Taylor Zakhar Perez Parents: Antoinette and Robert Zakhar


Unlike any of her siblings, Taylor Zakhar jumped at the chance to establish her career in Hollywood. He deviated from what his parents did for a living, however, becoming an actor is not an easy career, yet he managed to find success with acting in movies and TV shows. So the question remains, who are his parents? What do they do to live?

Learn everything we know about Taylor Zackhar Perez’s parents in this article below.

Who are the parents of Taylor Zakhar Pérez?

Actor Taylor Zakhar Pérez turned heads when he appeared on The kissing booth 2018. His new project red, white and royal blueis a new romantic comedy premiering on Amazon.

Taylor was born in Chicago and began his career in opera houses performing musical theater at a young age, which led to film and television. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles, and is a nationally ranked swimmer. He garnered a lot of attention when he was attached to the sequel to “The Kissing Booth,” appearing in both the second and third films of the trilogy as fan favorite Marco.

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In addition, Taylor starred opposite Ophelia Lovibond in the season of the HBO Max series “Minxfirst” as well as the Buzzfeed Studios movie “1Up,” now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. In the upcoming film “Red, White & Royal Blue,” produced by Amazon Studios, she played the lead role of the fictional character Alex Claremont-Diaz opposite Nicholas Galitzine and opposite Uma Thurman.

The actor has introduced his brothers several times on his social networks, but who are his parents? Let’s learn a few things we know about Taylor’s parents here.

Meet Taylor Zakhar Perez Mother, Antoinette Perez

Antoinette Perez is the mother of Taylor Zakhar Perez.

  • Antoinette Perez Age

Reportedly born in September 1964, Antoinette Pérez is 57 years old.

  • Antonieta Perez Job

According to Antoinette Perez’s LinkedIn, she works as an esthetician/skin care therapist at Vanis salon and day spa. In 2019, the spa made headlines at a local NWI.Life blog after donating $3,000 to a nonprofit of your choice.

According Directory of beauty schoolsan esthetician earns a wage of $19.80 per hour.

  • Is Antonieta Perez on Instagram?

Yes, Antoinette Perez is on Instagram. She has two IG handles (@azakhar11 and @antoinettezakhar).

Meet Taylor Zakhar Perez Father, Robert Zakhar

Robert “Bob” Zakhar is the father of Taylor Zakhar Perez.

  • Robert Zakhar Age

On April 29, 2022, Robert Zakhar turned 62 years old.

  • Robert Zakhar’s work

Robert Zakhar is an auctioneer by profession. He and his partner Vince Kisala opened Bid History Auctions, LLC which provides the service of an internal and online auction house, and handles estates for estates, collectors or simply those who need to dispose of the times they no longer want or need.

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Auctions are held live at the seller’s premises on the auction house or online. He and his partner opened the business after nearly a year of preparation that included renovating a commercial building owned by Robert for $257,000 and obtaining state certification as auctioneers.

Robert and his partner attended auction school for 10 days. They had 90 hours of schooling, passed three in-school exams, and had to go to the Indiana State Building to pass the final certification test. Robert approved and licensed him in March 2012.

They also spent $200,000 to be able to stream the auctions live on video and audio. The company uses seven years of prior online sales history and nine months of eBay sales data to help assess the price of an item.

According to Facebook, Robert completed high school at Eisenhower High School and worked at Hi-Tech Express Collision Center.

In addition, Robert is also a collector of vintage cars.

  • Is Robert Zakhar on Instagram?

No, Robert Zakhar is not on Instagram. But he uses Facebook (@robert.zakhar.5).

Related FAQ

  • Are Taylor Zakhar Perez’s parents still married?

Yes, Taylor Zakhar Perez’s parents are still married. They got married in April 1991. As of 2022, they have been married for 31 years. The husband and wife duo recently attended a family wedding in May 2022.

  • How many children do Taylor Zakhar Perez’s parents have?

Taylor Zakhar Perez was born as one of eight children to his parents. Reportedly, he was born as the sixth child. He has five sisters: Katie, Koehn, Kristy, Jenna, Maria, and two brothers, Ron and Grant.

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Ron works as a props stylist/set designer.

Grant holds an executive position for IUSD ADEA: Co-Events Coordinator. He attended Indiana University School of Dentistry. He shared, “I love having an impact on my own education and even more so, the education of future dentists.” Grant graduated in 2021. In high school, he made the varsity and track teams.

Maria calls herself a comedy diva and works as a wardrobe stylist.

Kristy appears to be the mother of two children.

Koehn is a health/fitness enthusiast, a published writer, photographer, artist, and mother.

  • Where do Taylor Zakhar Perez’s parents live?

Taylor Zakhar Perez’s parents currently live in Chesterton, Indiana.

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