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Ghosts Season 5 ending not only wrapped up the plotlines but also delivered poignant emotional revelations, deepening the connection between the living and the dearly departed

Ghosts Season 5

In this Ghost series, a young couple inherits a rundown property from a distant relative, not realizing that it comes with some invisible residents – friendly ghosts! They embark on a renovation journey, much to the surprise and sometimes annoyance of these spectral inhabitants. With a total of five series, the show has been airing on BBC One since its debut on April 15, 2019, and it continues to entertain audiences with its unique blend of humor and supernatural elements.

Produced by Matthew Mulot and Pat Tookey-Dickinson, the series is a creation of a talented team including Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, and Ben Willbond. It’s a delightful and humorous take on the challenges of living with both the living and the dearly departed.

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Ghosts Season 5 Ending Explained

At the end of Ghosts Season 5, Alison and Mike, who were trying to find a way to make money from their old manor, faced a tough decision. They were considering turning their land into a golf course, but some investors offered to buy the entire property and turn it into a luxury resort, which would solve their financial problems. However, Alison was sad about leaving her ghostly friends.

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Then, a shocking secret was revealed. Alison discovered that her ability to see ghosts was not from a near-death accident but because Julian had pushed her from a high window in Season 1. This act was an attempt to drive Alison and Mike away from Button House. Surprisingly, the ghosts, who had initially caused her accident, had grown to like the couple.

This revelation changed everything. It reminded viewers of the Season 1 incident, where Thomas famously yelled “damn your eyes.” Now, Alison had to decide whether to stay with her ghostly pals or sell the manor. The ending left us wondering about their final choice and the fate of Button House.

Ghosts Season 5 Trailer

Ghosts Season 5 Release Date

Ghosts Season 5 made its debut on BBC One, airing its first episode on Friday, October 6th, at 8:30 pm. This premiere date allowed fans of the show to tune in on a Friday evening and enjoy the spooky and comedic adventures of the characters. However, for those who preferred to watch all the episodes in one go, there was a convenient option available.

The entire series was made accessible on BBC iPlayer right from the start. This meant that fans had the flexibility to binge-watch the entire season at their own pace and convenience. They didn’t have to wait week by week for new episodes to be released; instead, they could immerse themselves in the entire season’s storyline whenever they pleased.

Ghosts Season 5 Cast




Charlotte Ritchie


Kiell Smith-Bynoe

Lady Fanny Button

Martha Howe-Douglas

Thomas Thorne

Mathew Baynton

Pat Butcher

Jim Howick

The Captain

Ben Willbond

Robin/Humphrey’s Head

Laurence Rickard

MP Julian Fawcett

Simon Farnaby

KittyEnding Explained

Lolly Adefope

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Ghosts Season 5 Plot

Mike and Alison faced a significant challenge when their beloved B&B was destroyed in a fire. They had to embark on a new journey to secure their financial stability, which was a crucial turning point in their lives. This decision wasn’t just about their future; it also held consequences for the ghostly residents of their historic home. The possibility of new ghosts emerging, breaking away from the usual ghostly patterns, hung in the air. Mary’s sudden departure in the previous season added a layer of uncertainty to the story’s conclusion.

Would the narrative threads come together in a way that left everyone satisfied, or would there be lingering questions and loose ends? As anticipation grew among the eager fans, the show’s creators teased them with hints of even more excitement in the upcoming season. It was evident that this season would push the boundaries of thrill and suspense to new heights.

People were buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the unfolding of the story. The show had built a dedicated fan base over the years, and they were ready for more adventures filled with laughter and mystery. It felt like embarking on an exhilarating journey into the unknown, and fans couldn’t wait to see what twists and turns the plot would bring.

Ghosts Season 5 Where to Watch?

You can watch Ghosts season 5 on BBC One every Friday at 8:30 pm starting from October 6th. If you can’t wait and want to see the whole series, you can find it on BBC iPlayer. This show is a big hit for the BBC, and it’s so popular that there’s even an American version of it, which you can also watch on iPlayer and enjoy.

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Ghosts Season 5 Review

Ghosts Season 5 delivers a fitting and heartwarming conclusion to a beloved comedy series. Throughout its run, “Ghosts” has consistently charmed its audience, and this final season is no exception. The show strikes a perfect balance between humor and emotion, offering a comforting viewing experience without crossing into cheesy territory.

In this season, the characters face significant changes in their lives, especially Alison and Mike, who grapple with financial struggles. This relatability adds depth to the series, making it more accessible to a wide audience.

The episodes are well-structured, weaving together various storylines that culminate in a satisfying and heartfelt resolution. The flashbacks to the ghosts’ deaths provide closure to their backstories, giving the series a sense of completeness.

While “Ghosts” has its fair share of silliness, it consistently delivers touching moments and life lessons. The show’s ability to find gentle triumph in chaos and growth in messiness is commendable. It avoids being overly sentimental, striking a perfect balance between humor and heart.

In a television landscape often filled with tension, “Ghosts” stands out as a sweet, funny, clever, and warm show. Its finale, while humble, leaves the door open for a potential return, and fans can only hope that one day “Ghosts” comes back to haunt us with more delightful adventures.

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