Meet AppleWatts! His Bio, Net Worth, Age, Job, Father, Real Name


Social media influencers Ari Fletcher and Apple Watts created drama on IG live after Ari offended some people with her ‘Don’t Call Me White Girl’ post.

Learn more about Apple Watts in this bio where we highlight her net worth, age, job, her father, and her real name.

The drama of Apple Watts and Ari Fletcher

Social media influencer Ari Fletcher was featured on Breakbeat Media’s ‘Don’t Call Me White Girl’ podcast in late 2021. But, one comment in particular during the podcast ruined everything for her. While discussing her relationship with rapper Moneybagg Yo, she shared, “Like, pull out your gun and show me, ‘bitch, go.’ I wish you’d walk out the door.’” She received backlash over the gun comments and later took to IG live to address the backlash.

On Instagram Live, Ari denied acknowledging people’s stories of domestic violence, repeatedly uttering “nobody cares.” She emphasized that she doesn’t care because people were trying to play the victim.

However, this further inflamed the fans.

One of the notable personalities he commented on was Apple Watts, also known as Jontelle Lafaye Watts. “Why do you have to be so cocky? You’re like a tampon so stuck. We get it, you have money,” she remarked for calling out “she doesn’t care” about people’s stories of domestic violence. “You have to humble yourself. You talk too much on the internet. And then you want to put down the bitches that got hit by domestic violence.”

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Apple further challenged people that they can crawl her page all day and talk about her all day, yet she doesn’t condone domestic violence. Ari did not respond as of this writing and both have deactivated their IG profiles.

What does Apple Watts do for a living?

Apple Watts is a rapper, urban model, and vixen. But, VH1’s ‘Love and Hip Hop’ added more to her fame after she joined the show as a supporting cast in season five. Her IMDB revealed that she appeared in 29 episodes of the show.

According to Love And Hip Hop Fandom, Apple rose to fame as a stripper and also turned to pornography under the name Ms. Apple Bottom. She allowed herself to undress at the age of 21. This even led her to enjoy hanging out with hip-hop stars like Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, YG, and Frank Ocean.

He allowed her to model in the videos. Apple explained during an interview: “I did a lot of videos and I was just shaking my booty. Because the loot is important. Although she gained recognition for dancing, it affected her career as an aspiring hip-hop artist. She revealed, “It was difficult for me to get into the game because I am a woman and a dancer. [Producers and talent] Don’t seriously wake up a woman, unless you’re about to squash someone or something, and that’s not going to blow up.”

Apple revealed that she was tired of stripping down and tried to break into hip hop and as a reality star. She can be found on Spotify and SoundCloud and she still lacks a proper body of work to further her career as a rapper.

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Other than that, Apple also has an OnlyFans account (@applewatts1). She charges $35 for a 1-month subscription and $89.25 for a 3-month subscription.

His Facebook said that he studied Criminal Justice at El Camino College.

Apple is a business owner who founded the company Apple Drip Clothing LLC in August 2020.

Apple Watts Net Worth

As of December 2021, Apple Watts should have a net worth of no more than $600K.

How old is Apple Watts?

Born on May 16, 1985, Apple Watts turned 36 in 2021.

Apple Watts real name

Apple Watts’ real name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts.

Apple Watt Height

Talking about his height, Apple is 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Is Apple Watts in a relationship?

Currently, the relationship of the influencer Apple Watts remains uncertain. He hid his love life away from fans and now that he deactivated his main IG account, it became almost impossible to deduce their relationship status further. But, in March 2021, Apple shared a clip of her passionately kissing a young man.

She captioned the post: “Relationship goals are my ass. We make our own stories through fighting, arguing, mistrust, love, tears, pain, people paint a good picture on the internet as if the relationship is perfect and people. they always want relationship goals, but people don’t post that their husband beat them if their boyfriend cheated on them or got someone else pregnant.”

Apple ended the post, “so when you post relationship goals of what other people relationships think you are, fake people to the internet all the time just because it shines doesn’t mean it’s gold…remember this…relationship takes time patience trust pain and more I don’t want to be anyone else relationship goals I want to make my own goals Period.”

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In 2018, Apple got cozy with a guy named Maurice, but not many details are known about the relationship. She introduced her ex-boyfriend with an IG caption: “Some of these men aren’t the stuff of the future, they just have something to occupy your time when you’re lonely.”

Additionally, Apple Watts is the mother of three children; Richard, Kali, and Miyaki Watts. Reportedly, she had two of the children from different fathers. Furthermore, it has been reported that she had one of them from a sperm donor. The father of the baby of one was serving time in prison.

Apple was also in a serious relationship with Ty Turtle, a basketball player who played for the Juan Aldama Aguamieleros.

Related FAQ

  • When is Apple Watts’ birthday?

Apple celebrates its birthday on May 16.

  • Where is Apple Watts from?

Apple Watts hailed from south central Los Angeles, California.

  • Who is the father of Apple Watts?

Apple Watt’s stepfather is John Watts, but his biological father has yet to be revealed. However, she shared in her interview that she was still looking to find him.

  • Is Apple Watts on Instagram, Twitter?

Yes, Apple Watts was on Instagram but has deactivated her account. He has a backup IG account (@applewatts_only) with 31.4k followers. His Twitter account is (@applewatts).

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