Taken in Montana 2023 Movie Ending Explained, Cast and Plot


“Taken in Montana” (2023) is a gripping thriller that follows a teenage girl’s quest to find her vanished parents amidst a web of mystery and mistrust in the picturesque landscapes of Montana.
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Taken in Montana 2023 Movie Ending Explained

The movie “Taken In Montana” follows the Gerard family on their vacation in Montana. Regan, the daughter, takes driving lessons, and there’s some tension in the family. They encounter a red car that tailgates them and later collides with their car. A forest ranger, Jude Rodriguez, arrives and offers help but they decline.

When they reach their hotel, they meet Jackson Green, an old friend of Craig, the father. Craig has secretly been in contact with Jackson for business reasons. Jackson asks Craig to deliver a package, and things go wrong during the delivery.

Regan sneaks out to camp while her parents are tied up by a man named Rick, who wants to kill Craig. Sarah, Regan’s mom, frees herself using a Swiss Army knife and discovers that Jackson wants Craig dead.

Regan returns and can’t find her parents. She seeks help from the rangers, including Tyler, who is actually Jackson’s nephew. Jackson pretends to help Regan but is actually involved in the plot.

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Craig explains to Sarah that Jackson is a poacher and wants to expand his illegal business with Craig’s help. Craig refuses, leading to their predicament.

Ranger Jude investigates the poaching and informs Regan, who initially doesn’t believe him. But she later discovers the truth and teams up with Jude.

Sarah and Craig escape but are pursued by Rick, who injures Craig. Tyler kills Rick as instructed by Jackson.

Regan overhears Jackson’s grudge against Craig, dating back to college, and his plan to kill her parents.

With Jude’s help, Regan and Sarah track down Tyler and confront him. Jackson arrives with a crossbow, but Craig surprises him, and they subdue Jackson.

Craig is hospitalized, and the family reconciles. Jude stops the poaching, and the ecosystem in Montana can be restored.

In the end, the family is reunited, and justice prevails as Jackson is arrested, and the illegal activities are stopped.

Taken in Montana 2023 Plot

“In the movie ‘Taken in Montana’ (2023), the story revolves around a teenage girl named Regan Gerard, who is on a family vacation with her parents. However, their vacation takes a terrifying turn when her parents mysteriously disappear.

As Regan searches for clues to find her missing parents, she realizes that she must be cautious about who she trusts. The people she turns to for help might not be as reliable as they seem.

The plot follows Regan’s journey to unravel the mystery behind her parents’ disappearance and her struggle to determine who she can truly rely on. It’s a suspenseful and emotional tale of a young girl’s quest to reunite her family, filled with unexpected twists and turns.”

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Taken in Montana 2023 Cast



Veronica Ramirez

Regan Gerard

Matthew Pohlkamp

Jackson Green

Laurie Fortier

Sarah Gerard

Jacob Horn

Ranger Ward

Abner Lozano

Ranger Jude Rodriguez

Cameron Richter


Taken in Montana 2023 Release Date

The movie “Taken in Montana” (2023) made its debut in the United States on September 9, 2023. This thriller follows the gripping story of Regan Gerard, a teenager whose family vacation takes a nightmarish turn when her parents mysteriously vanish.

As she embarks on a quest to find them, she must navigate a web of uncertainty and question the trustworthiness of those she encounters along the way. With suspense and emotion, the film leads viewers through a riveting journey, promising unexpected twists and turns as Regan fights to reunite her family in the picturesque but perilous landscapes of Montana.

Where to Watch Taken in Montana 2023?

‘Taken in Montana’ premiered on Lifetime, and it can be streamed at no cost on various platforms. Those interested in watching it live can take advantage of free trial options provided by services like Philo, DirecTV Stream and Hulu + Live TV.

Additionally, Sling TV might offer promotional deals for accessing the movie. The film’s narrative revolves around Regan, the teenage daughter, who embarks on a quest to locate her missing parents.

However, her journey is fraught with uncertainty as she contemplates whether she can trust the people she encounters, resulting in a suspenseful and captivating storyline.”

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