Hereditary Ending Explained, Plot, Release Date, Cast, and More


In the ending of “Hereditary,” Annie, unknowingly drawn into a demonic cult, becomes possessed by the demon Paimon due to her family’s history. Tragic events lead to her shocking self-decapitation, releasing Paimon’s spirit.

Hereditary Ending Explained

In the ending of “Hereditary,” the story takes a dark turn. Annie, the mother, gets involved in a cult unknowingly because of her family’s history. The cult wants to bring a demon named Paimon into the world and needs a male host from the Graham family. After a series of tragic events, Paimon ends up possessing Annie. Annie’s son, Peter, witnesses horrifying scenes as his family falls apart.

The cult manipulates situations, leading to Annie’s possession. In a shocking moment, Annie decapitates herself, releasing Paimon’s spirit. Peter, now vulnerable, becomes the host for Paimon. The cult succeeds in their ritual, making Peter the vessel for the demon. This chilling ending emphasizes the inescapable impact of family trauma and the sinister influence of supernatural forces.

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What Happens to Annie?

Annie, the mother in “Hereditary,” becomes a tragic victim of the cult’s dark plans. Unaware of her family’s sinister past, she unwittingly becomes a part of a demon-worshipping group. As the story unfolds, Annie desperately tries to protect her son, Peter, from the malevolent forces surrounding them. She investigates her mother’s belongings and discovers the cult’s involvement, realizing the danger her family is in. In a moment of desperation, she attempts to burn a sketchbook connected to the cult, but her husband, Steve, intervenes.

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Shockingly, Steve catches fire and dies, leaving Annie in a vulnerable state. Manipulated by the cult, Annie ultimately succumbs to possession. In a horrifying scene, she decapitates herself, becoming a vessel for the demon Paimon. This tragic fate showcases the depths of despair and the overwhelming influence of supernatural evil in the movie’s unsettling narrative.

Hereditary Plot

“Hereditary” tells the story of the Graham family, particularly focusing on Annie Graham, her husband Steve, and their two children, Peter and Charlie. After the secretive grandmother, Ellen, passes away, strange and terrifying events start happening to the family. Charlie, the daughter, tragically dies in an accident, leading to immense grief and trauma within the family. Annie becomes obsessed with communicating with her daughter’s spirit through a séance, but this unleashes malevolent forces.

As the family members are haunted and tormented by supernatural occurrences, Annie discovers her mother’s involvement in a demon-worshipping cult. The story takes a terrifying turn as the family becomes entangled in a dark web of supernatural possession and ancient rituals, ultimately leading to a shocking and disturbing conclusion.

Hereditary Cast



Toni Collette Annie Graham
Gabriel Byrne Steve Graham
Alex Wolff Peter Graham
Milly Shapiro Charlie Graham
Ann Dowd Joan
Mallory Bechtel Bridget

Hereditary Release Date

“Hereditary” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2018, garnering attention for its intense storyline and strong performances. The film was later released in the United States on June 8, 2018.

Its release created significant buzz in the horror genre, with audiences being captivated by its unique and terrifying narrative. The movie’s unsettling atmosphere and unexpected twists contributed to its critical acclaim and commercial success.

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Hereditary Development

“Hereditary” was written and directed by Ari Aster, who crafted the story as a blend of family drama and supernatural horror. Aster, known for his short horror films, caught the eye of A24, the film’s production company. He carefully developed the script, drawing inspiration from domestic dramas and incorporating themes of family dynamics, trauma, and grief.

Aster envisioned the film as having two interconnected halves, transitioning from a family tragedy into a nightmarish horror experience. The movie’s development was meticulous, creating a seamless fusion of psychological depth and supernatural terror, making it a standout entry in the horror genre.

Hereditary Trailer

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