Joe Friday Pub Quiz Week 367: Test Your General Knowledge!


Get ready for Week 367 of the Joe Friday Pub Quiz! Challenge yourself with diverse rounds covering general knowledge, sports, entertainment, Irish celebrities, and more. It’s time to conquer the group chat with your trivia skills. Good luck!

Joe Friday Pub Quiz 

Week 367 of the Joe Friday Pub Quiz promises another thrilling opportunity to put your general knowledge to the test. With five diverse rounds encompassing topics ranging from general knowledge and sports to entertainment and Irish celebrities, it’s the perfect chance to showcase your trivia prowess.

Whether you’re a seasoned champion accustomed to dominating the group chat or if it’s been a bit since you scored above 20, this quiz offers an exciting challenge. So, prepare yourself, gather your friends, and embark on this knowledge-packed journey to reclaim your status as the ultimate quizmaster. Best of luck, and may your answers reign supreme in the world of pub quizzing! Tweet

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Joe Friday Pub Quiz Week 367 

ROUND 1: General knowledge

1. What is the white sauce in a lasagna called?

Answer: Bechamel sauce.

2. Which Italian city surrounds Vatican City?

Answer: Rome.

3. Who is the current Director-General of RTÉ?

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Answer: Kevin Bakhurst

4. What was Charles Dickens’ first published novel?

Answer: The Pickwick Papers

5. What body of water borders Africa to the north?

Answer: The Mediterranean Sea.

ROUND 2: Sport

1. Who will England play in the final of the Women’s World Cup on Sunday?

Answer: Spain

2. In which round did Anthony Joshua knock out Robert Helenius in their fight at the O2 Arena?

Answer: Seventh round

3. How long has Usain Bolt’s 100m world record stood for?

Answer: 14 Years

4. What is the capacity of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the main stadium at the US Open?

Answer: 23,771

5. Which English rugby club is also known as the Saints?

Answer: Northampton Saints.

ROUND 3: Entertainment

1. What was the name of the long-running chat show hosted by Sir Michael Parkinson?

 Answer: Parkinson.

2. Who will play Snow White in Disney’s live-action remake of the classic fairytale?

Answer: Rachel Zegler

3. What material is Captain America’s shield made of?

Answer: Vibranium

4. In The Simpsons, what is Moe’s surname?

Answer: Szyslak.

5. What is the name of Bruce Springsteen’s backing band?

Answer: The E Street Band.

ROUND 4: Irish celebrities

1. What was the title of U2’s first album?

Answer: Boy

2. Sharon Horgan co-created which of these shows with Rob Delaney?

Answer: Catastrophe.

3. Ruth Negga received an Oscar nomination for which of these movies?

Answer: Loving

4. What was the title of Sally Rooney’s third novel?

Answer: Beautiful World, Where Are You

5. I don’t know no shame / I feel no pain / I can’t see the flame” are lyrics in which Sinéad O’Connor song?

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Answer: Mandinka

ROUND 5: Numbers in titles

1. Which of these is the title of a real sci-fi film?

Answer: 2001 A Space Odyssey

2. Which of these is the title of a Lou Bega song?

Answer: Mambo No. 5

3. Which of these is the title of a real book?

Answer: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

4. Which of these is the title of a Lord of the Rings novel and film?

Answer: The Two Towers.

5. Which of these is the title of a film starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt?

Answer: Seven

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