Moving Episode 17 Recap, Ending Explained, Plot, Cast, and more


Experience thrilling moments as superpowered teens face danger in ‘Moving’ Episode 17. North Korean agents threaten their secrets, adding mystery and suspense.


“Moving” is a TV show from South Korea. It’s directed by Park In-je and can be found on Disney+. The show features a talented cast including Ryu Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, Zo In-sung, Cha Tae-hyun, Ryoo Seung-bum, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Jung-ha, Go Youn-jung, and Kim Do-hoon.

The story is based on a webtoon called “Moving,” created by Kang Full. This TV series is a supernatural drama that revolves around three high school students and their parents who discover that they have superpowers.

The show first premiered on August 9, 2023. Within just seven days of its release, it became incredibly popular, becoming the most-watched Korean original series on Disney+ worldwide and on Hulu in the United States, measured by the number of hours people spent watching it. This means that viewers from all over the world are tuning in to enjoy the exciting storyline and performances in “Moving.”

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Moving Episode 17 Recap

In “Moving Episode 17,” there were lots of intense moments and exciting things happening. The story continued to follow the three special teenagers, Bong-seok, Hee-soo, and Gang-hoon, who have secret superpowers. They are trying to keep their powers hidden from the world, but trouble is brewing as North Korean agents have infiltrated their school.

In this episode, we saw Bong-seok using his flying powers to rescue Hee-soo when she was in danger. It was a thrilling moment as he soared through the air to save her. Meanwhile, Mi-hyun, one of the parents, overheard some conversations that hinted at a bigger conspiracy involving her husband, Doo-sik. This added more mystery to the story and raised questions about what’s really going on.

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As the tension continued to rise, it became clear that the North Korean agents were after files containing information about the superpowered children. With the parents and students in danger, the episode left us eagerly awaiting the next one to see how they would face this new threat and whether they could protect their secrets.

Moving Episode 17 Ending Explained

In the ending of “Moving Episode 17,” things got even more complicated and mysterious. Bong-seok, Hee-soo, and Gang-hoon are still trying to hide their superpowers from the world, but it’s becoming harder. They discovered that the North Korean agents are after files that contain information about them and other kids with special abilities.

At the end of the episode, there was a big confrontation between the agents and the parents of the superpowered children. It was a tense moment, and it seemed like the agents might capture them. However, just when it looked bleak, a mysterious figure appeared and used their powers to save the day. This left us with a lot of questions about who this new character is and what their intentions might be.

The ending of Episode 17 left us with a cliffhanger, making us eager to see what happens next. It’s clear that the mystery surrounding the superpowered kids is deepening, and there are still many secrets to uncover. We’ll have to tune in to the next episode to find out more about this new character and how they will impact the story.

Moving Episode 17 Cast



Kim Seong-gyoon

Lee Jaeman

Han Hyo-joo

Lee Mi-hyeon

Anzu Lawson

Lee Mi-Yeon

Zo In-sung

Kim Doo-shik

Seung-ryong Ryu

Jang Joo-won

Daniel C Kennedy


Aria Song

Seo Yu-ra

Foster Burden

Iowa Captain

Go Yoon-Jung

Jang Hee-soo

Hee-soon Park

Kim Deok-yun

Seung-beom Ryu


Tae-Hyun Cha

Jeon Gye-do

Lee Jeong-Ha

Kim Bong-seok

Kim Hee-won

Choi Il-hwan

Sun-Young Kwak

Hwang Ji-hee

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Moving Episode 17 Release Date

Here are the release date and time for “Moving Episode 17” in different time zones, making it easier for viewers to know when they can watch the episode in their respective regions:

Release Date & Time

Time Zone

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

4:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)

Pacific Time (PT)

Wed, 13 Sep 2023 13:00

Central Time (CT)

Wed, 13 Sep 2023 15:00

British Summer Time (BST)

Wed, 13 Sep 2023 21:00

India Standard Time (IST)

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 01:30

Australian Central Time (ACT)

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 05:30

Philippine Time (PHT)

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 04:00

Korea Standard Time (KST)

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 05:00

Japan Standard Time (JST)

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 05:00

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Wed, 13 Sep 2023 16:00

Moving Episode 17 Review

In the seventeenth episode of the TV show “Moving,” a lot of exciting things happened. This episode continued to keep us on the edge of our seats with its thrilling storyline. The show is getting even more intense as we approach the end of the season. In this episode, we saw our young heroes, Bong-seok and Hui-soo, facing a dangerous situation.

They were attacked by a mysterious person who wanted to harm them. Luckily, Bong-seok used his newfound flying ability to save Hui-soo, and together, they tried to fight off their attacker. It was a tense and action-packed scene that left us wondering if they would make it out safely.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of chaos happening at their school as North Korean agents infiltrated the premises. They were on a mission to find information about the superpowered students and eliminate anyone who got in their way. The episode also revealed some secrets from the past, adding more depth to the characters. As we near the end of the season, the suspense continues to build, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Moving Episode 17 Plot

In the seventeenth episode of the TV series “Moving,” the story took some thrilling turns. The episode starts with Bong-seok and Hui-soo, our young heroes, trying to enjoy some peaceful moments together. However, their tranquility is soon shattered when a mysterious attacker ambushes them.

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This attacker seems to have a sinister agenda and wants to harm our heroes. Bong-seok uses his newfound ability to fly to protect Hui-soo, and together, they engage in a high-stakes battle with this assailant. This action-packed scene keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering if our heroes will emerge victorious. 

Meanwhile, back at their school, chaos erupts as North Korean agents infiltrate the premises. These agents are on a mission to uncover information about the superpowered students and eliminate anyone who poses a threat. This adds another layer of danger and suspense to the episode as the students and teachers must navigate this perilous situation.

Additionally, Episode 17 also delves into the characters’ pasts, revealing some well-kept secrets. These revelations add depth and complexity to the characters, making the story even more intriguing as we approach the season’s conclusion. With the stakes higher than ever and the suspense building, viewers are left eagerly anticipating what will happen next in this action-packed series.

Moving Episode 17 Where to Watch

You can watch “Moving Episode 17” on various streaming platforms. One of the most popular places to catch this episode and the entire series is on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. These platforms often release episodes shortly after they air, allowing you to watch at your convenience.

If you have a subscription to these services, you can easily access the episode and enjoy it on your preferred device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or smart TV. Alternatively, you can check if the episode is available on the official website of the show or the network that broadcasts it. Some networks offer episodes for free on their websites, but they may include ads.

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