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Netflix’s The Karate Kid spin-off series Cobra Kai has introduced many new and ambitious karatekas in recent seasons. But recently, in its fourth installment, a mysterious rookie character “Lia”, who was not a lively martial arts student, entered the scene and was soon loved by many. Milena Rivero was the actress who played this beautiful girl.

Learn more about her as you go through this Milena Rivero Bio.

Milena rivero on cobra kai

Milena Rivero played Lia, a high school student who was caught at the center of a love triangle between Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young) and Daniel LaRusso’s son Anthony (Griffin Santopietro). Well, if you haven’t seen the show, Kenny aka the new guy is the good guy while Anthony is the nastiest one.

He first enters the scene with Anthony’s close friend, who tells Kenny not to pay attention to the antics of Anthony and his groupies. Soon, Kenny falls for Lia’s empathetic nature. But of course her bully loved her too.

Kenny is then further tormented by Anthony and his crew (they even fish him out under the name Lia online), leading him to join Cobra Kai.

Let’s hope that Kenny gets stronger in time, not just physically, but emotionally as well, and can open up to Lia.

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How old is Milena Rivero?

Milena Rivero was 15 years old when she first appeared in Cobra Kai in 2022.

Who are the parents of Milena Rivero?

Milena Rivero was born to her parents, Yvonne Rivero, and an anonymous father. Her mother, Yvonne, is a native of San Jose, Costa Rica, and worked as an account receivable at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel for nearly 17 years.

Yvonne is said to be the daughter of Luz Marina Villegas @luzmarina.villegas.351. Find her on Facebook @yvonne.rivero.7.

As for Milena’s father, all we know about him is that he is from Cuba.

If you ask us, her parents are probably divorced.

Also, Milena’s family are Christians who believe in giving back. They have also done a lot of charity work for those in need.

For those of you confused if Jason Momoa is Milena’s father, the answer is “No.” Although the child actress labeled Jason “the coolest dad ever,” the only relationship the two had was as co-stars.

If you’re interested, Milena and Jason starred together in the 2019 psychological thriller Hurricane. Despite its questionable use of mental illness as a plot element, the film garnered many fans for giving them a gritty sense of the unloved urban landscape.

Trivia: Milena’s mother celebrates her birthday on September 16.

Milena Rivero Height

Milena Rivero was under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) in 2022. This 15-year-old girl is sure to be taller in the future.

Mentioning her distinctive features, Milena has beautiful hazel eyes and brown hair. Also, some may argue that she looks a lot like a younger version of Señorita singer Camila Cabello.

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Milena Rivero Net Worth

Milena Rivero earned a net worth of less than $200 thousand by 2022.

This talented actress began her modeling career at the age of 2 and continued to do so until she was five. Later, she started starring in commercials, and once she got familiar with being on set, Milena auditioned for different shows and landed her first TV role in 2013: she was as Serrano’s daughter in the Burn Notice episode titled ” Brother in”. Arms.”

Since then, she has been consistently active in the Hispanic and general markets. Some of Milena’s works include: “Harper” in Perfect Harmony (2019), “Young Carolina” in Carolina (2019), “Milena” in Kid Stew (2020), “Rachel” in Sweet Girl (2021), and “Sofia ” in The Valet (2022).

Additionally, she played a small role as “Kimmy” in the controversial 2019 teen sitcom Tall Girl. Although the Netflix production did not go well, many people recognized Milena’s talent.

When Milena wasn’t acting, she enjoyed writing, speaking and debating, designing costumes, and helping humanitarian causes.

Regarding her education, Milena graduated as a Senior in Design and Architecture in high school.

Did you know: Cobra Kai isn’t Milena’s first mixed martial arts series. In 2019, he also started in the 2019 psychological thriller Huracán.

Related FAQ

  • When is Milena Rivero’s birthday?

Milena Rivero celebrates her birthday on November 17, making her of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • Where is Milena Rivero from?

Milena is from Miami, Florida.

She is bilingual: she is fluent in Spanish and English.

  • Does Milena Rivero have siblings?

Yes, Milena has an older sister named Sabina Rivero. She graduated from United World College USA and joined Temple University, Japan Campus on July 31, 2021.

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As of 2022, he was residing in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Is Milena Rivero on Instagram and TikTok?

Yes, Milena was on Instagram @milena_rivero_official with over 24,000 followers.

Also, here is her Facebook @milena.rivero.9400.

Back then, most of her posts only featured herself, and some were promotions for her movies.

Unfortunately, he was not present on TikTok. However, she did have a TikTok fan account @love4milenarivero.

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