When Will Top Boy Season 4 Be on Netflix? Where to Watch Top Boy Season 4?


Find out what happens to Top Boy Season 4 on Netflix and where you can see this exciting British crime show. Jump into the thrilling last season’s exciting story and beloved actors.
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When Will Top Boy Season 4 Be on Netflix?

Top Boy Season 4 will not be coming to Netflix. The streaming platform announced the return of the crime drama for its third season in March 2022, but at the same time, they also revealed that this third season would be the final one. So, from the very beginning, it was clear that there wouldn’t be a fourth season of Top Boy on Netflix.

Fans of the show had to bid farewell after the third season, as there are no plans for further installments.

Where to Watch Top Boy Season 4?

Top Boy Season 4″ can be easily accessed and enjoyed on Netflix, where you’ll find all eight episodes of this season bring all eight gripping episodes to the platform, ensuring you can dive deep into the latest developments of this compelling series.

With just a Netflix login, you’re all set to immerse yourself in the world of Top Boy and experience the intense storylines and unforgettable characters that have made it a fan favorite. 

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Top Boy

“Top Boy” is a British crime drama series set in the gritty underworld of drug dealing and gang violence in London. Created by Ronan Bennett, it follows the lives of drug dealers Dushane and Sully as they navigate the complexities of the drug trade on the fictional Summerhouse estate in Hackney. Originally airing on Channel 4, the series gained acclaim for its realistic portrayal of urban life, compelling storytelling, and strong acting. Revived on Netflix with support from Drake, it returned with its third and fourth series in 2019 and 2022, respectively, while the previous two series were titled “Top Boy: Summerhouse.” Known for its gripping narratives and social commentary, “Top Boy” has earned a dedicated fanbase and numerous awards, solidifying its place in the crime drama genre.

Top Boy Season 4 Plot

“Top Boy Season 4” features a six-month time gap, with Dushane expanding his drug empire and seeking new connections in Spain and Morocco, causing tension in his community. Jamie collaborates with the Summerhouse gang but is sent to handle a drug deal abroad. Jaq becomes Dushane’s second-in-command and aims to rescue her sister from an abusive relationship. Sully grapples with PTSD, suspicion surrounds Jamie and Dushane’s dealings, and Shelley faces her dark past while resisting Summerhouse’s redevelopment plans. The season weaves these plots for a compelling narrative with tension, drama, and moral dilemmas.

Top Boy Trailer

Top Boy Cast



Ashley Walters

Dushane Hill

Kane Robinson

Gerard “Sully” Sullivan

Shone Romulus

Dris Wright

Malcolm Kamulete

Ra’Nell Smith

Giacomo Mancini

Gemel “Gem” Mustapha

Sharon Duncan-Brewster

Lisa Smith

Kierston Wareing


Nicholas Pinnock


Xavien Russell


Micheal Ward

Jamie Tovell

Jasmine Jobson

Jacqueline “Jaq” Lawrence

Simbi Ajikawo


Hope Ikpoku Jnr.

Aaron Tovell, Jamie’s middle brother

Araloyin Oshunremi

Stefan Tovell, Jamie’s youngest brother

Keiyon Cook

Attica “Ats” Ayittey

Jolade Obasola

Amma Ayittey

Kadeem Ramsay

Kit, Jamie’s best friend

Lisa Dwan

Lizzie Kilfauns

Saffron Hocking

Lauryn Lawrence, Jaq’s sister

Joshua Blissett

Kieron Palmer


Mandy, Dris’ girlfriend

Savanah Graham

Erin Wright, Dris & Mandy’s daughter

Adwoa Aboah

Becks, Jaq’s girlfriend

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