Raquel Leviss Parents: A Journey Of Adoption & Family Dynamics


Raquel Leviss parents, Laura and her father, whose name remains unknown, are the cornerstones of her life’s journey. 

These two people have played a significant role in shaping her character, values, and path. 

From the exceptional circumstances surrounding her birth and adoption to the meet support that has guided her through various phases.

The impact of her mother especially resonates deeply in Raquel’s story.

Let’s look into the details of their role in shaping the remarkable woman Raquel Leviss has become.

Raquel Leviss, family, adoption, and unconditional love

Raquel Leviss’ unique journey began with her adoption at birth by her aunt, Laura. She, known on Instagram as @lauramartindesigns, is a home stager. 

Her biological mother is Susan. In the past,  Raquel openly shared her adoption story, particularly on the October 19, 2021, episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Previously, during the interview, she revealed that she was adopted at birth after Susan, her biological mother, gave birth to her half-sister Kate. 

In a heartfelt explanation, she mentions that Susan’s accidental pregnancy coincided with Laura’s attempt to conceive, and Susan generously offered to carry Raquel for her aunt. 

In addition, Raquel Leviss’ father, who values privacy, leads a low-key life, while her mother, Laura, maintains a private Instagram account that reveals her occupation as a home stager.

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Leviss’ heartfelt tribute to her upbringing

In October 2021, Raquel Leviss shared a series of poignant photographs, capturing moments with her parents that radiated love and togetherness. 

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These images spoke volumes of the deep gratitude she holds for her upbringing.

 Her accompanying caption showcased her family’s journey and beautifully unveiled the unique story that brought her into the fold. 

Raquel’s words elegantly depicted how Susan’s unexpected pregnancy became the bridge to her adoption, emphasising the incredible love that her parents enveloped her with. 

Through her message, Raquel warmly acknowledged the support and encouragement she received from her mother, Laura. 

Under Laura’s guidance, Raquel found the courage to explore the world of modelling and venture beyond her comfort zone during her teenage years.

As the paragraph drew to a close, Raquel’s heartfelt sentiment echoed the sentiment that resonates in the hearts of many: a profound and unending affection for her cherished family.

Raquel Leviss’ connection with her parents during the breakup

Raquel Leviss’ family story has surprises beyond her mom and dad and even affects her love life. 

The things happening in her family also impacted her romantic relationship.

The bond between Raquel and her mother, Laura, is a source of strength during tough times. 

Things took a turn in early 2022 when Raquel talked about her breakup on a show called Shenanigans with Scheana Shay.

 She honestly shared that the breakup wasn’t just one thing but many different things. 

Yet, what stood out was a Thanksgiving Day argument between her ex, James, and her family that made her think about her future. 

The trigger was a not-so-nice comment from her dad to James.

He criticised him for not wearing hiking shoes that were given as a gift when James asked for her dad’s blessing. 

This comment hit James hard, and he reacted strongly. 

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Raquel found herself constantly trying to defend James, but she also felt like a part of her was getting hurt. 

So, she bravely chose to break up with James, which many think was a good move. 

With Raquel Leviss Parents parents’ love and support, Raquel knows she has a stable foundation for the good times and the tough ones ahead.

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Levis shares a biological connection with her half-sister

Raquel Leviss’ half-sister, Kate Couture-Moncure, shares a special physical bond with Raquel through their mother. 

Although Raquel was later adopted, their connection remains significant. 

Kate has established herself in various fields and works as an Estates Agent at Sync Brokerage, Los Angeles Real Estate. 

Her career journey began in 2000 and includes roles as a real estate assistant, services manager at Sephora, and sales positions across different companies. 

Despite her busy professional life, Kate prioritises family time, including moments spent with her younger sister.

Beyond the bond with her sister, there’s another sibling in Raquel Leviss’ family dynamic. 

According to sources, she has a younger sibling who identifies as a boy named Sam. 

He contrasts Raquel’s personality, growing up as a “Tom Boy” with unique interests.

 Although Sam isn’t drawn to appearing on the show due to his different inclinations, his presence adds diversity to the Leviss family narrative.

Raquel’s siblings reflect the richness of her family bonds, each contributing their uniqueness to the collective story of love, growth, and support.

Raquel Leviss family net worth 

The Raquel Leviss family’s net worth remains undisclosed due to their privacy. However, some strong sources have confirmed Raquel’s impressive financial standing.

As of 2023, this online personality commands a remarkable net worth of approximately $30 million.

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She was born on September 12, 1994, in Sonoma, California, USA; Raquel’s journey from her hometown to become a notable figure in the digital world. 

Over the years, Raquel’s accomplishments and accolades in the online world have played a pivotal role in her substantial financial success. 

“Raquel Leviss’ decision to leave “Vanderpump Rules” 

Raquel Leviss has apparently chosen to distance herself from the reality TV series Vanderpump Rules.

The reasons behind this move have been brought to light during an interview with Bethenny Frankel. 

While her fellow cast members are exploring opportunities on other reality TV shows, Leviss seems to be taking a different path.

In a recent podcast episode, she openly discussed her experience on the show and how she believes Bravo took advantage of her. 

Leviss shared her frustration about not receiving fair compensation and feeling like she was portrayed unfairly. 

She also opened up about the pressure to perform well each season. Despite the challenges, Leviss is working on her personal growth and transitioning away from her reality TV image.

Leviss opens up about cheating scandal with Tom Sandoval

Raquel Leviss recently spoke about the highly publicised cheating scandal involving herself, Tom Sandoval, and Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules. 

The scandal, known as Sandoval, created quite a buzz during the last season of the reality series. 

In an appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, Leviss revealed her feelings about the situation. 

She expressed her frustration at not receiving fair compensation from Bravo and feeling unfairly portrayed as the villain.

Leviss also touched on the challenges of reality TV and her decision not to return to the show.

Additionally, she disclosed that Sandoval had recorded an intimate moment between them on FaceTime without her consent.

 Leviss shared her emotional journey and the scandal’s impact on her mental health. 

Despite the ongoing filming of Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11, Leviss seems to be distancing herself from the show’s drama.

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