The Penny Method Dating, What is the Penny Method Dating Trend?


The Penny Method Dating involves a manipulative trend where effort in a relationship is gradually reduced, sparking widespread concern for its impact on genuine connections and communication.

The Penny Method Dating 

The Penny Method, a newly surfaced dating trend, has gained attention on TikTok for its calculated and seemingly sinister nature. Lifestyle influencer Erika Tham brought the method to light, describing it as a gradual reduction in effort within a relationship until the partner becomes content with minimal attention.

The process begins with lavish gestures, symbolized as “feeding her hundred dollar bills,” only to intentionally decrease effort by 10%. The recipient may notice the drop but might hesitate to address it, fearing they’ll seem ‘crazy.’

The manipulative twist occurs when the giver raises the effort back up slightly, creating a psychological illusion of improvement while still maintaining a lower level of commitment. This cycle continues until the partner becomes accustomed to minimal attention, transitioning from “hundred dollar bills” to being content with mere “pennies.”

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Penny Method on Social Media Users

Erika Tham’s TikTok video discussing the Penny Method stirred significant concern among viewers, especially women worried about encountering this manipulative tactic. Social media platforms became a hub for expressing shock and strong opinions, with users labeling the method as “evil” due to its promotion of toxic relationship behaviors.

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Critics highlighted the harmful nature of the Penny Method, condemning its encouragement of deceitful actions rather than fostering genuine and healthy connections between partners. The widespread reaction showcased a collective stance against manipulative dating strategies and underscored the importance of honesty and open communication in relationships.

Why Did The Penny Method Dating Go viral?

The Penny Method gained viral attention due to its shocking nature and manipulative tactics within dating dynamics. Its spread was fueled by social media platforms like TikTok, where influencers and users highlighted the method’s insidious approach.

Lifestyle influencers, like Erika Tham, shed light on this controversial trend, expressing disbelief at its calculated nature. The shocking aspect of gradually reducing effort in a relationship until the partner is content with minimal attention caught the attention of many, especially women concerned about falling victim to such manipulative tactics.

The method’s sinister nature and its potential impact on relationships sparked discussions and reactions across various social media platforms. Users expressed shock, disgust, and concern, leading to a wave of comments and shares.

The unsettling realization that such calculated manipulation tactics exist within dating trends amplified its virality, drawing attention to the importance of healthy communication and genuine connections in relationships. The shocking revelation of how individuals might employ such tactics to control and manipulate their partners stirred widespread conversation and condemnation.

What is the Penny Method Dating Trend?

The Penny Method dating trend revolves around a gradual decrease in effort within a relationship, starting with extravagant gestures and then intentionally diminishing the level of commitment by 10%.

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This calculated approach aims to manipulate the partner into accepting minimal attention, as the giver intermittently raises the effort back up, creating a false sense of improvement. The cycle repeats until the recipient becomes accustomed to receiving minimal affection, ultimately settling for less than what was initially offered.

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