The Tailor Season 3 Ending Explained, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Where to Watch, and More


At the end of The Tailor Season 3, Dimitri, overwhelmed by his suspicions, discovers Peyami and Esvet’s affair through his father’s surveillance. Devastated, Dimitri confronted them, leading to a tragic confrontation where he ended up killing his father, Ari. 

The Tailor 

The Tailor, originally titled “Terzi,” is a Turkish TV series that falls under the genres of drama, mystery, and thriller. The show revolves around the life of Peyami Dokumacı, a talented young tailor who inherits both skill and a thriving business from his grandfather.

When his grandfather passes away, Peyami brings his father, Mustafa, who has child-like intelligence, to live with him in Istanbul. A pivotal aspect of the series is Peyami’s attempt to keep his father’s true identity a secret from the world.

The story takes a complex turn when Esvet, escaping from an abusive relationship with Dimitri, enters Peyami and Mustafa’s lives, bringing her own secrets. The series delves into the challenges they face, the mysteries that unfold, and the relationships that are tested, creating a gripping narrative filled with suspense and emotional depth.

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The Tailor Season 3 Ending Explained

In the final moments of The Tailor Season 3, the intense drama reached its climax. Dimitri, fueled by his insecurities and anger, discovered the affair between Peyami and Esvet. This revelation came through his father’s surveillance, which had been ongoing due to Dimitri’s growing suspicions. Ari, Dimitri’s father, had hired spies to track Peyami and Esvet’s movements, ultimately leading to the heartbreaking truth being exposed.

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Devastated and feeling betrayed, Dimitri’s emotions boiled over, leading to a tragic confrontation. In a fit of rage, Dimitri ended up killing his own father, Ari, further plunging the characters into a whirlwind of despair and consequences. The series concluded with the characters dealing with the aftermath of this shocking event, their lives forever changed by the choices they made.

The Tailor Season 3 Release date

The Tailor Season 3 premiered on Netflix on November 3, 2023. This highly anticipated season consisted of 8 episodes, all of which were made available for streaming on the same day. Fans eagerly awaited this release, anticipating the resolution of the complex relationships and storylines that had been unfolding in the previous seasons.

The series continued to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative, compelling characters, and unexpected twists, making it a must-watch for fans of Turkish drama.

The Tailor Season 3 Cast



Çağatay Ulusoy

Peyami Dokumacı

Şifanur Gül


Salih Bademci


Olgun Şimşek


Berrak Tüzünataç


Engin Şenkan

Dede Peyami

Evrim Alasya


Ece Sükan

Suzi (Suzan)

Vedat Erincin


Celile Toyon


Lilâ Gürmen


Murat Kılıç


Zeynep Özyurt Tarhan


The Tailor Season 3 Plot

In The Tailor Season 3, the story follows Peyami’s return to his hometown after spending time abroad to distract himself from memories of Esvet. However, upon his return, he discovers that Dimitri and Esvet have decided to settle in New York, complicating his feelings further. Peyami and Esvet eventually betray Dimitri by engaging in an affair, leading to a dramatic confrontation between the best friends.

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The central conflict revolves around Esvet’s choice between Peyami and Dimitri. The season explores the complexities of their relationships, with tensions rising as secrets are unveiled and loyalties are tested. Each episode is filled with intense moments, revealing the characters’ inner struggles and the consequences of their actions. The season culminates in a mysterious and emotionally charged finale, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Tailor Season 3 Review

The Tailor Season 3, despite its intense moments and compelling characters, faced criticism for its portrayal of romantic relationships and character dynamics. Some viewers expressed frustration with the main characters, Peyami and Esvet, as their ego-driven decisions overshadowed their genuine feelings for each other. The season’s plot was criticized for deviating from the natural progression established in previous seasons, introducing unnecessary complications and betrayals.

While the actors received praise for their performances, particularly Salih Bademci, who portrayed the character Dimitri with depth, the storyline’s direction left some fans disappointed. The season’s attempt to maintain suspense through secrets and confrontations led to mixed reactions, with some feeling that the plot lacked the authenticity that characterized earlier episodes. Despite these criticisms, the series continued to showcase the beauty of Turkish culture, including locations, traditions, and cuisine, adding depth to its visual appeal.

The Tailor Season 3 Where to Watch?

To watch The Tailor Season 3, viewers can stream the series exclusively on Netflix. The entire season, comprising 8 episodes, is available for streaming to Netflix subscribers. Fans can access the show on the Netflix platform, which offers a user-friendly interface, allowing viewers to enjoy the compelling storyline, intricate character dynamics, and intense emotions portrayed in the series.

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Netflix provides a convenient and accessible way for audiences to engage with The Tailor Season 3, ensuring that fans can delve into the gripping narrative at their own pace.

The Tailor Season 3 Trailer

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