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‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ saw many actors come and go, but one housewife who always stood out and remained recognizable after the show was Kimberly Bryant. She was a RHOC OG who reportedly appeared in all four seasons and made a few comebacks. Find out where she is today and what she’s been up to with this biography of Kimberly Bryant.

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Where is RHOC’s Kimberly Bryant today?

BravoTV’s Real Housewives had spin-offs from different places. One of the most popular spin-offs was the Real House Wives of Orange County (RHOC). One of the participants who had very little time but gained followers was Kimberly Bryant. She was the original cast member of RHOC season 1 but, unlike her peers, she only stayed on the show from season 1 to season 4.

Her disappearance had always left fans wondering, where is RHOC star Kimberly Bryant today? There were rumors that she might have died.

But despite all the assumptions, you should know that Kimberly is alive but not very active.

RHOC fans remember her for following a healthy lifestyle. Kimberly was also the star who underwent breast augmentation surgery at the request of her husband, which was a memorable moment for RHOC fans. “I felt solid in my appearance, but I did it for my husband,” she admitted to WebMD. “He gave me a vasectomy, so we swapped surgeries.”

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But, to the dismay of fans, Kimberly disappeared after 11 episodes of the show.

However, there are theories regarding the departure of the Bryant family from the show. One person tweeted: “12. Kimberly Bryant #RHOC T1: I thought Kimberly had a lot of potential to be an iconic/messy housewife. The ella S1 catchphrase of ella is an iconic cult classic. Unfortunately, her husband punched a woman in the face in OC and they moved to cover it up. How about that for some tea?

Distractify reported that Kimberly’s husband, Scott, had caused bodily harm to one of Kim’s acquaintances, a woman named Jana Kindchadwick, because he served his wife drinks. As reported, Jana was the girlfriend of Kimberly’s personal trainer, Ron Baer. It is believed that he hit her at least twice before 911 was called. The incident reportedly occurred in June 2006. Read more about it here.

On top of that, Kimberly was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer. So she and her family moved to Lake Bluff in Chicago to avoid the sun. She had revealed that he was hereditary and her son had also shown the effect when cancerous moles appeared on the back of her ankle.

The blonde mother-of-two’s stories in those early days saw her raise awareness for skin cancer: She was first diagnosed with melanoma at age 27.

Kimberly Bryant Age

As of this writing, Kimberly Bryant should be over the age of 46 as of 2021.

Kimberly Bryant’s husband

Kimberly Bryant was married to her husband Scott Bryant. Scott worked as an executive at a Fortune 200 company. As Kimberly’s profile reads, she is a stay-at-home mom in the traditional sense of the word. She and her husband agreed that she would stay home and focus on her two children, Bianca and Travis.

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So, Kimberly spent her time ferrying the kids between her plethora of activities, including tennis, golf, swimming and hula lessons. As a fitness fanatic, she also spent several hours of her week mountain biking, taking Pilates classes, and surfing.

Now, her son Travis attended high school and her daughter was in college as of 2010. Her husband, Scott, has reportedly stopped working for Fortune 500 companies.

What does Kimberly Bryant do for a living?

After living in RHOC and moving to Chicago, Kimberly reportedly began concentrating on Chicago-based charity events. She reportedly sold out all the tickets to a local 1,300-seat fashion show to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as the event’s honorary chair.

As always, Kimberly never got any jobs, but she continued to be a trophy wife, taking care of her husband and two children. But, she did appear in the 2006 “The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Special.”

Additionally, Kimberly also appeared on ‘100th Episode Special’ in 2013. But she did not appear on the 10th anniversary or the cast reunion in March 2016. In a 2010 interview with the Daily Herald, the TV personality told the newspaper local that people still recognize her when she is out with her family, but revealed that she has shifted her focus to charity events.

Kimberly Bryant net worth

RHOC’s Kimberly Bryant should have a net worth of at least $1 million.

Related FAQ

  • When is Kimberly Bryant’s birthday?

Kimberly Bryant never revealed details about her birth. Therefore, her age and her date of birth remain anonymous.

  • How tall is Kimberly Bryant?

Kimberly was around 5 feet 8.5 inches tall.

  • Where was Kimberly Bryant born?

There is no information about Kimberly’s birthplace. But, since her husband was a native of the Midwest, she could be originally from California.

  • Is Kimberly Bryant on IG, Facebook?

No, it looks like Kimberly is not on any of the social media platforms.

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