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The popularity of HGTV’s ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ show has not only made fans interested in the life of the show’s host Dave Marrs and his wife Jenny Marrs, but they are also interested in learning about the other members of the family. Dave’s. This article focuses on her sister Katie Marrs, her age, her job and the details of her marriage.

Join this Katie Marrs biography to learn about Dave Marrs’ sister.

Meet Katie Marrs, Dave Marrs’ sister

Katie Marrs is best known as the sister of HGTV star Dave Marrs. Fans of the contractor and TV star wanted to know more about him and his family. Last time, we covered information about Dave’s brother, Matt Marrs, and his family. This particular article covers information about his sister Katie his.

Katie, Dave, and Matt were born to parents Dave Marrs and Donna Marrs.

Dave Sr. served in the US Navy which is why Katie often posts about her dad on Veterans Day on her social media.

His parents were married for 50 years. On the day of her recent anniversary, Katie wrote on her Instagram: “Happy 50th anniversary mom and dad! That’s big! They are always holding hands, for as long as I can remember! I love you Thank you for letting me share this post, Dave Marrs.

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Although she appears to be a daddy’s girl, Katie also shares a great bond with her mother Donna, who appears on her IG frequently.

Moving on, the Marrs brothers are very close to each other. Katie promotes Dave’s show and his wife Jenny on her social media. In a November 2021 post, Dave wrote while posting the family photo: “So lucky guy to have such an amazing family and parents supporting me and @jennymarrs on this crazy journey. Only one is missing, my sister Katie. I love this team.”

Katie’s brother is married to his wife Karey Ross Marrs on October 13, 2001. Her brother and sister-in-law live in Malvern, Arkansas with their three daughters.

Katie Marrs Age

Just two years younger than Dave, Katie Marris is 40 years old as of 2022.

Work of Katie Marrs

Katie Marrs appears to be working as a flight attendant, which makes sense because she often takes pictures at various locations. She currently works for Jetblue Airways. But she hasn’t created any LinkedIn profiles to boast of her career path and her academic qualifications.

According to Salary.com, flight attendants working for JetBlue Airways earn a salary of $81,244 to $125,496 a year.

In addition to her career in the respiratory tract, Katie also appears to be affiliated with a beauty brand called BeautyCounter. They make all kinds of skin, makeup, and bath and body products for women. She often posts videos on her Facebook page promoting the products and does the same on her social media.

Her IG bio reads, “Advocate for clean beauty.”

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Is Katie Marrs married?

No, Katie Marris is the only member of the Marrs family who is not married. There are hundreds of posts on her Instagram and none of them suggest that she is in a relationship. She loves children and she is close with her nieces and nephews. But she is surprised why she has not married as of this writing.

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Katie received a box full of chocolate which she shared on her IG. She captioned the post: “What girl doesn’t love a pretty box full of chocolates! Thank you Franco! “. The person who delivered it was just a coworker and a friend and nothing more serious than that.

While both of her siblings already have children who are either entering or in their teens, Katie seems in no rush to start her family. But, there could be more to that story that we may never learn unless she tackles it to satisfy the queries of concerned fans of hers. But, until then, we conclude that she does not indulge in any kind of relationship.

Related FAQ

  • Is Katie Marrs on Instagram and Facebook?

Katie Marris is on Instagram and Facebook. Her IG account (@bentonvillebeautycounter) has 511 followers. Furthermore, she has posted 174 times on that account. Also, her Facebook is (@ katie.marrs.94).

  • Does Katie Marrs appear in Fixer to Fabolous?

No, Katie has not appeared on her brother’s IG “Fixer to Fabulous”. But she enjoys watching the show and urges others to watch it through her social media.

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