Who are Colby Brock Parents? Meet Robert A. Brock and Pat Brock


Who are Colby Brock’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Colby Brock’s Parents along with Colby Brock biography. Colby Brock is a YouTuber.

Who are Colby Brock’s Parents?

So who are Colby Brock’s Parents? According to our research, Colby Brock’s Parents are Robert A. Brock and Pat Brock. Colby Brock is an YouTuber born on January 2, 1997.

Real Name

Colby Brock

Date of birth

  January 2, 1997


26 years old


180 cm, 5 feet 11 inches


72 kg (158 lbs)

Birth Place

Stanley, Kanas, United States








Robert A. Brock 

 Pat Brock



Who is Colby Brock?

Colby Brock is a popular YouTube star and social media personality, born on January 2, 1997. He rose to fame through Vine in 2014, showcasing his talent for creating engaging and entertaining content on this now-defunct platform.

Colby collaborates with his best friend, Sam Golbach, on their shared YouTube channel, “Sam and Colby.” Their YouTube channel has garnered over 6.5 million subscribers, a testament to their entertaining and engaging content.

Colby’s success began on Vine, where he had a million followers before the platform ceased operation in early 2017.

He is particularly well-known for his exploration videos, often delving into haunted locations and sharing the eerie experiences on “Sam and Colby.” Colby has a brother named Gage, who is also a part of their YouTube content.


Colby Brock Career

Colby Brock: Social Media Sensation

  • Colby Brock is a prominent social media personality and Instagram star, recognized for his influence as a Viner and YouTuber.
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Vine Stardom:

  • His journey to social media fame began on Vine in 2014, where his engaging and entertaining content quickly gained popularity.
  • By the time Vine shut down in early 2017, Colby had amassed an impressive following of one million dedicated fans.

YouTube Collaboration:

  • Colby Brock co-owns a YouTube channel with his best friend, Sam Golbach.
  • Their channel, titled “Sam and Colby,” has achieved remarkable success, boasting over 6.5 million subscribers.
  • Together, they continue to captivate their audience with their content on the video-sharing platform.

Colby Brock’s social media journey, from Vine to YouTube, has solidified his status as a noteworthy figure in the world of digital content creation. 

His ability to connect with and entertain viewers has contributed to his widespread appeal and influence on these platforms.


Colby Brock Achievement and Awards

Colby Brock: Awards, Achievements, and Entrepreneurship, Awards and Recognition:

  • In 2019, Colby Brock and his co-star Sam earned the prestigious “Choice YouTuber” award at the Teen Choice Awards.
  • At the 2019 Streamys Premiere Awards, the duo was honored with the Action or Sci-Fi award for their outstanding work.
  • Additionally, Brock has received nominations for The Awesome Awards, highlighting his impact in the digital space.

Social Media Influence:

  • Colby Brock boasts a significant online presence with 2.4 million subscribers on his individual YouTube channel, “Colby Brock.”
  • His collaborative channel with Sam, “Sam and Colby,” has an even larger following, with 4.4 million subscribers.
  • On Instagram, Colby has a dedicated fan base of 1.8 million followers.

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