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Meet actress Kathryn Kelly, the new star of the show ‘Yellowstone’ where she plays the role of ‘Emily’. Ever since the announcement of her, fans of the show wanted to know more about her. So, here we cover details about her parents, boyfriend, daughter of her, love life and net worth of her.

So, join the Kathryn Kelly Bio to learn more about the ‘Yellowstone’ actress.

Is Yellowstone actress Kathryn Kelly dating anyone?

Yes, Kathryn Kelly could be in a relationship. Although she has not revealed the name of her alleged boyfriend, the mystery man has appeared on Kathryn’s mother’s Facebook. Kathryn and her alleged mystery man attended her grandmother Helen Coleman’s birthday party together. Kathryn’s mom shared some photos of the two of them.

Kathryn-Kelly-BoyfriendActress Kathryn Kelly with her alleged boyfriend attending her grandmother’s birthday in August 2021 (Photo: Susan Coleman Dickerson’s FB)

But as of this writing, the Yellowstone actress hasn’t spoken about her relationship with the man. But the fact that Kathryn has introduced him to her family suggests that the relationship could be quite serious. Also, she has yet to introduce her lover to the world or make her IG relationship official.

We look forward to learning about your man, how you met, and how long you’ve been together since then.

Has Kathryn Kelly talked about her ex-boyfriend?

As it is implied, Kathryn Kelly is very private when it comes to her relationships. She has not opened up about her past relationships as of this writing.

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But we know from her social media posts that Kathryn has a daughter named Sophia Kelly with her previous boyfriend. Her daughter appears frequently on her social media.

Sophia Kelly turned 7 on September 12, 2021. From a post on her IG from 2020 on Sophia’s 6th birthday, Kathryn shared that she had Sophia with her on a film set when she was just 8 weeks old.

Sophia started her first grade in August 2021.

Kathryn Kelly’s Parents

Kathryn Kelly was born to her father Corry Dickerson and her mother Susan Coleman Dickerson.

His parents started dating when they were at UT Knoxville School in Atlanta. Kathryn’s mother shared a short story about her parents on her Facebook that was dedicated to Kathryn’s paternal grandfather, Joe Dickerson Sr. She wrote: “Hanging out with my husband (in Atlanta) after our school days at UT Knoxville meant that he didn’t know his family well at all. On visits to Knoxville, which were overnight stays of course, I found that he broke my nerves with discomfort… I would just dive into whatever they were doing around the house and help them out. It was my way of connecting and having a conversation about things that interested them, like their workshop or their kitchen or their bird feeder refills…etc.”

He continued: “One day, Joe P. put his arm around my shoulders and said… “You know what I like about you? You are a doer! I like that. That is something good.” I thought hmmm… ok ok! hahaha, I’ve thought about that many times since then. Now I can recognize the doers in the world and find myself wanting to align myself with those people!!”

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Kathryn lost her paternal grandfather a while back, but hasn’t revealed anything about him.

As for her mother, Susan Dickerson currently works as a nutritional health, wellness, and cleansing coach and entrepreneur at Isagenix. She began her work there in July 2012. In addition, she has also worked as a volunteer at the Atlanta Dream Center, an independent consultant at Arbonne International, an area leader for RiverStone Church, and an elementary educator in Cobb County Schools. Susan was born to Ronald Coleman and Helen Coleman.

Kathryn Kelly Net Worth

As an actress and model, Kathryn Kelly has a net worth of nearly $250,000.

Actress Kathryn inherited her passion for film from her mother, Susan Dickerson. In 2012, Susan explained on her Facebook that “Going to the movies” has always been her passion. Also, she loved looking for “stages” to enter and looking behind the scenes has always been a fascination for her.

From the first time Susan set foot on location at Universal Studios, CA in 1983 with her family, she was captivated by the fact that she was seeing the real “Gilligan’s Island,” the street from “Leave it to Beaver,” and the house which was shot She never watched a TV show or a movie the same way.

She then explained that her daughter Kathryn started her career working in film in 2012. She explained that Kathryn took fun to a whole new level and even more exciting with her study and pursuit of film/on-camera acting.

Susan wrote: “I’m starting to enjoy ‘going to the movies’ on a whole new level after experiencing what goes on through her studies, auditions and ‘jobs’ on set, as well as having a ‘movie-going lover’. ‘ built into the house. Meeting film directors, casting directors, agents, photographers, fellow actors and parents who have supported this ‘dream’…has brought a whole new level of appreciation in realizing what it takes to bring creative thinking to paper camera to screen.”

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Kathryn grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where she currently lives. She studied acting and theater from the age of 14 and has successfully worked in the advertising, film and print division with Houghton Talent Agency since 2011. Her Facebook revealed that she studied Film Intensive at Kristen Shaw Acting Studio, Improv, Audition on Camera at Drama Inc and Communications at Kennesaw State University.

Some of her notable TV shows and movies in which Kathryn appeared are Nashville (2018), The Originals (2017), Fist Fight (2017), Powers (2016), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), Today (2013 ), Local Talent (2012) and Camp Chippewa (2012).

Apart from movies and TV shows, she was also involved in some modeling jobs.

Fun fact: Kathryn is a huge fan of actress Audrey Hepburn.

Related FAQ

  • How old is Kathryn Kelly?

Kathryn Kelly is 28 years old as of 2022. Her birthday falls on Halloween (i.e. October 31).

  • Does Kathryn Kelly have siblings?

Kathryn Kelly has at least one sibling, her brother Connor Dickerson (@connor.dickerson.98). Connor graduated from high school in May 2016.

  • How tall is Kathryn Kelly?

Kathryn Kelly has a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

  • Is Kathryn Kelly on Instagram?

Yes, Kathryn Kelly is on Instagram. Her IG account is (@katkellyd). She is also on Facebook (@katkellyd).

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