Ignatz Awards 2023 Winners, Nominees, and more


Ignatz Awards 2023 celebrated outstanding independent comics, honoring diverse talent and creativity in the industry. Notable winners included Wash Day Diaries and Death Bloom.
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Ignatz Awards 2023

The Ignatz Awards in 2023 celebrated the best independent and small press comics. These awards have been going on for 26 years, and they honor outstanding work in the world of comics. The winners were announced both in person and through livestream at the Small Press Expo.

One of the remarkable winners was “Wash Day Diaries,” which won the Outstanding Story category. It’s a graphic novel that celebrates the beauty and strength of Black women and their relationships, including their hair. Another winner, “Death Bloom,” tells the story of Niloufar and her late lover, Shadi, and how gardening helps her cope with her grief. These awards highlight the creativity and diversity in the world of comics, giving well-deserved recognition to talented artists and storytellers.

Overall, the 2023 Ignatz Awards recognized outstanding comics across various categories, from anthologies to online comics. It’s a significant event for comic enthusiasts and a platform for artists to showcase their unique and meaningful work to a wider audience.

Ignatz Awards Winner List

  • Outstanding Story:
    • Winner: Wash Day Diaries (Chapter: “Ride Or Die”), Jamila Rowser and Robyn Smith (Chronicle Books)
  • Outstanding Minicomic:
    • Winner: Sacred Grove, Celine Loup (Self-Published)
  • Outstanding Collection:
    • Winner: Boodle Fight, Ashley Topacio (Self-Published)
  • Outstanding Anthology:
    • Winner: Shades Of Fear, Allison O’Toole & Ashanti Fortson, ed. (Balustrade Press)
  • Outstanding Series:
    • Winner: Tales Of Old Snake Creek, Drew Lerman (Self-Published)
  • Outstanding Online Comic:
    • Winner: Adversary, Blue Delliquanti
  • Promising New Talent:
    • Winner: In Limbo, Deb JJ Lee (First Second)
  • Outstanding Comic:
    • Winner: Platonic Love, A ee mi (Paradise Systems)
  • Outstanding Graphic Novel:
    • Winner: Mimosa, Archie Bongiovanni (Abrams Comic Arts)
  • Outstanding Artist:
    • Winner: Darlin’ And Her Other Names, Olivia Stephens (Self-Published)
  • These are the winners of the 2023 Ignatz Awards across various categories.
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Ignatz Awards

The Ignatz Awards are special prizes given to people who make really cool comics and drawings. These awards are not for the big, famous comic books you might see in stores. Instead, they celebrate the creative work of small groups or individuals who make their own comics, and sometimes they also honor comics made by bigger companies but still owned by the people who created them.

These awards are named after a funny cartoon character called Ignatz, who used to throw bricks in a comic strip called Krazy Kat. Every year since 1997, these awards have been given out at a big event called the Small Press Expo, except for one year when it was canceled because of a sad event called the September 11 attacks.

To decide who wins these awards, people who love comics and go to the Small Press Expo get to vote for their favorites. There’s also a special group of experts who pick out some of the best comics to be nominated. These awards help shine a light on the talented folks who make comics that might not be as famous but are still super cool.

Ignatz Awards History

The Ignatz Awards have a neat history! They started in 1997 and have been given out every year at a cool event called the Small Press Expo (except for 2001 when it was canceled because of the sad September 11 attacks). These awards were created to celebrate comics and drawings made by small groups or individuals. It’s a bit different from the big, famous comic book awards like the Eisner Awards because it focuses on comics created by just one person who does both the writing and the drawing.

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The name “Ignatz” comes from a funny comic strip character called Ignatz, who liked to throw bricks. The awards were inspired by another event called the OrlandoCon, but they’re not connected to it anymore. The idea for these awards came from two people, Chris Oarr and cartoonist Ed Brubaker, who wanted to give recognition to comics that weren’t as famous but still super cool.

The Ignatz Awards have grown over the years, and they have different categories like “Outstanding Artist” and “Outstanding Graphic Novel” to honor different parts of the comic-making world. These awards help shine a spotlight on the creative and talented folks who make comics that might not be on the big store shelves but are loved by many comic fans.

Ignatz Awards Categories



Outstanding Artist

Recognizing exceptional comic book artists.

Outstanding Anthology

Celebrating outstanding comic book anthologies.

Outstanding Collection

Honoring remarkable comic book collections.

Outstanding Graphic Novel

Highlighting outstanding graphic novels.

Outstanding Story

Recognizing excellence in comic book storytelling.

Promising New Talent

Honoring up-and-coming comic book creators.

Outstanding Series

Celebrating exceptional comic book series.

Outstanding Comic

Recognizing outstanding individual comic books.

Outstanding Minicomic

Honoring exceptional small comic book productions.

Outstanding Online Comic

Highlighting outstanding comics published online.

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