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Oriini Kaipara, a newscaster in New Zealand, made history by becoming the first person with a traditional facial tattoo to present a primetime news broadcast.

As the journalist’s photos went viral, she won many hearts online with people emphasizing the importance of representation, and they wanted to know more about the woman whose profession as a broadcast journalist spans nearly two decades.

Oriini Kaipara Tattoo Meaning

So, Oriini Kaipara has an ethnic lower chin tattoo worn by Maori women called ‘moko kauae’.

Oriini got the tattoo in January 2019 after a 2017 DNA test revealed he is 100% Maori. On January 6, 2019, he uploaded the photos of the tattooing process to his Instagram @oriinz (with 23.2k followers as of December 30, 2021), to write: “Taonga Tuku Iho 💛 E tuku tonu nei” In English, it means, Living Heritage 💛 Continuous”.

So a moko kauae tattoo represents women’s whanau and authority, responsibility, status and commitment to traditions, culture and heritage.

Oriini Kaipara’s DNA

Kaipara explained that Oriini got the tattoo in 2017 after a DNA test revealed that he was 100 percent Maori.

The bilingual journalist had auditioned for a story on native Maori affairs when she discovered that although she has European ancestors, her parents had only passed on their non-Pakeha genes. She now, she identifies as Tūhoe, Ngāti Awa, Tūwharetoa and Ngāti Rangitihi.

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Does Oriini Kaipara have a husband?

As of June 2017, Oriini Kaipara was a single mother.

However, in an interview in December 2019, explaining her experience getting a tattoo, Oriini mentioned a husband, saying: “There was a big uproar because she got one as a pakeha woman and her Maori husband gave her permission.”

Who is the father of the baby Oriini Kaipara?

Then yes. He is the ex-husband the father of her two youngest children: Nikau and Ngarongokahira. Also, she shares the other two Paetawhiti and Te Aomihia with her ex-husband, who was still her boyfriend. And it seems that Orinni has been primarily responsible for raising all of her children.

Oriini had just turned 16 and left school to study law when she found out she was expecting her 20-year-old son Paetawhiti (in 2021). She remembers: “I was in denial. I knew something was up, but I didn’t bother to check because I thought she was too young to get pregnant. She had left me five months before she found out correctly. It was a shock.” Regardless, Paetawhiti was born just a month later, adding more to the situation, with underdeveloped lungs. The following year, the teenage mother became pregnant again with her daughter Te Aomihia, now 19, from the same ex-boyfriend.

Who are the parents of Oriini Kaipara?

Oriini Kaipara’s mother had an important role even in raising Oriini’s children. When her second son, Te Aomihia, was six months old, the matriarch sat Oriini down and said, “Look, I don’t want you to stay home and be a statistic. I’ll take care of the babies, but you need to fix your life.” And this is how Oriini managed to obtain his national diploma in Film and Television Production, Documentary Production, Presentation at the South Seas Film and Television School in 2002.

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It was from then until 2004 that she and her ex-husband had two more children, Nikau, 15, and her daughter Ngarongokahira, 8.

Now, Oriini said that he already had it “Don’t be like me. Live your life first. I learned the hard way. You don’t have to go through what I went through,” she talks to two of her oldest children.

Getting back to talking about Oriini’s mom again, the matriarch recently passed away in September 2021.

Recalling his last moment with her, a heartbroken Oriini took to her Instagram to compose a long, moving piece, part of which read: “I keep replaying our last moment of life together, lying in bed next to you. , sobbing uncontrollably, trying to keep quiet so as not to worry. You knew. You listened. And you forced yourself awake and gathered all your strength to put your arms around me… You kissed my forehead and whispered, “I’ll find you.”

Oriini, however, has not mentioned his father anywhere, in his social media engagement.

Related FAQ

  • How tall is Oriini Kaipara?

Oriini Kaipara is less than 5’6” tall.

  • When is Oriini Kaipara’s birthday?

While celebrating her recent birthday on October 25, 2021, Oriini took to her Instagram to write beautifully, “Grateful to my mother for giving me life 38 years ago so I can celebrate this day with her and our whānau. Happy birthday to us, mom 💜”.

  • How much is Oriini Kaipara net worth?

Orinni Kaipara, who currently fills in for regular hosts on the late-night show Newshub Live and the nightly news on Newshub, Discovery Network-owned Three, had a net worth of nearly $750,000 when she went viral on the internet in December 2021.

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She has also served as a reporter and presenter for the Māori Television current affairs show, Native Affairs, since March 2016.

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