RuPaul Husband Net Worth: The Secret Behind His Wealth


RuPaul husband net worth is impressive and reflects their hard work and dedication to their respective professions. 

LeBar, the successful rancher and businessman, manages the couple’s property in Wyoming and several other businesses. 

RuPaul’s fame has provided him with numerous opportunities, including the creation of a successful TV reality show and the release of several albums and books. 

The couple’s investments in properties and businesses prove that they are not just spending their money but also nurturing it for future growth.

Who is RuPaul Husband?

Georges LeBar, born on January 24, 1973, is a well-known rancher and businessman.

He was born and raised in Australia, and he met RuPaul in 1994 at a club in New York City. 

The couple has been together since childhood.

However, they kept their relationship under wraps until RuPaul revealed that he and LeBar had tied the knot in a private ceremony in January 2017. 

RuPaul Husband

Despite being married to a celebrity, LeBarlivese lives a low-key life on his ranch, where he manages their 70-acre property in Wyoming.

What Does RuPaul’s Husband Do For a Living?

As mentioned, LeBar is a rancher and manages the couple’s vast property in Wyoming. 

He was drawn to Wyoming after exploring and falling in love with the natural beauty of the state. 

He also owns the famous ranch called “The Double RL,” known for breeding Arabian horses. 

In addition to being a rancher, LeBar owns several businesses, including a popular nightclub called “The Jane” in New York City.

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Does RuPaul Have Kids?

RuPaul and Georges LeBar’s relationship has been a private one, but they officially tied the knot in 2017.

The couple had been together for 23 years before getting married on the anniversary of their meeting.

RuPaul rarely talks about his marriage as he prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

The reason behind their decision to have an open marriage was revealed by RuPaul himself.

Despite being in the public eye, they have managed to maintain a level of privacy in their relationship.

RuPaul and Georges LeBar do not have any children together.

Despite being in a relationship for almost three decades, they have chosen not to have kids.

They have focused on their careers and their relationship.

georges lebar and rupaul wedding

RuPaul and Georges LeBar do not have biological children as of now. 

According to RuPaul, who shared his insights with Hollywood Today Live, he plays a nurturing role akin to a “mother” to many of his fellow drag queen competitors.

His ultimate aim was to initiate a show allowing him to take on a mentoring role, offering a platform for budding drag queens to showcase their talents.

RuPaul also said he has adopted many of these performers as his children.

RuPaul and George net worth

Although RuPaul’s TV show currently brings in most of the couple’s income, RuPaul has earned vast amounts over the years through various projects. 

He has released numerous albums, including the famous hit song “Supermodel (You Better Work)” in 1993.

RuPaul has also written several books, such as “Workin’ It!: 

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RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style” in 2010 and “GuRu” in 2018.

One of his groundbreaking deals was signing a contract with MAC Cosmetics in the mid-’90s, which boosted his net worth substantially.

RuPaul’s extravagant lifestyle and unique fashion come with a hefty price tag. 

He and LeBar recently made a substantial residential leap, acquiring a spacious 10,300-square-foot residence in Beverly Hills for $13.7 million.

RuPaul is renowned for his extravagant wardrobe, with each signature dress often exceeding a jaw-dropping $10,000 in cost.

The dazzling array of 14 gowns paraded in each season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has left RuPaul uncertain about the exact count of his extensive dress collection.

Nevertheless, RuPaul firmly believes that the investment in his appearance is justified, asserting that the stunning result is beyond measure in value.

RuPaul husband properties and investments 

Besides buying a mansion in Beverly Hills, RuPaul, and LeBar own several other properties. 

In 2007, they acquired a West Hollywood condo for $600,000. Additionally, RuPaul invested in a New York City apartment 25 years ago.

They purchased $350,000, which he later sold in 2015 for an undisclosed sum.

RuPaul and his husband also invest in various businesses, including the nightclub, “The Jane,” which Georges LeBar owns in New York City. 

Additionally, as mentioned above, LeBar runs “The Double RL” ranch, which breeds Arabian horses. 

RuPaul has established himself as a brand and has continued collaborating with several businesses, including Comedy Central, VH1, and American Airlines.

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