Starfield Best Outpost Locations Where is the Best Place to Build the Armillary?, How do you set up an outpost in Starfield?


Explore the top outpost locations in “Starfield” for valuable resources and strategic advantages.
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Starfield” is an action role-playing game that has been brought to life by Bethesda Game Studios and published under the Bethesda Softworks banner. This eagerly anticipated game was initially unveiled to the world during Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2018. Set within the boundless expanse of space, “Starfield” marks a significant milestone as it stands as Bethesda’s first entirely new intellectual property in nearly three decades.

“Starfield” is all set to launch on Windows and Xbox Series X/S platforms on September 6, 2023, promising an epic journey through the cosmos.

In the realm of critical acclaim, “Starfield” has garnered favorable reviews from critics. The game has received accolades for its open-ended gameplay, engaging combat mechanics, stunning visuals, captivating musical score, and impressive technical performance. These aspects have been hailed as notable improvements compared to Bethesda’s previous titles. However, opinions on the game’s narrative and exploration elements have been more varied, making “Starfield” an intriguing and multifaceted addition to the gaming world.

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Starfield Best Outpost Locations


  • Location: Andraphon is an excellent choice for your first outpost. It’s located in the Narion System, orbiting Sumati.
  • Resources: This moon is rich in essential resources such as Aluminum, Iron, and Helium-3.


  • Location: Zamka is another favorable outpost location, situated near Olivas in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • Resources: Zamka offers important resources like Nickel and Copper, crucial for building and development.

Tau Ceti VIII-b:

  • Location: Tau Ceti VIII-b is a great planet with abundant resources, orbiting Tau Ceti VIII in the Tau Ceti system.
  • Resources: This location provides access to Aluminum, Iron, Argon, and Water, making it a valuable choice for resource gathering.


  • Location: Titan is one of Saturn’s moons and holds valuable resources.
  • Resources: Resources like Tungsten and Titanium can be found here, but setting up an outpost depends on your Planetary Habitation skill, making it a lategame option.


  • Location: Luna, Earth’s moon, offers a sense of familiarity in the Sol system.
  • Resources: Although not the most resource-efficient location, Luna provides access to both Iron and Helium-3, making it a viable choice for an outpost.

Where is the Best Place to Build the Armillary?

To complete your journey and finalize the construction of your Armillary, follow these steps by accessing the console on your ship. This critical phase marks the culmination of your adventure, requiring you to integrate all the collected Artifacts into the Armillary’s construction.
To bring your epic journey to a triumphant close and reach the culmination of your quest, follow these essential steps by accessing the console on your spacecraft. This pivotal phase signifies the apex of your adventure, demanding the seamless integration of all the precious Artifacts you’ve diligently gathered into the intricate construction of your Armillary. As you carefully assemble these pieces, the Armillary’s potential will be fully unleashed, granting you newfound powers and abilities for the forthcoming chapters of your odyssey.

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How do you Set up an Outpost in Starfield?

Power Source: 

Start by establishing a power source, which is essential for operating defense turrets, lighting, and extractors. Choose between:

  • Solar Array: Requires 2 Beryllium, 4 Aluminum, and 3 Copper.
  • Wind Turbine: Requires 3 Nickel, 5 Aluminum, and 2 Cobalt.

Indoor Structure: 

  • Initiate the construction of your indoor structure.

Outpost Airlock: 

  • Fabricate an Outpost Airlock using 2 Lead, 3 Sealant, and 3 Aluminum.

Habitat Building: 

  • Proceed with building one of the following habitat options:
    • Four Wall Hab: Requires 4 Lead, 3 Sealant, and 6 Aluminum.
    • Round Hab: Requires 6 Lead, 4 Sealant, and 8 Aluminum.
    • Small Hex Hab: Requires 6 Lead, 4 Sealant, and 8 Aluminum.

Starfield Gameplay

Starfield” is a captivating action role-playing video game that provides players with the flexibility to seamlessly switch between both first-person and third-person perspectives at their discretion. Embarking on an interstellar adventure, “Starfield” offers a vast open-world experience within the expansive confines of the Milky Way galaxy.

This celestial playground features a multitude of planetary systems, some existing in the realm of fiction, while others mirror actual celestial bodies. Players have the astounding opportunity to set foot on over 1,000 planets, not to mention numerous moons and space stations awaiting exploration.

One of the game’s remarkable feats is its procedurally generated landscapes, which are then artfully enhanced and adorned with handcrafted content. As players traverse these alien terrains, the game dynamically generates terrain features, alien flora, and fauna based on various factors, including the star of the planetary system, the atmosphere, and points of interest as players approach a given planet.

Among the standout locales in “Starfield” is the sprawling metropolis known as New Atlantis, a fictional city that stands as the largest urban center ever developed by Bethesda. As players journey through the game’s expansive universe, they’ll encounter a diverse array of non-playable characters (NPCs).

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Some of these NPCs may become valuable additions to the player’s crew, lending support in combat, assisting with item handling, or even engaging in conversations on the player’s behalf. Choices made by the player can trigger responses from NPCs, adding depth to the game’s narrative.

The recruitment of NPCs extends to the player’s constructed outposts, where each companion character boasts unique skills and abilities. Additionally, certain NPCs are open to romantic relationships with the player, adding a layer of complexity to the game’s interpersonal dynamics.

Starfield Overview




Creation Engine 2


Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows


Bethesda Game Studios, id Software


Single-player video game


The Game Award for Most Anticipated Game


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