Manti Te’o Parents: Ottilia Te’o (mom) and Brian Te’o (dad)


Brian Te’o and Ottilia Te’o have found each other in the media because of their son Manti Te’o, in particular, on two separate occasions; once when he was drafted by the NFL, and the other time because of his “girlfriend” scandal. They’re back once again in the new Netflix special Unpublished: The girlfriend that did not exist.

Learn more about Manti’s parents here in this article. We cover your age, job, family, and current residence.

Who are the parents of Manti Te’o?

Brian Te’o and Ottolia Te’o are the parents of Manti Te’o. Manti, the eldest of her children, is the protagonist of the Netflix show Untold: The Bride Who Wasn’t he was in a serious relationship with his girlfriend Lennay Kekua whom he met online. But her problem was that he had never met her, but he still believed that she should share her love life with her parents.

Manti maintained that he felt a religious connection to her from their online conversations. “It was the spiritual aspect that he took over,” Matni said. “The spiritual aspect: In my past relationships, spirituality was not a big deal. It was something, but it was not cutting edge. She would always tell me that, ‘Manti, the only man I love more than you is – well, two men, it’s God and my dad: I’ll never put you in front of God.’

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Manti added: “She would say things like that and we would pray at night before we went to sleep. Then when we would wake up in the morning, obviously because I was on the phone, she would say another sentence. She always told me that she was humble. For me, that’s what drew me.”

Brian and Ottolia also claimed they spoke to the woman. They had the impression that two had met.

On the show, Manti’s parents described Manti as a “loving father and husband” and “an amazing son.” On the show, Brian talked about his son’s relationship: “They started out as just friends. From time to time, she would travel to Hawaii, and that was the time when Manti was home, so he would meet her there. But in the last year, they became a couple. And we realized that she could be our daughter-in-law ”.

Manti had lied to her parents because she was afraid they would not approve of a person she had never met. Her mother also defended her son saying: “That is my son. He always puts others before himself. He did what a responsible and respectable man should do… I’m proud of his character. It just hurts to see the picture of him and the name of him being dishonest.”

Brian also defended his son saying, “If they say Manti lied about something, they might as well say we lied about it today… The story was a reality for us.”

The Netflix documentary puts things in perspective by showing how they ignored the warning signs and ultimately dealt with the situation. You may be wondering what Brian and Ottolia are doing now that the problem has been fixed.

Meet Manti Te’o Dad, Brian Te’o

Brian Te’o is the father of Manti Te’o.

Brian was born to his parents Normalynn Te’o and Ima Uiva Te’o in Samoa. His parents lived in San Francisco for a few years and then moved to Fremont, California. They moved to Hawaii and established a successful bakery business.

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Ima was born on July 12, 1934. She had two brothers, Lueli and Ma’ataua, and two sisters; Logo and Nafanua. His parents divorced when he was 8 years old. Subsequently, his mother had three more children and his father seven more from his second marriage.

Ima completed high school at Banning High and played soccer there. He died in 1981 at the age of 47 in Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Meanwhile, Norma was the director of IWES and Student Employment at Brigham Young University in Hawaii. She studied Psychology at Brigham Young University–Hawaii and completed high school at Polytechnic High School, San Francisco, CA.

Brian has three brothers, Nephi, Ephraim, and David, and two sisters; Serena and Naomi.

On the Chargers’ selection of Manti in 2013, Brian said of his son: “I love the selection; we are so excited and ecstatic. He’s reaping the benefits of being a damn good son.”

  • Brian Te’o Age

Born in May 1971, Brian Te’o is currently 51 years old.

  • Brian Te’o’s work

Brian Te’o currently works as a Lead Beneficiary Specialist at STG International, Inc. He joined the company in 2017 and just completed his fifth year two months earlier. Before that, he worked at Kamehameha Schools as the Education Coordinator. He was an assistant director at PACT Early Head Start / Head Start.

In addition, Brian also served as a Program Director at Early Head Start.

Brian completed his high school at Kahuku High School in 1989. He earned a BS in Biology/Biological Sciences from Brigham Young University in 1998. In addition, he has a Master’s in Early Childhood Education and Teaching from Chaminade University of Honolulu.

  • Is Brian Te’o on Facebook?

Yes, Brian Te’o is on Facebook but shares a joint account with his wife. You can find them at (@brian.ottiliateo). They are also on Pinterest.

Meet Manti Te’o Mom, Ottilia Te’o

Ottolia Te’o is the mother of Mati Te’o.

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Ottolia was born to her parents Louis Kapunelani Santiago (born December 25, 1941 – died January 28, 2012) and Annette Kalama Santiago (née Keala) (born August 30, 1940 – died September 11, 2012 ). After Annette Santiago’s death on 9/11, a storyline developed around her demise, evolving from heartfelt loss of a grandchild to a talking point for the Heisman Trophy campaign to complete fraud with a dead girlfriend. false that was discovered by dead spin.

At that time, Manti shared with ESPN“Just the problem my family is going through is the hardest part to swallow.”

After the girlfriend scandal, during his son’s NFL, Ottolia had spoken to the media showing his appreciation for his community. She shared: “It’s just overwhelming. We are very grateful for the support this community has given Manti. They have been there through all the ups and downs. They have always been by your side. We are very grateful”.

  • Otilia Te’o Age

Ottolia Te’o’s birth year is also 1971. She celebrates her birthday on October 1.

  • Otilia Te’o Job

Ottilia’s employment information is not available

  • Is Ottilia Te’o on Facebook?

Yes, Ottolia shares Facebook with her husband.

Related FAQ

  • Are Manti Te’o’s parents still married?

Yes, Manti Te’o’s parents Brian and Ottilia have been happily married for 31 years. On Mother’s Day 2022, Brian praised his wife, writing: “I wish the Queen of our Castle a Happy Mother’s Day! She has ruled with dignity and grace these past 31 years, winning the hearts of her loyal subjects through love and compassion. We royal peasants love her very much and pledge our lifelong commitment to her in her service. We love you, honey! Now let’s go to Hawaii!”

  • Where do Manti Te’o’s parents live?

Manti Te’o’s parents, Brian and Ottilia, currently reside in Laie, Hawaii.

  • How many children do Manti Te’o’s parents have?

As already revealed, Manti is the eldest of six siblings. She has four sisters; Maya, Eden Brie, Tiare and her only younger sibling, Manasseh.

  • Do Manti Te’o’s parents appear in Netflix’s Untold: The Bride Who Didn’t Exist?

Yes, Manti Te’o’s parents appeared on Netflix Unpublished: The girlfriend that did not exist.

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