Pizza 3 Ending Explained, Plot, Movie Review, Release Date, and More


Unraveling a vengeful spirit’s tale in “Pizza 3: The Mummy.” A fresh addition to the Pizza series, this Tamil horror thriller brings revenge, redemption, and closure.
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Pizza 3 Ending Explained

In the conclusion of “Pizza 3: The Mummy,” the film unravels the mystery surrounding a vengeful spirit named Mithra, whose haunting of Nalan’s restaurant is linked to an ancient Egyptian mummy statue. Mithra, a young girl, seeks revenge against those who killed her and her mother after she suffered memory loss due to an accident.

The film takes a twist when it’s revealed that Nalan, the restaurant owner, accidentally caused Mithra’s brain injury during a game of cricket, but she doesn’t hold him responsible. Ultimately, the climax sees Nalan and his allies confronting the antagonist, Vishwanathan, who is trying to rid himself of the vengeful spirit.

In a dramatic showdown, Nalan shoots and kills Vishwanathan, leading to the appearance of both Mithra and her mother’s spirits. After Nalan seeks forgiveness, Mithra forgives him, and the spirits peacefully vanish into the night sky. The film ends with the owner of the mummy statue returning it to Nalan, symbolizing the resolution of the supernatural events.

“Pizza 3: The Mummy” stands out as a fresh addition to the Pizza film series, known for its engaging horror narratives set within the context of restaurants and delivery services. This installment introduces a unique plot centered on the ancient mummy statue’s power to invoke malevolent spirits.

It intricately weaves a tale of revenge, redemption, and forgiveness as the characters grapple with the haunting presence of Mithra’s spirit. Ultimately, the film concludes with a sense of closure as the spirits depart, leaving Nalan and the restaurant with a newfound sense of peace.

Pizza 3 The Mummy Movie

“Pizza 3: The Mummy,” a Tamil-language horror thriller film directed by Mohan Govind and featuring Ashwin Kakumanu and Pavithrah Marimuthu in leading roles, was released on July 28, 2023. This movie marks the third installment in the popular Pizza film series and garnered favorable reviews from its audience.

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It achieved significant success at the box office, amassing an estimated lifetime gross of approximately 5 Crores, solidifying its status as a box office hit, much like its predecessors. The film’s production was handled by Thirukumaran Entertainment, with Prabhu Raghav handling the cinematography and Ashwin Hemanth providing the music. Set in India, “Pizza 3: The Mummy” continues the franchise’s tradition of delivering engaging horror experiences to Tamil-speaking audiences.

Pizza 3 Plot

“Pizza 3: The Mummy” presents a captivating and original storyline within the context of the broader Pizza film series. In this installment, the narrative revolves around an ancient Egyptian mummy statue possessing a mysterious and potent ability to summon malevolent spirits.

When this statue unexpectedly appears in Nalan’s restaurant, the stage is set for a series of unsettling and paranormal occurrences. This fresh storyline marks a departure from the previous films in the franchise, offering a unique twist on the familiar theme of supernatural horror.

The film’s central characters, Nalan and Kayal, find themselves entangled in a complex web of supernatural events. Nalan, the restaurant owner, becomes a key player in the unfolding drama as he endeavors to uncover the motives of the vengeful spirit unleashed by the mummy statue.

Meanwhile, Kayal, an app developer with the ability to communicate with evil spirits, adds an additional layer of intrigue to the plot. Their romantic relationship becomes a focal point as they navigate the supernatural threats surrounding them. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Nalan’s inadvertent involvement in a tragic accident is intricately tied to the vengeful spirit’s quest for revenge, leading to a profound exploration of guilt, redemption, and forgiveness.

The climax of “Pizza 3: The Mummy” reaches a dramatic peak as Nalan, Kayal, and their allies confront the antagonist, Vishwanathan, who is desperately seeking to rid himself of the vengeful spirit. A gripping showdown ensues, culminating in Nalan’s decisive action to eliminate Vishwanathan, ultimately bringing closure to the supernatural events haunting the restaurant. The film masterfully weaves together elements of horror, suspense, and emotional depth to create a compelling and memorable addition to the Pizza film series.

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Pizza 3 Movie Review

“Pizza 3: The Mummy” is the third installment in the Pizza film series, and while it adheres to the well-established horror genre formula of a vengeful spirit seeking revenge, it manages to deliver an engaging experience. The movie begins with a restaurant owner, Nalan, played by Ashwin Kakumanu, encountering mysterious and spooky events in his kitchen.

These events lead to a connection with a ghost haunting his restaurant, setting the stage for a suspenseful and eerie tale. The first half of the film excels in creating an atmosphere of tension and intrigue, with well-executed jump-scare sequences that keep viewers engaged.

However, the film takes a significant tonal shift in the second half when it delves into the emotional backstory of the ghost. While this shift adds depth to the narrative and explores themes of redemption and forgiveness, it somewhat dampens the initial horror experience established in the first half.

The lack of intricate twists and the transition into a more conventional revenge story may leave some viewers wanting more in terms of plot complexity. Nevertheless, the film boasts solid performances from its cast, with Ashwin Kakumanu effectively conveying Nalan’s fear and confusion, and Pavithrah Marimuthu delivering a commendable performance as the character attempting to communicate with the ghost.

Additionally, the technical aspects of the film, including cinematography, music, and sound effects, enhance the overall viewing experience, contributing to its entertainment value. In summary, “Pizza 3: The Mummy” is a decent addition to the franchise, offering a mix of horror and emotional drama suitable for a one-time watch.

Pizza 3 Release Date

Pizza 3: The Mummy” had its theatrical release at the end of July in 2023. The film opened to positive reviews, marking the return of the Pizza franchise with its unique brand of horror and suspense. However, despite the promising reception, it didn’t achieve the expected box office success, potentially due to the release of other small-budget films around the same time.

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Following its theatrical run, “Pizza 3: The Mummy” was quick to make its way to OTT platforms. The film’s OTT release date was announced, and it became available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting from August 25, 2023. This allowed a wider audience to access the movie in various South Indian languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. The film’s availability on a popular streaming platform gave viewers the opportunity to enjoy this horror thriller from the comfort of their homes, continuing the tradition of the Pizza series in delivering engaging and suspenseful narratives in the horror genre.

Pizza 3 Cast



Ashwin Kakumanu


Pavithrah Marimuthu


Gaurav Narayanan

Prem Kumar

Kaali Venkat


Anupama Kumar


Suruthi Periyasamy

Ghost Buster

Raveena Daha


Abi Nakshatra


Kavitha Bharathi






Pizza 3 Where to Watch

You can watch “Pizza 3: The Mummy” on Amazon Prime Video. After its theatrical release at the end of July 2023, the film became available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting from August 25, 2023. This platform offers the movie in multiple South Indian languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, making it easily accessible to a diverse audience.

Amazon Prime Video has become a popular destination for streaming a wide variety of movies and TV shows, and “Pizza 3” joining its catalog allows viewers to enjoy this Tamil horror thriller from the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re a fan of the Pizza franchise or looking for a suspenseful horror movie, you can now watch “Pizza 3: The Mummy” on Amazon Prime Video at your convenience.

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