Is Bryan Craig Kelly Thiebaud a husband or boyfriend?


Actress Kelly Thiebaud, who has fondly earned the nickname “Britch” after a decade of in-and-out General Hospital he was finally leaving the show for good and fans couldn’t help but wonder why. The doctor. Britt Westbourne’ was never promoted to the lead, but despite this, the character remained a favorite among viewers.

With that being said, let’s get personal and explore Kelly in that regard. And finally let’s answer everyone’s burning question: “Is Bryan Craig Kelly Thiebaud a husband or a boyfriend?”

Is Bryan Craig Kelly Thiebaud a husband or boyfriend?

Bryan Craig was actually Kelly Thiebaud’s fiancé. They were engaged. But they called it off and were therefore no longer together at the time of this writing.

Bryan was apparently Kelly’s co-star in General Hospital.

The two started seeing each other in 2013 and two years later, on June 28, 2015, they got engaged. And this time, when they were still together when Kelly seemed to have put on weight, there were rumors that she might be expecting a baby with Bryan. Which, of course, was not true.

Bryan, born October 27, 1991 in Boca Raton, Florida, is an actor, also known for juvenile daze (2012) and The Epic Adventures of Bucket and Skinner (2011).

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But that’s not all the news we have about Kelly’s love life.

Apparently, Kelly is back in the game and absolutely in love with her new boyfriend. On July 27, 2022, Kelly first became an IG official with her new man by the name of PJ Harrison. And on that day, the couple had probably lived up to 7 months long-distance between Los Angeles and London. But despite the 5,437 miles between them and the 8-hour time difference, Kelly was happy with all those thousands of calls and texts. Most of all, she seemed happy to see PJ always so consistent with her.

is-bryan-craig-kelly-thiebaud-husband-or-boyfriend-2022Kelly Thiebaud with boyfriend PJ Harrison in July 2022 (PHOTO: Instagram)

PJ, just so you know, he’s from London. The last time they checked was in February 2017, and notably, he was a co-owner of City of Los Angeles FC. Also, at the time, he was thinking of merging the worlds of music and fashion with soccer.

Kelly also dated briefly The Twilight saga star of the film series, Kellan Lutz in 2011. And before that, the only crush we knew of for her was the late Luke Perry.

Kelly Thiebaud Age

General HospitalThe most recent Emmy winner, Kelly Thiebaud, turned 39 in 2021.

Parents of Kelly Thiebaud

Kelly’s parents, Suzanne Hager and Gary Franklyn Thiebaud, named her Kelly Hager Thiebaud.

People have been very involved in Kelly’s upbringing. So when a modeling agent saw Kelly when she was a teenager, her mother insisted that she finish high school first.

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Kelly really loves her mother, Suzanne Hager, who, in addition to giving birth, gave her unconditional love and support. More than anyone, Suzzanne is the one Kelly loves to make laugh. It was also with her that Kelly recently held her Emmys pre-dinner. (She won “Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress” for the year 2022.)

Kelly, a canine mother to Mr. Buttersworth, also often boasted about her beloved father Gary Franklyn Thiebaud on her social media, with some of her fans thinking he was “so hot.”

Kelly’s family also includes two brothers. One of them, older brother Kurt Thiebaud, turned 44 on August 3, 2022. Wishing him on his birthday once Kelly gushed how loyal he is to his wife and is always there for their three daughters, Carson, Blair and Avery.

The other brother is the youngest of all.

This family also had the kindest and most loving Mary Ellen Hager, Kelly’s grandmother. She though she passed away in November 2016. She was a Practical Nurse at Doctor’s Hospital for years.

Is Kelly Thiebaud on Twitter?

Indeed. Kelly Thiebaud was on Twitter @kellythiebaud and there were 69.5K followers enjoying it here (as of Aug 19, 2022).

At the same time, she also won her way on Instagram @kelly_thiebaud among her 125K followers.

Kelly Thiebaud Height

Kelly Thiebaud is 5′ 9″ (1.75 meters) tall. She is beautiful and one of the features of her that makes her look that way is her naturally green eyes that are a beautiful emerald shade.

Kelly Thiebaud Movies and TV Shows

Kelly Thiebaud is an actress, yes. But, she claims that she never acts, but just brings out the true animal in her whenever she becomes a character.

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It all started with General Hospital on September 19, 2012. From a contract status, she had been placed on a recurring status so that she could pursue other acting opportunities as well. And she did so by appearing in Criminal minds the primetime series, in the movies Love at first sight and A mother on the edgeand the NBC daytime soap opera days of our lives.

She is also known for her film roles in Shelter: Part III (2011) and curing the stupid (2013).

Her work as Mary Beth Sweeney in the movie. every 21 seconds (2018) has also won several awards, including the Cinema World Fest Awards and the Festigious International Film Festival Award.

How Much Is Kelly Thiebaud’s Net Worth?

Kelly Thiebaud reportedly had a net worth of less than $1.5 million as of 2022.

recently left General Hospital to focus on another ABC show. yes kelly was back station 19. Therefore, he is clearly not looking to retire from his career anytime soon. And that means this is going to accumulate more net worth in the days to come.

Fans hadn’t seen Kelly Thiebaud in station 19 since season 3 when she played Eva Vásquez, wife of the late Rigo Vásquez (actor Rigo Sánchez).

Related FAQ

  • Where is Kelly Thiebaud from?

Kelly Thiebaud was born and raised in El Campo, Texas.

  • When is Kelly Thiebaud’s birthday?

Kelly Thiebaud’s birthday is August 27 and that makes her a Virgo.

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