What Happened to Rand in Wheel of Time? Who is the Dragon Reborn in Wheel of Time?


In “The Wheel of Time,” Rand Al’thor, portrayed by Josha Stradowski, grapples with power, madness, and political intrigue in an epic fantasy world.
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Who is Rand Wheel of Time Actor?

Josha Stradowski is the actor who portrays Rand Al’thor in the Amazon Prime Video series “The Wheel of Time.” He takes on the role of Rand, a character of significant power in this epic fantasy series. Stradowski’s portrayal of Rand has garnered attention and admiration from the dedicated fanbase that “The Wheel of Time” has amassed worldwide.


The series, adapted from Robert Jordan’s bestselling fantasy-adventure novels, has sold over 90 million copies, attesting to its immense popularity and the significance of Stradowski’s portrayal of Rand. Josha Stradowski’s connection to the character of Rand goes beyond the screen, as he shared an intriguing and humorous encounter with a fan while hiking in the United States.

This experience highlighted the broad reach and recognition of his role as Rand, emphasizing the show’s global appeal. Stradowski’s performance as Rand is a key element of the series, which explores Rand’s journey from an ordinary shepherd in Two Rivers to the powerful and enigmatic “Dragon Reborn.” His portrayal adds depth and complexity to the character, captivating audiences as they follow Rand’s adventures in the world of “The Wheel of Time.”

What Happened to Rand in Wheel of Time?

In The Wheel of Time series, Rand al’Thor undergoes significant developments and challenges are listed below.

  • Defeating the Dark One: Rand al’Thor is introduced as the Dragon Reborn, a prophesied figure destined to battle the Dark One and save the world. In the first season, he faces the Dark One at the Eye of the World, believing he has defeated him.
  • Male Channeler’s Fate: Rand is a male channeler, which means he can use the One Power, but male channelers tend to go insane over time. Their madness leads to destructive consequences. To avoid this fate and protect his loved ones, Rand decides to fake his own death.
  • Self-Imposed Exile: Rand goes into self-imposed exile, distancing himself from his friends and allies. This decision is driven by his desire to keep them safe from the madness that affects male channelers. He believes that by isolating himself, he can protect them from the chaos that his powers may bring.
  • Residing in Cairhien: Rand chooses Cairhien as his new residence. Cairhien is a significant city in the world of The Wheel of Time. Rand specifically settles near the Foregate, an area primarily inhabited by peasants. This location allows him to avoid drawing too much attention to himself and remain hidden from those who might be seeking him.
  • Relationship with Selene: Rand becomes involved with Selene, an innkeeper in Cairhien. Their relationship is complex, and it may be characterized as something akin to “friends with benefits.” Selene plays a significant role in Rand’s life during this period.
  • Nobility and Daes Dae’mar: Cairhien is a city where the noble class is deeply involved in a political and social game called Daes Dae’mar. This game involves intricate maneuvering and manipulation to advance personal interests or undermine rivals. Rand gets a taste of this political intrigue when he attends a fancy party with Selene and encounters the scheming nobles of Cairhien.
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In summary, Rand al’Thor’s journey in The Wheel of Time series sees him grappling with his destiny as the Dragon Reborn, the burden of being a male channeler, and the need to protect his loved ones from the madness that plagues those with his abilities. His decision to fake his death and live in exile in Cairhien sets the stage for his encounters with both Selene and the intricate political game played by the city’s nobility, adding layers of complexity to his character and the unfolding story.

Josha Stradowski Age

As of 2023, Josha Stradowski’s age is 28 years old. He was born in 1995 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and has gained recognition for his acting career, including notable roles in projects like the Dutch film “Gewoon Vrienden” (2018) and the American television series “The Wheel of Time” (2021).

Josha Stradowski Films




Naranjina En De Kadekapers (Tv Series)


Spangas (Tv Series)


Hidden Stories – Dana (Tv Series)


Uitgesproken (Short Film)


Boys On Film 13: Trick & Treat


I Can Fly (Short Film)


Just Friends (Gewoon Vrienden, Tv Movie)


Mannen Van Mars


Alpha (Short Film)




High-Flyers (Hoogvliegers, Tv Series)


The Wheel Of Time (Tv Series)


Gran Turismo

Who is the Dragon Reborn in Wheel of Time?

In “The Wheel of Time,” the character known as the Dragon Reborn is portrayed by actor Josha Stradowski. This powerful and pivotal character, Rand Al’thor, is at the center of the series’ epic storyline. Rand’s journey begins in the humble setting of Two Rivers, where he starts as an ordinary shepherd.

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However, as the series unfolds, he discovers his true identity as the Dragon Reborn, a prophesied figure with unparalleled power, tasked with the destiny of either saving or potentially breaking the world. Josha Stradowski’s portrayal of Rand Al’thor is a central and captivating element of the Amazon Prime Video series, which has garnered a dedicated global fanbase.

The Wheel of Time Overview

“The Wheel of Time” is an American high fantasy television series created by Rafe Judkins and available on Amazon Prime Video. It is an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s novel series of the same name, co-authored by Brandon Sanderson. The debut season, comprising eight episodes, made its premiere on Prime Video on November 19, 2021.

YouTube video

Initially, the first three episodes were made available immediately, followed by a weekly release schedule for the remaining five episodes, culminating in the season finale on December 24, 2021. Even before the first season’s release, the series had been officially renewed for a second season in May 2021.

This second season, which began airing on September 1, 2023, was highly anticipated. Furthermore, in July 2022, in anticipation of the upcoming second season, the show was already confirmed for a third season, indicating the confidence in the series’s success and continued storytelling.

The Wheel of Time Cast



Rosamund Pike

Moiraine Damodred

Daniel Henney

al’Lan Mandragoran

Zoë Robins

Nynaeve al’Meara

Madeleine Madden

Egwene al’Vere

Josha Stradowski

Rand al’Thor

Marcus Rutherford

Perrin Aybara

Barney Harris

Mat Cauthon (Season 1) / Dònal Finn (Season 2+)

Kate Fleetwood

Liandrin Guirale

Priyanka Bose

Alanna Mosvani

Hammed Animashaun


Sophie Okonedo

Siuan Sanche

Kae Alexander

Min Farshaw

Fares Fares

Ba’alzamon (Ishamael)

Álvaro Morte

Logain Ablar

Jennifer Cheon Garcia

Leane Sharif

Taylor Napier


Emmanuel Imani


Ceara Coveney

Elayne Trakand

Natasha O’Keeffe


Lindsay Duncan


Meera Syal

Verin Mathwin

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