Troy Aikman Ethnicity, What is Troy Aikman’s Ethnicity?


Troy Aikman Ethnicity: Want to know about Troy Aikman’s ethnicity, then you are in the right place. Check out Troy Aikman’s Ethnicity and his complete Biography right here. Troy Aikman is an American football quarterback born on 21 November 1966.
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Troy Aikman Ethnicity

Ethnicity is the one that tells the identification of a group based on a perceived cultural distinctiveness. So here we can check what Ethnicity Troy Aikman is White.

Troy Aikman is a popular American football quarterback who was born on 21 November 1966.

According to Our Latest Research, Troy Aikman is of White Ethnicity born in West Covina, California, United States.

Real Name Troy Kenneth Aikman
Nick Name Troy Aikman
Date of birth 21 November 1966 
Age 56 year old
Height 193 cm
Weight 100 kg (220 lbs)
Birth Place West Covina, California, United States
Gender Male
Profession American football quarterback
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

Who is Troy Aikman?

Troy Aikman is a prominent name in the world of American football, celebrated for his exceptional career as a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) and his subsequent achievements in sports broadcasting. Born on November 21, 1966, in West Covina, California, Aikman has left an indelible mark on the sport and continues to be a respected figure in the realm of football.

Aikman’s journey to football greatness began at an early age, and he gained recognition as a standout player in high school and college. He played college football at the University of Oklahoma and later transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he continued to impress as a talented quarterback.

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In 1989, Troy Aikman was selected as the first overall pick in the NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys, launching his professional career. Aikman’s time with the Cowboys, spanning from 1989 to 2000, marked one of the most successful eras in the franchise’s history. He led the team to three Super Bowl victories (in 1992, 1993, and 1995) and earned Super Bowl MVP honors in one of those championships.

Throughout his career, Aikman was known for his pinpoint accuracy, strong arm, and leadership on the field. He earned six Pro Bowl selections and established himself as one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL during the 1990s.

Following his retirement from professional football, Troy Aikman transitioned to a successful career in sports broadcasting. He became a well-respected analyst and commentator, working for Fox Sports and providing expert insights into NFL games. His articulate and insightful commentary has further solidified his status as a respected authority in football.

Troy Aikman Age

Troy Aikman was born on November 21, 1966, in West Covina, California, USA. He is 56 years old.

Aikman’s birthplace in West Covina is significant as it marks the starting point of his remarkable journey in American football. Growing up in California, he developed a deep passion for the sport, which would eventually lead him to become one of the NFL’s most iconic quarterbacks.

At the age of 56, Troy Aikman has transitioned from his illustrious playing career to a successful career in sports broadcasting. His age signifies his wealth of experience and knowledge in the world of football, making him a respected voice in the sport.

Aikman’s contributions to football, both on and off the field, have left an indelible mark on the sport, and his age reflects the wisdom and insight he continues to bring to the game as a commentator and analyst.

Troy Aikman Height and Weight


Troy Aikman, the legendary NFL quarterback, stands tall at 193 centimeters, which is equivalent to approximately 6 feet 4 inches. This height is notably above average for the general population and provides him with certain advantages on the football field.

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Aikman’s stature allowed him to have an excellent field of vision, which is a crucial attribute for a quarterback. His elevated vantage point enabled him to scan the field, read defenses, and make precise throws over defensive linemen, contributing to his success as a passer.

In terms of weight, Aikman was reported to weigh around 100 kilograms, which is approximately 220 pounds. His weight was well-distributed on his athletic frame, providing him with the necessary durability to withstand the physical demands of playing in the NFL.

Aikman’s combination of height and weight allowed him to be a strong and commanding presence in the pocket, capable of absorbing hits from opposing defenders while maintaining his composure and delivering accurate passes. These physical attributes, along with his exceptional skills, contributed to his status as one of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks.

Physical Attributes Measurements
Height 193 cm
Weight 100 kg (220 lbs)

Troy Aikman Nationality

Troy Aikman’s nationality is American. He was born in West Covina, California, USA, on November 21, 1966. As an American, his nationality is integral to his identity and his illustrious career as an NFL quarterback and sports broadcaster.

Growing up in the United States, Aikman was immersed in American culture and sports, particularly football. His American nationality allowed him to pursue his passion for football and excel in the sport, ultimately leading to his recognition as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Throughout his career, Aikman represented American football at its highest level, and he became an iconic figure in the sport. His performances on the field and his later contributions to sports broadcasting solidified his status as a prominent American sports personality.

Troy Aikman Career

Troy Aikman is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 12 seasons. He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Aikman was born in West Covina, California, in 1966. He played college football at the University of Oklahoma, where he was a two-time All-American. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys with the first overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft.

Aikman spent his entire NFL career with the Cowboys. He led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories (XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX) and was named the Super Bowl XXVII MVP. He was also named to the Pro Bowl six times and was the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1989.

Aikman was a gifted passer who was known for his accuracy and his ability to make big plays. He was also a good leader and was a key part of the Cowboys’ dynasty in the 1990s.

Aikman retired from the NFL in 2000. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

Here are some of Troy Aikman’s career achievements:

  • 3x Super Bowl champion (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
  • Super Bowl XXVII MVP
  • 6x Pro Bowl selection
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (1989)
  • Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (2006)

Troy Aikman Achievement and Awards List


Troy Aikman’s Award Winnings:

  1. 3× Super Bowl champion (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
  2. Super Bowl MVP (XXVII)
  3. NFL Man of the Year (1997)
  4. 6× Pro Bowl (1991–1996)
  5. NFL completion percentage leader (1993)
  6. PFWA All-Rookie Team (1989)
  7. Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor
  8. National champion (1985)
  9. Davey O’Brien Award (1988)
  10. Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year (1987)
  11. Cotton Bowl MVP (1989)
  12. Consensus All-American (1988)
  13. UCLA Bruins No. 8 retired

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