Meet Candace Renee Rice’s boyfriend, Denzel Hardy! + Biography, age, net worth


Meet Candace Renee Rice’s boyfriend, Denzel Hardy. He is a professional DJ who goes by DJ Skar.

Here, you will learn about her bio, age, and net worth. In addition, we will also see his basketball career, his family members, and his presence on social media. Follow this article to find out more about Candace Renee Rice’s boyfriend.

Meet Candace Renee Rice’s boyfriend, Denzel Hardy

Candace Renee Rice announced her pregnancy with photos of triplets. In one of her photos, the “Floribama Shore” star showed off her dad with her baby, now known as Denzel Hardy. They first appeared together on April 27, 2021 on Denzel’s Instagram. They have yet to open up about the details on their social media.

Cadence announced that she went into preterm labor at 24 weeks in her most recent official pregnancy update in December 2021. Her doctor and nurses were doing everything they could to keep her baby boy, Maxwell Michael Hardy, safe inside her womb. .

In addition, she thanked her parents and friends who supported her during this process.

Candace then thanked her baby boy, father Denzel, who was always there by her side through the worst of times. She revealed that she lost 20 pounds in the first 4 months.

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Candace Renee Rice alluded to her pregnancy in a Twitter chat on October 23, 2021. But it wasn’t until December 2021 that she made a formal announcement. In October 2021, she got into a Twitter feud with fellow cast member Guy Smyrios. One fan commented, “Okay, I want to chime in, because I’m bored. Umm, they’re both weak at arguing online. OK bye, I love the show!”

In response, Candace replied, “I’m pregnant at home, this is entertainment for me because I don’t have cable.” Fans of the show didn’t believe she was pregnant until she commented that she wasn’t dealing with online bullying from her co-star, but that she was also “dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum.”

If you don’t know the term, hyperemesis gravidarum refers to severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, which can sometimes be so severe that the expectant mother becomes dehydrated and dizzy.

Denzel Hardy Age

According to Denzel Hardy’s profile on Proballers, he was born on January 1, 1991. He turned 30 in 2021.

work denzel hardy

If you check Denzel’s Instagram bio, you’ll notice he said her name is DJ Skar or Skar Da Dj (not to be confused with Chicago-based DJ). The Skar in her name is an acronym for (Sacrifice Keeps Away Regret). He also used to be called DJ Turnt.

Furthermore, Denzel’s IG bio revealed that he is an amateur record player. His social media is full of short clips and photos of him playing at parties and events. To further share his talent, he created a YouTube channel where he uploaded videos showcasing his DJ skills. He does the same on his TikTok account (@skardadj).

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He is currently based in Las Vegas. According to ZipRecruiter, DJs in Las Vegas earn almost $55,000 per year. Per hour, they are paid $48 per hour.

His LinkedIn profile only reveals that he attended Tougaloo College from 2011 to 2015. Prior to that, Denzel attended Southwind High School in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Denzel played basketball in high school as a guard on the team. According to Maxpreps, he was ranked 71st nationally and fifth in Tennessee. While attending Tougaloo College, he played for the college’s Tougaloo Bulldogs team. After college, he played for the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils.

He made it to the 2015 draft entry but went undrafted. His current NBA status is an unrestricted free agent.

How much is Denzel Hardy net worth?

With that, Denzel Hardy should have a net worth of less than $500k.

denzel hardy family

According to Denzel Hardy’s Facebook, it included Casey Chopz (brother), Chasity Sky Henderson (sister), Corey King (brother), Desmond Wooten (brother), June June (brother), Myah Mcintosh (sister), and Daniel Louis Wigley III. . (brother) and some others as members of her family.

Public records show that Denzel is also related to Michael Lewis Hardy, Cynthia Dandridge Hardy, and Queen Ester Hardy.

Denzel Hardy Height

Denzel Hardy’s player profile rises to the height of 6 feet (1.83 meters).

Related FAQ

  • Where is Denzel Hardy from?

Denzel Hardy is originally from Memphis, Tennessee. But, he is currently based in Las Vegas.

  • Is Denzel Hardy on Instagram, Facebook?

Denzel is on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Her FB handle is (@denzel.hardy), her IG handle is (@skar_da_dj), and her TikTok handle is (@skardadj).

  • Has Denzel Hardy appeared on Floribama Shore?

No, Denzel has not appeared on ‘Floribama Shore’ as of this writing.

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