The Possession of Hannah Grace Ending Explained, Plot, Cast and Trailer


The Possession of Hannah Grace is a chilling horror film where a morgue assistant battles a demonic force, culminating in a gripping showdown with an enigmatic, eerie conclusion.

The Possession of Hannah Grace

The Possession of Hannah Grace is a horror movie centered around Megan, a former cop with personal struggles, who takes a job as a morgue assistant. Her routine night shift takes a terrifying turn when the body of Hannah Grace, who died during a failed exorcism, arrives at the morgue.

Strange events unfold as Hannah’s body seems to be animated by a demonic force, causing chaos in the morgue. Megan discovers the only way to end the havoc is by incinerating Hannah’s possessed corpse, leading to a gripping and intense showdown between Megan and the possessed body.

The film showcases a chilling narrative of possession and demonic forces, as Megan fights to stop the killings and confronts the possessed Hannah. The story’s conclusion remains enigmatic, hinting at the possibility of the demon transferring its possession to Megan, leaving the audience with an eerie and open-ended conclusion. Despite its setting in a morgue and the eerie occurrences, it’s important to understand that “The Possession of Hannah Grace” is a work of fiction and not based on any real-life incidents or true stories.

The Possession of Hannah Grace Ending Explained

The Possession of Hannah Grace wraps up with a dramatic showdown between the main character, Megan, and the possessed corpse of Hannah. Megan, a morgue assistant, discovers that Hannah’s body, used as a vessel for a demon, needs to be destroyed to stop the killings.

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In a fierce struggle, Megan, overcoming her own past trauma, ultimately defeats the possessed Hannah by incinerating the body. However, the movie ends on an ambiguous note as subtle hints suggest that the demon may have transferred its possession to Megan, leaving the story open-ended and eerie.

In the final moments, Megan appears to have conquered her inner struggles and resumes a healthier routine. Yet, small clues like a fly (previously associated with the possessed Hannah) and a hint of a blue tinge in Megan’s eyes leave viewers wondering if the demon might have moved from Hannah to Megan. The film concludes with this uncertainty, leaving the possibility of a sequel or hinting at the idea that the battle against the demonic force might not be over.

Is The Possession of Hannah Grace a True Story or Not?

“The Possession of Hannah Grace” is not based on a true story. The movie is a work of fiction created by filmmakers to entertain audiences with a horror narrative. The storyline revolves around a morgue assistant, Megan, encountering a possessed corpse and battling a demonic force. While the film might feel realistic due to its setting in a morgue and the portrayal of eerie occurrences, it is entirely a product of imagination and storytelling.

The movie’s premise of a possessed corpse and the subsequent events are not rooted in any real-life incidents or actual occurrences. Instead, it’s a creative interpretation designed to evoke fear and suspense in viewers. The plot is constructed to explore the horror genre’s elements, such as possession and exorcism, but it does not depict events that have taken place in reality. 

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The Possession of Hannah Grace Where to Watch

The Possession of Hannah Grace, the 2018 horror movie, is available for streaming or rental/purchase on platforms like Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Apple TV. Viewers in India can access the film for a fee on these platforms, allowing them to either rent or buy the movie for varying prices. Unfortunately, there are currently no free options available to watch “The Possession of Hannah Grace” online in India.

For those seeking free entertainment, it’s recommended to explore free trial options on streaming services like Apple TV+ as they often provide trial periods that grant access to a diverse range of content, including movies and TV shows, without any cost for a limited duration.

The Possession of Hannah Grace Plot

The Possession of Hannah Grace tells the story of Megan, a former police officer grappling with PTSD and addiction. Megan takes up a job as a morgue assistant, working the graveyard shift. Her routine job of documenting and processing corpses takes a terrifying turn when the body of Hannah Grace arrives.

Hannah died during an exorcism gone wrong, but inexplicably, her body seems to be “alive” and haunting the morgue. Megan soon realizes that whatever possessed Hannah’s corpse during the failed exorcism didn’t perish with her, leading to a chilling and intense confrontation.

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As eerie events unfold, Megan discovers that Hannah’s father, Grainger, had smothered her to death when the exorcism failed in an attempt to save the priests involved. Grainger reveals that after burying Hannah, she escaped her grave, and he’s been tracking her killing spree.

It’s unveiled that the demon within Hannah’s body can only be destroyed by incinerating her corpse. Megan, aided by her ex-boyfriend, confronts the possessed Hannah and engages in a harrowing battle to stop the killings by burning the body in the morgue’s incinerator. The film concludes with an ambiguous ending, hinting at the possibility of the demon transferring its possession from Hannah to Megan, leaving viewers in suspense.

The Possession of Hannah Grace Cast



Shay Mitchell

Megan Reed

Stana Katic

Lisa Roberts

Grey Damon

Andrew Kurtz

Kirby Johnson

Hannah Grace

Nick Thune


Jacob Ming-Trent

Ernie Gainor

Max McNamara


Louis Herthum

Grainger Grace

The Possession of Hannah Grace Trailer

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