The Worst of Evil Ending Explained, Plot, Cast, Where to Watch and Trailer


Explore the gripping world of ‘The Worst of Evil’ on Disney+, a Korean drama filled with intense investigations, powerful performances, and a thrilling crime storyline.

The Worst of Evil

“The Worst of Evil,” a South Korean streaming television series, premiered in 2023 and featured an ensemble cast including Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, Im Se-mi, and Bibi. The show, which is also known in Korean, made its debut on Disney+ on September 27, 2023, starting at 4:00 PM (KST).

The series captivated viewers with its intriguing plot and talented actors, drawing attention from a broad audience. With its release on a prominent streaming platform, it reached a wide viewership, offering a thrilling and immersive viewing experience.

“The Worst of Evil” undoubtedly left its mark on the K-drama scene in 2023, and its release on Disney+ added to the growing global popularity of South Korean television dramas. With a compelling storyline and a talented cast, the series contributed to the continued success of K-dramas in the international entertainment landscape.

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The Worst of Evil Ending Explained

In “The Worst of Evil” finale, Episode 12, the undercover operation reaches a dramatic climax. Jun-mo and Eui-jeong have successfully infiltrated Gi-cheul’s drug empire, but their true identities are exposed. This leads to a tragic chain of events. Gi-cheul, feeling betrayed, is arrested, but Jun-mo helps him escape momentarily.

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In a shocking turn, Gi-cheul confronts the undercover couple, revealing their marriage and their betrayal. Overcome by guilt, he contemplates suicide. In a heartbreaking moment, Jun-mo shoots Gi-cheul to prevent further suffering for Eui-jeong.

The series concludes with Jun-mo receiving an award and honoring Do-hyung’s memory. The characters are left grappling with the emotional aftermath of their actions. The ending highlights the complex relationships that developed during the mission, as well as the sacrifices made in the name of justice and love. It’s a poignant conclusion that leaves fans reflecting on the intricate web of deceit and genuine emotions that defined the series.

The Worst of Evil Cast



Ji Chang-wook

Park Jun-mo / Kwon Seung-ho

Wi Ha-joon

Jung Gi-cheul

Im Se-mi

Yoo Eui-jeong


Lee Hae-ryeon

The Worst of Evil Plot

“The Worst of Evil” is a Korean drama set in the 1990s, unfolding in Seoul’s Gangnam district. The story kicks off when Japanese authorities enlist Chief Prosecutor Cho Chang-sik to investigate an illicit drug trade originating from Korea, focusing on a new drug called Gangnam Crystal. In response, an intense probe begins, aiming to dismantle the drug cartels operating in Gangnam.

The plot revolves around Park Jun-mo, a diligent police officer who embarks on an undercover mission to infiltrate the dangerous drug network. He uses the alias Kwon Seung-ho while undercover. Meanwhile, Jung Gi-cheol, portrayed by Wi Ha-joon, leads the Gangnam Alliance drug cartel, orchestrating illegal drug deals across Korea, China, and Japan, despite a dark past.

The narrative is driven by Jun-mo’s successful infiltration into the criminal organization, his parallel investigations within the drug nexus, and the compelling storyline of Yoo Eui-jung, Jun-mo’s wife, and an accomplished narcotics officer. With high-octane drama, unexpected plot twists, and impressive performances, the series promises a riveting and intense viewing experience for fans.

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The show released its first three episodes on Disney+ Hotstar, with new episodes scheduled for weekly releases, making it an eagerly anticipated crime drama.

The Worst of Evil Release Date

“The Worst of Evil” made its debut on Disney+ on September 27, 2023, at 4:00 PM Korean Standard Time (KST). This much-anticipated release marked the moment when viewers could start enjoying the thrilling drama. The series’ availability on Disney+ brought it to a broad audience, and fans eagerly tuned in to discover the captivating performances and engaging storyline.

The specific date and time of the release added to the excitement, as viewers were able to immerse themselves in the world of “The Worst of Evil” at the scheduled hour. This carefully planned release ensured that fans could begin watching and experiencing the drama precisely as they had anticipated.

Where to Watch The Worst of Evil?

You can watch “The Worst of Evil” on the Disney+ streaming platform. This highly-anticipated Korean drama became available to viewers on Disney+ Hotstar. The show’s release on this popular streaming service provides easy access for a wide audience to enjoy the series. Viewers can immerse themselves in the intriguing plot, stellar performances, and intense drama directly on Disney+.

The first three episodes of “The Worst of Evil” were released on September 27, 2023, with subsequent episodes scheduled for weekly releases. This episodic release strategy allows fans to stay engaged with the unfolding storyline and ensures that fresh updates are readily accessible to keep viewers eagerly anticipating each new installment.

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By being on Disney+, “The Worst of Evil” becomes easily accessible to a global audience, contributing to the growing international popularity of Korean dramas.

The Worst of Evil Trailer

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