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Audie Cornish fans can’t fathom the popular American journalist’s decision to leave NPR after spending more than a decade with the company. The former host of NPR’s All Things Considered has yet to provide any context as to why the decision was made. In case you thought this article was going to try to investigate the reasons for Audie’s departure from NPR, you’re certainly wrong. This wiki article is about Audie’s husband, Theo Emery.

We’ll talk about Theo’s age, job, married life, and more next!

Meet Theo Emery, husband of Audie Cornish

Before we go any further into Theo and Audie’s married life, it’s important that we first establish a picture of Audie Cornish as to who she is.

Audie was born to Jamaican parents in Massachusetts. She did her secondary education at Randolph High and then her undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. While at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Audie interned at NPR.

The former host of Profile, a Buzzfeed News television interview, first rose to fame when she filled in for Liane Hansen on NPR’s weekend edition on Sunday. In January 2012, Audie left the show to co-host All Things Considered during the 2012 election.

Along with Ari Shapiro, Audie interviewed leading figures in the media and politics on All Things Considered. She even picked up some awards for her contributions to journalism.

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Following her resignation from NPR in January 2022, Audie gave a farewell message thanking her co-workers and discussing how the All Things Considered host helped her find her voice. She also tweeted: “I look forward to new opportunities and new ways to tell stories and continue to find ways to make space and center the voices of those who have traditionally been excluded.”

The former All Things Considered host is married to Theo Emery, a journalist, writer, editor and book contributor. The married couple is blessed with two children (both boys), the information of which is not yet available on the internet. Theo lives with his wife and his children in the Washington DC area.

There wasn’t much information available on the internet about Theo and Audie’s love life in 2021. Typically, the couple rarely talk about their family in interviews or posts on social media. However, Audie talks about the challenges of balancing work and home life.

Theo’s wife reportedly calls him a “book doctor”. Theo writes on his website that he is happy with the title his wife has given him considering he is the son of a pediatrician.

Theo Emery’s age

As of this writing, Theo Emery’s age is 51 years old. He celebrates his birthday on December 29 of every year.

Theo Emery’s work

Theo Emery describes himself as a “journalist, writer, editor, and book contributor.” In his 20 years of journalism, Theo has worked as a reporter for the Associated Press, Tennessee, New York Times and many other publications.

As a writer, Theo has had articles published in Politico, the Smithsonian, the New Yorker, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Time, the Washington Post, and the Alicia Patterson Foundation. Audie Cornish’s husband also wrote a book called Hellfire Boys. Published by Little, Brown in 2017, Hellfire Boys is “a narrative history of the US Chemical Warfare Service in World War I.”

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Theo also owns Kingpole Ink. Through Kingpole Ink, Theo helps other people write books. Theo edits, polishes, verifies manuscripts, restructures books, helps expand and improve books with archival research and interviews. In addition, Theo has already helped publish two New York Times bestsellers through Kingpole Ink.

When Theo isn’t doing any of the above, you can find him walking, cooking, drawing, gardening, fly-fishing, juggling, solving puzzles, playing games, or playing games. He also writes on his website: ‘I would go scuba diving every day if I could, and I aspire to open a breakfast place one day. I have never regretted climbing a mountain or walking through a downpour. I prefer the long route and I like to stop along the way”.

Is Theo Emery on Instagram?

Yes, Theo Emery is on Instagram. She uses the username @hellfiretheoemery on Instagram. Theo has 317 followers on the platform. Lately, Theo has been sharing photos of different dishes on Instagram.

You can also find him on Twitter. The Hellfire Boys writer also uses Quora and has answered many queries from people there.

Related FAQ

  • Where is Theo Emery from?

Although we know that Theo lives with his wife and children in Washington DC, we don’t know where he is from. However, his wife, Audie Cornish, hails from Randolph, Boston, and has Jamaican roots.

  • How tall is Theo Emery?

Theo Emery stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches.

  • Where did Theo Emery receive his education?

Theo Emery received his MFA from Goucher College in 2014. However, the details of Theo’s high school and college studies are unknown to us.

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