Steven Tyler Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is He Now?


Steven Tyler Net Worth 2023 – The famous American Singer “Steven Tyler” has a net worth of $160 Million Dollars and he was born on 26 March 1948.
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How much is Steven Tyler’s Net Worth? 

So how much is Steven Tyler actually worth? According to our research, Steven Tyler’s net worth is estimated to be $160 Million Dollars. Steven Tyler’s net worth is largely the result of his success as an American Singer.


Steven Tyler

Net Worth( 2023)

$160 Million Dollars

Monthly Income And Salary

$1 Million +

Yearly Income And Salary

$12 Million +


American Singer

Date of Birth

26 March 1948


75 years old


176 cm (5 Feet 9 Inches)


(165 lbs) 75 kg


New York, United States



Steven Tyler Net Worth Growth Year by Year

Net Worth in 2023

$160 Million

Net Worth in 2022

$147 Million

Net Worth in 2021

$135 Million

Net Worth in 2020

$125 Million

Net Worth in 2019

$115 Million

Net Worth in 2018

$108 Million

Who is Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler is a renowned American musician and the lead singer of the iconic rock band Aerosmith. Born on March 26, 1948, in Yonkers, New York, he has made an indelible mark on the world of rock and roll. With a career spanning several decades, Tyler has become a true legend in the music industry.

Tyler’s distinctive voice and charismatic stage presence have made him one of the most recognizable and influential figures in rock history. His powerful vocals and energetic performances have earned him a legion of devoted fans worldwide. As the frontman of Aerosmith, he has contributed to some of the most iconic rock anthems, including “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” and “Walk This Way.”

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In addition to his singing prowess, Tyler is also an accomplished songwriter, known for his lyrical creativity and poetic flair. He has co-written many of Aerosmith’s hit songs and has received numerous accolades for his contributions to music, including inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Beyond his music career, Steven Tyler has also ventured into other artistic pursuits, such as acting and philanthropy. His dynamic personality and enduring passion for music continue to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike, solidifying his legacy as a true rock legend.

Real Name

Steven Victor Tallarico

Date of birth

26 March 1948


75 years old


176 cm (5 Feet 9 Inches)


(165 lbs) 75 kg

Birth Place

New York, United States




American Singer





Eye Colour

Dark brown

Hair Colour



Roosevelt High School

Zodiac Sign


Sexual Orientation


Kids/Children Name

Liv Tyler, Mia Tyler, Taj Monroe Tallarico, Chelsea Tyler


Victor A. Tallarico, Susan Ray


Aimee Preston


Teresa Barrick (m. 1988–2006), Cyrinda Foxe (m. 1978–1987)





How old is Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler will be 75 years old, as he was born on March 26, 1948, in Yonkers, New York. This milestone age is a testament to his enduring presence in the world of rock music. Despite the passing of time, Steven Tyler’s energy and creativity remain undiminished, as he continues to captivate audiences around the globe with his music and performances.

Born as Steven Victor Tallarico, he embarked on his musical journey at a young age, eventually forming the iconic band Aerosmith in the early 1970s. Over the years, he has not only maintained his vocal prowess but has also evolved as an artist, exploring various musical styles and genres.

How tall is Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler, the iconic lead singer of Aerosmith, stands at a height of 176 cm, which is equivalent to 5 feet 9 inches. His height, though not exceptionally tall, has not hindered his commanding stage presence and ability to captivate audiences with his dynamic performances.

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In terms of weight, Steven Tyler maintains a relatively lean physique, with a weight of approximately 75 kg, which is equivalent to 165 lbs. This physique has served him well throughout his career, allowing him to move with agility on stage and maintain his distinctive image as a rock ‘n’ roll frontman.

Physical Attributes



176 cm (5 Feet 9 Inches)


(165 lbs) 75 kg

What is Steven Tyler Nationality?

Steven Tyler’s nationality is American. He was born in Yonkers, New York, on March 26, 1948, and has spent the majority of his life in the United States. As a prominent figure in American rock music, he has contributed significantly to the country’s musical heritage.

Tyler’s American nationality is closely tied to his identity as a rock icon, as his career with Aerosmith and his influence on the music industry have made him a symbol of American rock ‘n’ roll. His band’s music and performances have resonated with audiences both in the United States and internationally, showcasing the global impact of American rock music. Steven Tyler’s nationality is a source of pride for his fans and a testament to his enduring legacy in American music history.

Steven Tyler Career

  • Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith, a hard rock band that gained fame in the late 1970s.

  • He has a notable solo career alongside his work with Aerosmith, which includes:

    • Releasing the Top 40 single ” (It) Feels So Good” in 2011.
    • The studio album titled “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere.”
    • Collaborations with various artists such as Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe, Santana, Pink, and Keith Anderson.
  • Tyler made his acting debut in the 1978 film “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

  • He has also appeared in the TV series “Ice Road Truckers.”

  • In addition to his music and acting achievements, Tyler has received several honors:

    • He has won four Grammy Awards.
    • He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, once with Aerosmith and once as a solo artist.
    • Tyler has also been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
    • In 2008, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him 99th among the 100 best singers of all time.
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Steven Tyler Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Steven Tyler’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Steven Tyler has garnered a plethora of awards throughout his illustrious career, including:
    • Grammy Awards: He has clinched four Grammy Awards, notably winning Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for the song “Janie’s Got a Gun” in 1990.
    • American Music Awards: Tyler boasts an impressive collection of six American Music Awards.
    • Billboard Music Awards: He has earned four Billboard Music Awards, further solidifying his musical prowess.
    • Emmy Awards: In addition to his musical achievements, Tyler has secured one Emmy Award for his outstanding contributions.
    • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Tyler enjoys the distinction of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice—once as a member of Aerosmith and once in recognition of his solo career.
    • Songwriter’s Hall of Fame: His songwriting talents were duly acknowledged when he was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2013.
    • Outer Critics Circle Award: Tyler received the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Score, highlighting his multifaceted talents.
    • Danish Grammy Award: His global impact is evident as he was honored with the Danish Grammy Award for Foreign Male Singer of the Year.
  • Beyond these accolades, Tyler’s dedication to the world of music has been recognized through honorary degrees:
    • He received an honorary degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music.
    • The University of Massachusetts Boston bestowed upon him an honorary doctorate, further highlighting his influence and contribution to the music industry.

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