric Maxim Choupo Moting a Christianity?

Yes, Eric Maxim Choupo Moting is a Christianity, according to various online sources. Know all about Eric Maxim Choupo Moting, his biography and lot more updates.

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Who is Eric Maxim Choupo Moting?

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, born on March 23, 1989, is a seasoned professional footballer whose journey through the world of football has been characterized by versatility, determination, and resilience. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Choupo-Moting has established himself as a notable figure in the global footballing arena, showcasing his skills and adaptability across various top-tier clubs and international competitions.

Choupo-Moting’s career began to take shape when he joined the youth ranks of Hamburger SV, a Bundesliga club. His early years were marked by rapid development, and he soon made his professional debut for Hamburger SV’s senior team in 2007. His ability to play as both a forward and winger caught the attention of scouts and fans alike.

Over the years, Choupo-Moting’s journey has taken him to several prominent clubs, including 1. FC Nürnberg, Mainz 05, Schalke 04, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Bayern Munich. His time at PSG saw him playing alongside some of the world’s most celebrated talents, including Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, and his contributions were instrumental in the club’s domestic successes.

Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Age

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, born on March 23, 1989, in Altona, Hamburg, Germany, is currently enjoying life as a seasoned and accomplished footballer at the age of 34 in 2023. With each passing year, Choupo-Moting continues to showcase his skill, dedication, and versatility on the football pitch, captivating fans and enthusiasts alike.

At 34, he remains an essential asset to his teams, drawing upon years of experience and a deep passion for the sport. His journey from the youth ranks of Hamburger SV to featuring in renowned clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich has been nothing short of inspiring.

Choupo-Moting’s age in 2023 signifies a player at the peak of his career, where his wisdom, tactical acumen, and leadership qualities make him not only a role model for aspiring footballers but also a vital contributor to his teams’ success. As he continues to grace the football world with his presence, fans eagerly anticipate more memorable moments from this talented German footballer.

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Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Height and Weight

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, the accomplished footballer, boasts impressive physical attributes that are a significant part of his success on the pitch. Standing at an imposing height of 6 feet 4 inches (191 cm), Choupo-Moting possesses a towering presence, which he skillfully utilizes to dominate aerial duels and provide a formidable target for his team’s attacks.

His weight of 84 kilograms (185 pounds) complements his height, creating a well-balanced physique that combines strength and agility. This weight allows him to hold his ground against opposition defenders and withstand the physical demands of top-level football.

Physical Attributes



6 feet 4 inches (191 cm)


84 kg (185 lbs)

Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Nationality

Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting’s nationality is Cameroonian. He was born on March 23, 1989, in Hamburg, Germany, but his choice to represent Cameroon on the international stage underscores his deep connection to his Cameroonian heritage. Nationality in the world of professional football is significant as it determines a player’s eligibility to represent a particular country in international competitions.

Choupo-Moting’s decision to play for Cameroon is a testament to his sense of identity and pride in his roots. This choice has allowed him to participate in prestigious tournaments like the Africa Cup of Nations and the FIFA World Cup while donning the Cameroonian national team jersey.

His contributions to the Cameroonian national team have earned him recognition and admiration from fans and fellow countrymen. Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting’s nationality is Cameroonian, and his commitment to representing his country on the global football stage is a source of pride and inspiration for both himself and his fans in Cameroon.

Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Career

  • 1989: Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting is born in Germany on March 23.

  • 2007: He makes his Bundesliga debut with Hamburger SV, marking the beginning of his professional career.

  • 2009-2014: Choupo-Moting continues his Bundesliga journey, playing for 1.FC Nürnberg, 1.FSV Mainz 05, and FC Schalke 04 during these years, showcasing his versatility and skill as a forward.

  • 2014-2017: He moves to the English Premier League, joining Stoke City, where he further hones his footballing abilities and adapts to a different style of play.

  • 2017-2018: Choupo-Moting makes a significant move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of Europe’s top clubs. This stint elevates his career as he competes alongside some of the world’s best players.

  • 2020: The talented forward returns to the Bundesliga, signing with FC Bayern Munich in autumn. This move is a homecoming of sorts, bringing him back to Germany’s top-tier league and the reigning champions.

  • 2021: Choupo-Moting continues to contribute to Bayern Munich’s success and remains a valuable asset to the club.

  • National Team: Throughout his career, Choupo-Moting represents the Cameroon national team, showcasing his commitment to both club and country on the international stage.

  • Bundesliga Stats: Over the course of his Bundesliga career, he participates in 266 matches and scores 62 goals, a testament to his consistency and impact on the league. He currently ranks seventh on the active scoring chart in the Bundesliga.

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Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Eric Maxim Choupo Moting Awards and Achievements:

Award Winnings:

  1. German Champion (2021/2022) with FC Bayern Munich
  2. German Super Cup winner (2021/2022) with FC Bayern Munich
  3. FIFA Club World Cup winner (2021) with FC Bayern Munich
  4. French league cup winner (2019/2020) with Paris Saint-Germain
  5. French cup winner (2019/2020) with Paris Saint-Germain
  6. French champion (2019/2020) with Paris Saint-Germain
  7. French Super Cup winner (2019/2020) with Paris Saint-Germain
  8. UI Cup winner (2007/2008) during his early career

Player of the Month:

  1. FC Bayern Munich October 2022 Player of the Month

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