Is Sam Dingle leaving Emmerdale? Why is Sam Dingle Leaving Emmerdale?


Sam Dingle’s departure from Emmerdale remains uncertain amidst a challenging storyline involving his strained relationship with Lydia. There is no official confirmation about Sam leaving the show as of 2023.

Is Sam Dingle leaving Emmerdale? 

As of 2023, there is no confirmation that Sam Dingle is leaving the TV show Emmerdale. However, the character Sam Dingle, portrayed by James Hooton, is currently facing a challenging storyline involving his relationship with Lydia Dingle, played by Karen Blick. Lydia experiences a traumatic incident involving newcomer Craig Reed, leading to emotional turmoil in her life.

While Sam attempts to reconcile with Lydia, she struggles to respond positively, putting their relationship in jeopardy. The presence of Craig Reed further complicates matters, as he interferes with their lives.

The storyline has left fans speculating about the future of Sam and Lydia’s relationship and whether Sam’s character might exit the show as a result of the unfolding events. As of now, it remains uncertain if Sam Dingle will leave Emmerdale, but the storyline has created suspense and uncertainty around his character’s fate.

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Who is Sam Dingle?

Sam Dingle is a fictional character from the British soap opera Emmerdale. He is portrayed by actor James Hooton and first appeared in the show in February 1995. Sam is a member of the Dingle family, known for their unconventional and often mischievous ways. When James Hooton auditioned for the role, he shaved his head to give himself a tougher look, which helped him secure the part. Originally intended to appear in just eight episodes, Sam’s character became so popular that his contract was extended multiple times.

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Sam Dingle is a lovable and enduring figure in Emmerdale, known for his kind-hearted nature and loyalty to his family. Over the years, he has been involved in various storylines, showcasing his growth from a troublemaker to a responsible family man. Despite the ups and downs in his life, Sam remains a beloved character in the long-running soap opera.

Who Plays Sam Dingle in Emmerdale?

Sam Dingle in Emmerdale is played by the actor James Hooton. James Hooton is an English actor. He has portrayed the character of Sam Dingle on the popular ITV soap opera Emmerdale since 1995. Hooton hails from Carlton, Nottinghamshire, and attended Frank Wheldon Comprehensive School. He has been engaged to Nancy Lucas, who owns a dance company, since 2010, and the couple has two children together.

James Hooton’s portrayal of Sam Dingle has made him a familiar face to Emmerdale fans over the years, and he has become a beloved character in the show. His dedication to the role and his long-standing presence in the series have endeared him to viewers.


James Hooton


13 July 1973


50 Years


Carlton, Nottinghamshire, England



Years Active




James Hooton Career

James Hooton is a British actor known for his career in television and film. Hooton began his acting journey at a young age and made his television debut at 12 in the children’s TV series “Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It” in 1985. Over the years, he appeared in various TV shows, including “Peak Practice,” “The Bill,” “Heartbeat,” and “Touching Evil.”

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However, James Hooton’s most prominent role came in 1995 when he was cast as Sam Dingle in the popular ITV soap opera “Emmerdale.” He filmed his first scene in January 1995. After a brief departure in 1998, he returned to the show in 2000 and has since become a beloved character in the series.

Apart from his television work, Hooton ventured into film, appearing in director Shane Meadows’ feature film “Twenty Four Seven” in 1997. He also took to the stage in 2012 after a 15-year hiatus to star in a stage production titled “Our Style is Legendary.” James Hooton’s versatile career has spanned both screen and stage, making him a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.


“Emmerdale” is a popular British TV soap opera that airs on ITV. It’s set in a fictional village called Emmerdale, previously known as Beckindale, located in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. The show first started on October 16, 1972, and has been a beloved part of British television ever since.

The story revolves around the lives, dramas, and relationships of the villagers in Emmerdale. It originally aired during the daytime for just three months but quickly gained popularity, leading to more episodes and a shift to early evening timeslots. Over the years, the soap has gone through changes, including a new production team, more compelling storylines, and an increase in episodes.

“Emmerdale” has won awards and accolades, including the title of Best British Soap at the British Soap Awards. It began broadcasting in high definition in 2011, offering viewers even better picture quality. Additionally, classic episodes of the show have been aired twice daily on ITV3 since January 2019, allowing fans to relive memorable moments from the past.

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Why is Sam Dingle Leaving Emmerdale?

As of now, there is no information or confirmation that Sam Dingle is leaving Emmerdale. Sam is unaware of what happened to Lydia and is planning to leave for Ireland, thinking that Lydia is pushing him away. The storyline has created uncertainty about the future of their relationship, but there is no official announcement about Sam Dingle leaving the show.

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