Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, and More


Get ready for the next thrilling installment! Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120 is set to release on September 29, 2023, promising more excitement and unexpected twists.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120 Release Date

Fans who are new to Solo Max Level are really excited about Chapter 120. The last chapter, Chapter 116, was super thrilling, and now everyone is really looking forward to what happens next in this cool manga. Good news is, they’ve announced the release date for Chapter 119. It’s even better because we now know that Chapter 120 is coming out on September 29, 2023, although the exact time might vary depending on where you live.


Chapter 120 Release Time


Eastern Indonesian Time

12:00 AM on Friday


Indian Standard Time

08:30 PM on Thursday


Central European Time

05:00 PM on Thursday


Australian Capital Territory

01:00 AM on Friday


New York

11:00 AM on Thursday


Korean Standard Time

12:00 AM on Friday


Japanese Standard Time

12:00 AM on Friday


Pacific Time

08:00 AM on Thursday


Philippines Standard Time

11:00 PM on Thursday


Singapore Standard Time

11:00 PM on Thursday


Eastern European Time

06:00 PM on Thursday


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Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120 Spoiler

there are no spoilers available for Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120 at the moment. However, judging by the exciting developments in previous chapters, you can expect even more thrilling twists and intense drama in this one.

Fans of the series can always rely on the author to deliver unexpected plot twists and an engaging storyline.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 11 9 Recap

The Murim troops have opened more than thirty gates to launch a major attack on Europe, with their primary target being Teresa. Initially, they considered going after Jin-hyuk, but they soon realized that targeting his allies would be a more effective strategy.What’s intriguing is that Teresa, despite not being Jin-hyuk’s closest friend, is their primary focus. This sets her apart from others like Alice. It makes me wonder why they are so fixated on Teresa. Perhaps she possesses exceptional strength or some unique quality.

In Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120, there’s a spoiler about the grand-death knight, who defeated Maria with a single strike. This knight happens to be one of Teresa’s adversaries. Despite the odds stacked against her, Teresa must wait for Jin-hyuk’s assistance.However, the hunter group has also sought Jin-hyuk’s help, and the sheer number of gates that have been opened makes it difficult for Teresa to reach him in time.

Beirodum, the Lich, has different plans for Teresa, potentially using Maria’s suffering as a catalyst to manipulate her. The Lich aims to shatter Teresa’s resolve through a series of trials, ultimately turning her against Jin-hyuk.As the story unfolds, alliances shift, and the true intentions of the Lich become clearer.

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Where to Read Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120?

To read Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 120, it’s advisable to visit official sources to ensure a legitimate and high-quality reading experience. You can access this chapter on platforms like the ManhwaBookShelf website and the official Naver Webtoon website. These websites are authorized sources where you can read Solo Max Level Newbie online. Reading from official sources not only supports the creators but also ensures that you’re getting the most up-to-date and accurate content. Enjoy your reading!

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