Halloween Baking Championship 2023 Winner, Who Won Halloween Baking Championship?


Hollie emerged as the victorious baker in the Halloween Baking Championship 2023, showcasing exceptional skills in both decoration and flavor. Her gothic coffin design and innovative use of ingredients secured her the coveted title.

Halloween Baking Championship 2023

The Season 9 finale of “Halloween Baking Championship” aired on October 30, 2023, featuring John Henson paying tribute to lost souls at the Henson & Sons Carnival with flourless desserts. In this Halloween-themed competition, bakers faced spooky challenges, with judges like Stephanie Boswell, Carla Hall, and Zac Young eliminating contestants as the competition intensified.

The ultimate winner of the “Main Heat” received a $25,000 prize and the title of the season’s creepiest cooking contest champion. In this episode, bakers also created new carnival attractions for the grand re-opening, with Carla Hall, Stephanie Boswell, and Zac Young crowning the Halloween Baking Champion.

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Halloween Baking Championship 2023 Winner

In the thrilling Season 9 finale of the Halloween Baking Championship, the bakers faced off in the chilling Henson and Sons Carnival. Hollie emerged as the standout, impressing with her gothic coffin design and a black pepper-infused cookie that perfectly complemented the luscious cheesecake. Her victory in the Thriller Challenge gave her the advantage of choosing the theme for the Killer Challenge.

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For the Killer Challenge, Hollie chose the fun house, leveraging her exceptional decorating skills. While Ryan’s Hall of Lost Souls had intricate details, he struggled with time management. James’ two-headed monster creation felt more medieval than haunted, and the cake’s richness overwhelmed the flavors.

Hollie’s fun house of horrors stood out with its eerie imagery and bold passion fruit cake. Ultimately, Hollie clinched the Season 9 title with a perfect balance of decor and flavor throughout the competition. Her future endeavors remain a mystery, but her win was certainly well-deserved.

Halloween Baking Championship

The Halloween Baking Championship is a cooking competition aired on Food Network since October 5, 2015. It’s a special show that runs during October, focusing on spooky desserts. In each episode, contestants face two rounds: the Preliminary Heat where they create small pastries, and the Main Heat for larger desserts. The winner of the Main Heat moves on. The final episode has a winner-take-all round for a cash prize of $25,000.

The judging panel has changed over the seasons. The first season had Carla Hall, Ron Ben-Israel, and Sherry Yard as judges. In the second season, Carla Hall was joined by Sandra Lee and Damiano Carrara, with Jeff Dunham as the host. Later, John Henson hosted for seasons three through five. Carla Hall returned as host for the sixth season, also joining Zac Young and Stephanie Boswell as judges. John Henson returned as host for seasons seven, eight, and nine in 2021.

Halloween Baking Championship Overview


Food reality television

Written by

Arleena Pritchard

Presented by

Richard Blais (2015)

Jeff Dunham (2016)

John Henson (2017-2019, 2021-present)

Carla Hall (2020)


Carla Hall (2015-present)

Ron Ben-Israel (2015)

Sherry Yard (2015)

Damiano Carrara (2016)

Sandra Lee (2016)

Lorraine Pascale (2017-2018)

Zac Young (2017-present)

Katie Lee (2019)

Stephanie Boswell (2020-present)

Country of origin

United States

Original language


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Halloween Baking Championship Host and Judges

In the Halloween Baking Championship, the hosts and judges have changed over the seasons, except for Carla Hall, who remained a consistent presence. Here’s a summary of who hosted and judged each season:

  • Season 1: Hosted by Richard Blais, with judges Carla Hall, Ron Ben-Israel, and Sherry Yard.
  • Season 2: Carla Hall returned as the only returning judge, joined by Sandra Lee and Damiano Carrara, with comedian Jeff Dunham as the host.
  • Seasons 3-5: Hosted by John Henson, with Carla Hall as a judge. Lorraine Pascale and Zac Young joined as judges in seasons three and four.
  • Season 5: Katie Lee replaced Pascale as a judge.
  • Season 6: Carla Hall not only returned as a judge but also took on the role of host. Zac Young and Stephanie Boswell joined as judges.
  • Seasons 7-9: John Henson returned as the host.

This rotation of hosts and judges kept the show dynamic and brought in fresh perspectives each season.

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Halloween Baking Championship Aired Details



First Aired

Last Aired

1 4 Oct 5, 2015 Oct 26, 2015
2 5 Oct 3, 2016 Oct 31, 2016
3 6 Sep 25, 2017 Oct 30, 2017
4 6 Sep 24, 2018 Oct 29, 2018
5 6 Sep 23, 2019 Oct 28, 2019
6 7 Sep 14, 2020 Oct 26, 2020
7 7 Sep 13, 2021 Oct 25, 2021
8 8 Sep 12, 2022 Oct 31, 2022

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