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As you know, Maxine Peake is one of the UK’s most talented actresses, both on stage and screen. Once again, she proved that playing the hard-to-watch Anne Williams in Hillsborough’s tragic drama was worth her time: Ana, and in the middle of the New Year 2022 he made his fans wonder again about his personal life. As it turns out, Maxine now lives in Salford, England, with her partner, Pawlo Wintoniuk.

Do you want to know more about him? We’ve got it all covered in this ‘Biography of Pawlo Wintoniuk’.

Meet Maxine Peake’s husband, Pawlo Wintoniuk

So, it seemed that Maxine Peake was not yet married to Pawlo Wintoniuk, as of this writing. But what about? Bustle reports that the relationship between them is quite serious.

And the last time Maxine was candid about their relationship was during an interview with guardian back in April 2017. The English actress/narrator had a lot to tell.

Maxine not only referred to Pawlo as her “soul mate,” but also talked about how they love each other and appreciate each other’s “in touch and cunning” nature. He is better informed than I am and he believes that I am much better informed than I am. Which makes me laugh,” she chimed in.

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She said that they never discussed politics even though they are both very opinionated when it comes to the subject.

Maxine also openly shared her fertility issues with multiple methods, including IVF, and the conclusion that maybe it just shouldn’t be the case. “We’ve talked about adopting, but then something comes up and I’m like, ‘Oh, but I have to do this project.’ Someone said yesterday, ‘Your job is your babies,’ and I thought, ‘Yeah, it is.’

In September 2014, Maxine had said that she and Pawlo were beginning to explore adoption. Citing that Pawlo “loves children”, she had updated how far the plan had gone. “It could mean rethinking things because I’m away a lot. But being so close to my stepfather, I know that relationships with people who aren’t blood relatives can be very strong.”

And even if that doesn’t work now, there’s still Castro, their cute little rescue dog, tagging along.

If you must know, Maxine had a disjointed childhood. After her parents divorced, her mother moved on with a new boyfriend and Maxine went to live with her adoptive grandfather. Fortunately, she eventually had a good relationship with him.

Are Maxine Peake and Pawlo Wintoniuk still dating?

Yes. Maine Peake and Pawlo Wintoniuk were still dating as of January 2022. And just as late as August 2021, Maxine also generally referred to Pawlo as “my friend” in her tweets. And the last we saw Maxine together with Pawlo was on December 21 (in 2021) when she wished her her birthday. (Of course) she affectionately called it hers “one and all” of hers.

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Now about when they started dating: We found DailyMail naming Pawlo as Maxine’s longtime boyfriend, as far back as September 2014.

Pawlo Wintoniuk Age

Because Pawlo Wintoniuk was born in the year 1970, he turned 51 in 2021. (Of course) he doesn’t seem that age.

Maxine, meanwhile, is almost four years his junior, having turned 47 on July 14 of the same year.

Pawlo Wintoniuk’s work

Pawlo Wintoniuk is a successful art director working in television production.

It came to our knowledge that he has directed Other me (2013), Blood (2012), and Far (2016).

As for net worth, it was said that he achieved over £500K by the end of 2021.

Is Pawlo Wintoniuk on Instagram, Facebook?

Yes. As of January 4, 2021, Pawlo Wintoniuk had a working account on Instagram. But he didn’t appear to be active on it and neither was his social media activity recorded on other platforms, including Facebook.

Be that as it may, you can still follow him on his Instagram @rasputin70 who already had 80 followers.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Pawlo Wintoniuk from?

Pawlo Wintoniuk reportedly hails from Ukraine.

While Pawlo himself hasn’t been as talkative about himself, his partner, Maxine has revealed a few to us.

Questioning people’s motivation to start a family, she said that seeing Pawlo take care of his parents before they died also made her wonder if it would be less selfish not to have children. What she meant by that was that she wouldn’t want her children taking care of her like that.

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Maxine expressed that in her opinion there is vanity and selfishness in some aspects in believing that one must continue with their genes and lineage. And referring to her anguish over spending years trying to conceive, she said that she, too, once had that ‘vanity’. And that she, having suffered the hardships of two miscarriages and all, she had come to ponder why people have children in the first place.

  • How tall is Pawlo Wintoniuk?

Pawlo Wintoniuk is around 5’8″ tall.

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