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Meet Reggi Devore, aka DJ Reggie, from the sixth season of Netflix’s Queer Eye. Reggie is one of ten Austin, Texas heroes on the award-winning show. Here, we brought information about his age, his wife and his net worth,

So, scroll down to find out more about Reggie Devore.

Reggie Devore in Queer Eye

The first thing we hear from Reggie Devore in the trailer for Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ is “All the work I’ve put in is stopping in its tracks.” One of the Fab Five, Karamo Brown, the culture expert, inspires him by saying, ‘Tell yourself, “My dreams don’t hurt me.” My dreams give me the best moments of my life.”

Like the other nine contestants (Terri, Angel, Josh, Navarro high prom, Todd, Jamie, Chris, Sarah, and Jereka) in season six, he also has some issues with everyday life, career, and everything in between. But, Fab 5 is here to help you get through it. Learn more about him below.

Reggie announced on his Instagram: “This summer we filmed a special concert and I can finally announce that it was the conclusion of a profoundly life changing week. I AM in absolute gratitude that the Fab 5 allowed me to tell my story in @queereye season 6, which premieres this Friday. #austinmusic #atxrapscene #netflixseries #queereyetx #austintxlife #austintxmusic #empireatx #livemusicatx #atxlivemusic #concertsinaustin #iam“.

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How old is Reggie Devore?

As of this writing in December 2021, Reggie Devore is 35 years old.

Reggie Devore Wife

Reggie Devore is a family man. He is married to his wife Sasha Devore. They shared their wedding vows on February 9, 2007. Together they have a son named Reggie III who celebrates his birthday on the 4th of July.

In April 2015, Reggie wrote on her Facebook: “This photo says a lot…never behind, but always by my side. Thanks for supporting me Sasha Devore. We have been together so long and we are about to start a new chapter of our lives. I’m so excited for our future, happy to continue to do it with you! #dadjokes thanks to Kahli Jae for the photo.”

Speaking of his wife, Sasha celebrates her birthday on July 3 every year. She is a graduate of Texas State University who studied Applied Sociology with a concentration in social work graduating in 2012. She worked in Austin ISD.

Since April 2017, she also helps her husband as a reservations manager.

In addition, Sasha also added her work at Manor ISD to her resume. Sasha was awarded by the Manor Independent School Board of Trustees as Teacher of the Month at Lagos Elementary School in September 2021.

In addition to her regular work, Sasha is also a writer and has published a book titled ‘Wake of Deception’ which was released on December 2, 2016. Sasha is also a musician and plays the clarinet. In August 2019, Reggie shared a video of his wife teaching his son the clarinet.

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Reggie Devore Net Worth

Reggie Devore has a net worth of $250 thousand. He is a percussionist turned rapper who has been working in the music industry and goes by the name DJ Reggie. Aside from his career as a DJ, he has also been working as an audio engineer. Reggie’s social media pages are also full of posts related to his music career.

When he’s not spending time with his family, Reggie is mostly in the studio mastering his craft.

Reggie studied audio engineering at The Recording Conservatory of Austin. His Facebook revealed that he works at HeadBang Recordings and Blacklight Hip Hop. He has his own Blaklight Hip Hop website where you can see his upcoming events, book him and buy his merchandise.

Additionally, the bio on his website states, “BlackLight is an independent American hip hop artist, audio engineer, and producer based in Austin, TX whose personal brand of hip hop is a reflection of his daily catchphrase: “Make a walk for yourself, and don’t let anyone stop your hustle.” BlackLight crafts refreshingly contemporary anthems, touching on sociopolitical themes as needed.”

BlackLight released their second album, titled “Full-Time”, in October 2020 and performed at the OnePlus Music Festival in Mumbai, India as a special guest, opening for Dua Lipa and Katy Perry. Other BlackLight accomplishments include his appearance in a recent commercial and music video for OnePlus, a feature in the February 2020 issue of EASTside Magazine, and an eight-page story in the June 2020 issue of Addition Magazine. He is currently recording his third studio album.

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Outside of his music career, Reggie was in the United States Air Force.

Is Reggie Devore on Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Reggie Devore is on both Instagram and Facebook. On IG, his account handle is (@blacklight_hip_hop) and his Facebook handle is (@reginald.devore.9).

Related FAQ

  • Where is Reggie Devore from?

Reggie Devore hailed from Killeen, Texas. But, he currently lives in Austin, Texas.

  • Has Reggie Devore revealed his family?

Reginald Devore revealed that he was born to his father Reginald Devore I. His father once appeared on his Facebook. Reginald has his own Facebook account (@rdevore2).

  • How tall is Reggie Devore?

Reggie Devore has a height of 6 feet 1 inch.

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