Is Legend of Zelda Connected to The Super Mario Bros Movie? Are Legend of Zelda and Mario Connected in Video Games?


The Legend of Zelda movie and The Super Mario Bros Movie are not connected. They’re separate movies with different styles and made by different companies, even though both are based on Nintendo games.

Is Legend of Zelda Connected to The Super Mario Bros Movie?

The Legend of Zelda and The Super Mario Bros Movie might not be connected. The Super Mario Bros Movie did really well at the box office, making lots of money. But even though it did so great, it doesn’t mean the Zelda movie will be linked to it. The Mario movie was a big hit, making over a billion dollars worldwide. People started wondering if a Zelda movie would happen too. But the company behind the Mario movie said they weren’t planning to make a Zelda one.

Nintendo, who owns Mario and Zelda, joined up with another company to make a live-action Zelda movie. They’re doing this because the Mario movie did so well. But even though they’re both Nintendo’s games and are getting movies, they’re not part of the same movie world. The Mario movie was made in a special way with a certain kind of animation. But the Zelda movie will be different; it’s going to be a live-action movie, not animated like Mario. It means they’ll feel really different from each other.

Different companies are making these movies. Sony Pictures is helping with the Zelda movie, while the Mario movie was done by another company called Illumination. So, even if they’re both Nintendo movies, they’re not going to connect together like movies in a series. 

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Will Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Crossover?

Making a movie where Mario and Zelda come together might not happen in their own stories. But Nintendo could create something entirely new in the future. Nintendo is still new to making movies, so if the Zelda movie does well like the Mario one, they might think up new ideas. But for their individual stories, mixing Mario’s world with Link’s world isn’t the plan.

Instead, there’s a game called Super Smash Bros that brings lots of Nintendo characters together to fight. It’s not part of the Mario or Zelda stories, but it has its own special world. In this game’s story, characters become alive through special ways, like being turned from toys into real fighters. So, even if there’s no direct connection between the Mario or Zelda movies, a Super Smash Bros movie could bring them together. It wouldn’t be exactly like a shared world but might get pretty close. Tweet

Are Legend of Zelda and Mario Connected in Video Games?

In the games, Mario and Zelda live in very different worlds. Mario hangs out in the Mushroom Kingdom, hopping between different places, while Zelda games happen in a kingdom called Hyrule over thousands of years. Mario games are for all ages and have their own style of play, while Zelda games are different and aimed at other age groups. Even though games like Super Smash Bros bring all the characters together, it’s like a different world for them.

But sometimes, there are little hidden Mario hints in Zelda games. Like in one Zelda game, you can see pictures of Mario and Princess Peach in a castle, and some characters in Zelda might remind people of Mario and Luigi. It’s all just for fun and to show love for Nintendo games, not to say they live in the same world. When it comes to making movies, even though they both come from Nintendo and the same creator, there isn’t much in the games to bring Mario and Zelda together. So, in the video games, they’re not really connected, and it might be the same for the movies too. 

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a film all about Mario and Luigi, two Italian-American plumbers. They get pulled into a different world and find themselves in a big fight between the Mushroom Kingdom, where Princess Peach leads, and the Koopas, ruled by Bowser. This movie tells the story of how Mario and Luigi started their adventures.

The first try at a live-action Mario movie back in 1993 didn’t do well, and Nintendo got a bit worried about letting their games become movies after that. But things changed when Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, got interested in making a new movie while working on other Nintendo stuff. He met with the boss of Illumination, a company, and they began planning a Mario movie together with Universal.

When the movie finally came out in 2023, it had a big premiere and then hit theaters. It made a massive $1.36 billion around the world, becoming one of the highest-grossing films ever based on a video game. It was a big success for Illumination, the company that made it, and for Nintendo too.

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Legend of Zelda Movie 

The Legend of Zelda is finally making its way to the big screen with an exciting live-action movie. Fans have been eagerly waiting for a movie about Zelda for a long time, and while many thought it might be an animated film because of its huge world and magical setting, the news that it’ll be live-action surprised some people. Nintendo, after the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, decided to bring Zelda to life, teaming up with Sony, producer Avi Arad, and director Wes Ball to make it happen. Fans are really hopeful that this movie will be as great as they’ve been dreaming.

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The director, Wes Ball, seems to have had a plan for a live-action Zelda movie way back in 2010. He talked about how the motion-capture technology used in Avatar would be perfect for bringing Zelda’s world to life. Now that Wes Ball is in charge of the Zelda movie, it looks like he might use this kind of technology to make the movie special. He’s worked on other big projects and even movies using a lot of motion capture, showing he’s got the skills for this kind of film.

In a movie like The Legend of Zelda, some characters might need this special motion-capture technology more than others. Characters like Ganondorf, the main bad guy, and creatures like the Zora, Rito, and Gorons from the games might need this tech to look just right in the live-action movie. It’s a bit tough to imagine how Zelda will look in real life, but with this motion-capture technology, it might just be what makes it all work on the big screen.

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